Spiritual Jolts



—Mark 13: 37

A household split into fractions cannot last for long (cf. Matt. 12: 25; Luke 11: 17).
A man's spirit sustains him in infirmity but a broken spirit who can bear? (Prov. 18: 14).
A sanctified memory is the memory of God.
Acknowledge your sins (cf. Rom. 7: 19-21; 1 John 1: 9).
Admitting a mistake without apology and reparation to victims is neither humility nor charity.
All humans harbor evil tendencies to hate, envy, anger, lust, greed, malice but not all humans do evil hating, harming, destroying, oppressing, stealing . . .
Always be free but not to sin (cf. 1 Pet. 2: 16).
An old adage goes, The idle mind is the Devil's workshop. That is true but the busy mind too is the Devil's workshop and perhaps can wreak greater and more evils in less time.
An unsanctified ego will be angry with God, with people, and with the world. Purify your ego and gain peace for yourself and for the world.
Angry? Beware, anger makes us destructive.
Angry? The sooner you understand a person or situation, the less angry you will be.
Anxious, desperate, worried, needy, confused, fearful, angry whatever your condition, stay in God's hands and wait there.
Ask for a delicate conscience.
At all times vigilance.
Authorities who preoccupy themselves with power and wealth can easily turn their fellow human beings into capital, statistics, and symbols of ideology.
Avoid conflict: it is the Devil's playground.
Avoid envies (cf. James 3: 16; 4: 1-10; 1 Pet. 2: 16).
Avoid giving offense (cf. 1 Cor. 10: 32).
Avoid people who do evil (cf. 2 Tim. 3: 2-5; 1 Cor. 15: 33; 2 Cor. 6: 14).
Avoid strife (Sir. 28: 8); there is no limit to where it can lead you.
Babel: for want of knowledge, we become confused (cf. Genesis 11: 1-9); for want of knowledge, we waste effort; for want of knowledge, we lose our way; for want of knowledge, we sin; for want of knowledge, we are trapped in evil (cf. Genesis 3: 4-7) because knowledge cannot be well-sought without Knowledge, a gift of the Holy Spirit, a way of love.
Be angry but do not sin; do not let the sun set on your anger (Eph. 4: 26).
Be busy but not a busybody (cf. 2 Thess. 3: 11).
Be careful not to parade your good deeds (cf. Matt. 6: 1).
Be extra watchful in sickness, tiredness, and loneliness.
Be natural and supernatural and you will be normal.
Be on the look-out against hypocritical teaching (cf. Matt. 16: 6; Luke 12: 1).
Be on your guard against idols (cf. 1 John 5: 21).
Be on your guard constantly (cf. Mark 13: 5, 9, 28, 37).
Be prepared.
Be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath (James 1: 19).
Bear with one another lovingly (cf. Eph. 4: 2; Gal. 6: 2).
Bearing false witness is killing your neighbor (cf. Prov. 25: 18).
Bearing fruit brings healthy psychology; make progress, little or much. God expects fruits and you too will be fulfilled.
Believe in the Way of the Cross.
Betrayals are always deadly. But there is the betrayal of the weak, like Peter's, that denies knowledge out of fear and vulnerability. Then there is the betrayal of the conceited, like Judas's, that claims knowledge with audacity and greed for gain. Peter became the chief of apostles; Judas committed suicide.
Beware of the fruitless works of darkness (Eph. 5: 11).
Beware of confusion and deception (cf. 2 Cor. 11: 4; Gal. 1: 7-9; 5: 7-10; Eph. 4: 14; Phil. 3: 2; Col. 2: 8; 2 Thess. 3: 2).
Beware of empty reverence (cf. Matt. 15: 9).
Beware of fabrications (cf. 2 Pet. 2: 1-3).
Beware of false doctrines (cf. 1 Tim. 1: 4, 4: 1-5).
Beware of money, sensuality, and power.
Beware of pleasures which cloud the mind and distort judgment.
Beware of secrets: good works are also public; and even those that are not cannot remain hidden (1 Tim. 5: 25; cf. Wis. 3: 22).
Beware of shortcuts.
Beware of technological and scientific advances: employers, landlords, governments, and the rich and powerful now have fantastic instruments and means to play with people's lives. Don't be afraid, but don't be a stupid victim.
Beware of unconscious egoism.
Busybodies tend to meddle with others to escape themselves.
Busybodies: some do not mind their own business because they have despaired and cannot face themselves.
But beware of people (cf. Matt. 10: 17).
By your words you will be acquitted, and by your words you will be condemned (Matt. 12: 37; cf. Rom. 2: 1).
Cana: the guests expected wine, they got it and it ran out. Mary hoped for wine, they got it, beyond expectation.
Capitalism at its worst: make profit every way, be it even out of evil (Wis. 15: 12).
Cease to do evil (cf. Isa. 1: 16).
Celibacy is a privilege for a mission.
Celibacy is not bondage, slavery, subservience to institutions, but freedom to serve the reign of God exclusively.
Celibacy is not for hangers-on but for those engaged in worthy ventures for the reign of God.
Celibacy is not for those who cannot use it.
Celibacy is not for those who do not want it.
Celibacy is not holiness but freedom for Godly service.
Celibacy is not necessarily a motivation to do good works, rather a desire to do good works is a motivation for celibacy.
Celibacy without joy is strange Christianity.
Celibacy: apostolic celibacy is a holy, personal gift; not by repression, castration, or oppression.
Celibacy: not all works require celibacy.
Celibacy: the true celibate is joyful and free.
Celibate in misery: there are many ways to serve God.
Celibate institutions gaining vocations by trickery and scheming are gravely unjust.
Celibate institutions harboring reluctant celibates ultimately generate many evils.
Celibate institutions that lack prayer and good works cannot attract true vocations and will depend on immoral pragmatism to survive and thrive.
Celibate servant: are you more carnal than others envious, angry, lustful, slothful, deceitful, arrogant, covetous, greedy, hateful, spiteful, vicious, vengeful, murderous . . . ?
Celibate servant: what good are you really doing, what difference do you make?
Celibate sinners, sinful ministers how will the vineyard grow?
Celibate: deprive yourself freely and happily, but don't deprive others. That would be damaging, uncharitable, unjust, and hurtful.
Celibate: freedom from is freedom for.
Celibate: giving up good things should be for the highest things, not for lesser things.
Celibate: marriage is much better than reluctant celibacy.
Celibate: renunciation should lead to a better life.
Celibate: sterile celibacy is foolish.
Celibate: the true celibate has no regrets.
Celibate: why renounce so much good and become evil?
Characteristic of demonic spirits: restlessness.
Characteristic of the Reign of God: peace (cf. Isa. 9: 6).
Child of God, beware not to fall back into sinfulness (cf. 1 John 3: 9; Rom. 6: 13).
Christian altruism or Christian sacrifice is far from sadism, cynicism, impotency, paralysis, mediocrity, fatalism . . .
Christian ascetic: ordinary pleasures are much better than abnormal or extraordinary compensations. With discernment, know what really sanctifies and what does not sanctify.
Christian ascetic: the pleasure of sex, the pleasure of power, the pleasure of wealth so easily compensate one another. Do you give up one to indulge in another, overcome one excess and become controlled by another excess? Do you look good in mastering one, but you are evil with your waywardness in another?
Christian associations engaged in cover-ups only allow themselves to continue with internal corruption. They are spiritually blind people trying to cure their own blindness.
Christian associations that treat ex-members with contempt, hate, menace, or torture, love themselves more than God or his laws. Be glad to be an ex-member.
Christian associations with non-Christian ambitions will hurt, inside and outside.
Christian authorities deviating from the assignments of Christ to preoccupy themselves with worldly intrigue in the name of governance are a new breed of gods not under God.
Christian authorities do not have enough time to pray, teach, preach, and heal as much as is needed, yet they may have time for worldly intrigues.
Christian: Favors and gifts blind the eyes; like a muzzle over the mouth they silence reproof (Sirach 20: 28).
Christian: always view evil as the Devil's trap or net and this will help your decision to go into it or to use it.
Christian: anything you do in this life is a prelude to Heaven or Hell. Think if the things you do make you fit for Heaven or Hell.
Christian: be above evil.
Christian: be above prejudice, be above hatred, be above vengeance, be above anything that diminishes you, a Christian.
Christian: before blaming someone or something, can you blame yourself?
Christian: before money, before fame, before pleasure, before worldly power, it is very easy and often quick to lose the fear of God.
Christian: do you examine your allegiance with evil: in what, for what, where, when, how?
Christian: don't play with a person's mind, or heart, or will, or body, or works, or possessions, or relationships, or rights . . . . You can cause lasting damages that cry to God for vengeance.
Christian: if you stop believing in God, if you stop believing in the supernatural, if you stop believing in mystery, you will keep fleeing from The Cross and will put your trust in money and earthly powers, and you will not realize it as you carry on as Christian, priest, bishop, teacher, parent, boss, friend, citizen, ruler . . . .
Christian: in any environment, you can represent Christ or Satan, you can reveal truth or suppress truth, you can do good or do evil, you can enhance life or promote death, you can build or destroy, you can allow God to reign or allow Satan to reign (Cf. John 8: 41-44).
Christian: only Satan has no mercy. Whenever you are merciless, you may be satanic.
Christian: sex, as God made it, is beautiful. Why would you want to twist it?
Christian: shun Satan; shun evil. Until you do that, you shun God.
Christian: the work of hatred (opus odio), the work of evil (opus malum), the work of malice (opus malitia) are works of the devil (opus diaboli); not your work but you may participate in such.
Christian: those who ask you to do evil do not believe in your salvation; do not care for your salvation. Then why do you believe in them; is it about money?
Christian: truth is freedom, one of the greatest gifts you can give to others, to many.
Christian: you are redeemed once and for all. You are not saved once and for all. You need to be watchful against all the evils in the world (Cf. Matt. 12: 43-45).
Christian authority: the advancements of our times science, technology, medicines, etc. should be used with love, to enhance life, to make life more peaceful and more enjoyable; not to suppress life or to oppress life or make life unbearable.
Christian authority: before you are sure that somebody needs to be destroyed be sure that everybody needs your prayer and blessing.
Christian authority: it is evil to dispose of people by using drugs. If they no longer fit your company, let them go with integrity, with freedom, with peace.
Christian authority: mind what you spend the Church's money on. Private investigators and other agents may utilize lies, deceit, fraud, injustices, and a legion of demons. Spend on the work of God and relate with people with trust, not by worldly power or control.
Christian authority: prayer is better than earthly power; let people be free with their guardian angels and the Holy Spirit as their guide and your prayer and peace will help them much more than your power.
Christian authority: you are so desperate to defend the Church that you end up sowing corruption in the world: calumny, detraction, lies, deception, fraud, sabotage, vandalism, confusion, oppression, injustice, chaos, doom . . . . The Church and the world are safer without your zeal.
Christian authority: you should know better than to use evil means to accomplish your will.
Christian disciplinarian: are you really making people better or bitter, free or inhibited, sterile or fruitful, good or evil?
Christian disciplinarian: religious force can be most inhumane. When your Christianity gets to that, you need help to recover your own humanity.
Christian disciplinarian: remorse is often the shadow of force.
Christian fanaticism, in the present civilization, is perhaps the mother of all fanaticism. When Christians go wrong, the world goes wrong.
Christian institutions depend on technocrats, the wealthy, and the powerful to sustain their modern religious enterprises. This can be a source of compromise and infidelity to Christ and the Gospel.
Christian mission: to be materialistic, to depend entirely on the material or too much on the material, is a cause of many problems.
Christian professional: be thoughtful about your professional processes. Are you sowing a culture of evil, encouraging evil, mandating evil, enjoying evil, glorifying evil? This is far from your Christian pre-eminence (cf. Col. 1: 18-23).
Christian professional: examine what you do. Is it just about money?
Christian professional: if you worship God and serve Satan, head in Heaven and hands in Hell, what good is that?
Christian service: give bread not stone, give fish not a serpent, do good not evil, be human not inhuman, be Christian not antichristian.
Christian warrior: before you go to war just remember that in a war there is no difference between the civilized and the uncivilized, the Christian and the non-Christian, the sane and the insane . . .
Christian warrior: before you go to war, just remember that in most earthly wars, the most evil wins.
Christian warrior: perhaps you have the audacity to do evil because you lack the courage to remain Christian.
Christian warrior: whatever you prefer to do instill fear, impose discipline, exert control, dispense punishment, remember there is no better way than love.
Christian warrior: your revenge can cost you and others much more than your enemies' assault.
Christian zealot: are you also saying, We have no King but Caesar? (cf. John 19: 15).
Christian zealot: before God, are you an argument in favor of your enemies? (cf. Ezek. 16: 52).
Christian zealot: do you fight as one fighting for a worldly state and call that service to Christ? (cf. John 18: 36).
Christian zealot: fear can drive you to fight anything and anyone senselessly.
Christian zealot: if for you the end justifies the means, do not be surprised that for others the end justifies the means.
Christian zealot: if you are stirred by every criticism, restless over every accusation, vengeful over every offence, violent toward every attack, you lack Christian peace.
Christian zealot: if you want to serve the state with force and fight, that is your freedom but you do not have to call it Christian.
Christian zealot: mind your wrath (cf. Habakkuk 2: 15-16).
Christian zealot: pray always for Unless the Lord guard the city, in vain does the guard keep watch (Psalm 127: 1; cf. Zech. 4: 6).
Christian zealot: pray through everything for when I am weak, then I am strong (2 Cor. 12: 10). There is no weakness greater than that of the prayerful and no power greater than that of prayer.
Christian zealot: the love you call tough love (diminishing, destructive, embittering, alienating, unmerciful, unforgiving, restless, callous, unfeeling, repulsive, harsh, deadly), is that not hate?
Christian zealot: to Caesar what is Caesar's and to God what is God's (Matt. 22: 21) but do not use God to serve Caesar and do not trust Caesar to serve God.
Christian zealot: war always engenders betrayals. Make sure you do not betray Christ (cf. John 19: 11) or good Christians.
Christian zealot: what profit would there be for you to gain the whole world and lose your soul? (cf. Mark 8: 35-36).
Christian zealot: when you get carried away with your human nature, you will find appropriate definition and explanation for your actions: tough love, righteous anger, duty, for the good of the Church, holy daring, but no explanation for the consequences.
Christian zealot: when you hate, admit your hate and your cure will begin.
Christian zealot: when you view every advice as dogma and every dogma as reason for war, you will be savage toward freedom.
Christian zealot: why hang crucifixes and rosaries around you if hate and anger hang in your heart? (cf. Lev. 19: 17).
Christian zealot: you are bent on cleansing the Church and the more you cleanse, the more dirt shows up until you realize that you yourself are DIRT .
Christian zealot: you are ever ready to launch an attack even on fellow Christians. Is that zeal or craze?
Christian zealot: you can fight a worldly fight and you may arrive not at peace but at exhaustion, with many people dead, much destruction, and worldly control that you would wish you never had.
Christian zealot: you cannot create worldly peace but necessarily sometimes you will clash with your surroundings (cf. Matt. 10: 34).
Christian zealot: you intervene and interfere with a person's life because you think he or she is drowning in troublesome sea (your mirage). And then you are not able to see the confusions and trouble in that person's life and the rest of the aftermath as your fault.
Christian zealot: you turn your zeal on anything interesting, vulnerable, or exciting. Perhaps you never had any mission to start with.
Christian zealot: you want so badly to defend something that you become senseless, antichristian, Antichrist?
Christian zealot: you want to fight because you are right and others are wrong. Then pray for light, and when you see your soul clearly, you may develop fright and forget your fight.
Christian: a great tool of the Devil to bring down a good Christian is a fellow Christian.
Christian: all things in your life are products of blessing or curse (Deut. 11: 26, 28) or both (Deut. 30: 1); your freedom and those of the people before you (Deut. 30: 19) and around you (2 Kings 22: 19; Isaiah 24:6). Do not blame God for evils, even though he permits or commands them (Jeremiah 4: 4; 42: 18; Revelation 22: 3).
Christian: always have heart and do not ridicule, torture, torment or test anyone because of their lack or weakness (cf. Lev. 19: 14).
Christian: are you helping or disturbing? Sometimes you are not needed as you think. Pray for others; live and let live (cf. Mark 14: 3-5, 10: 38-39, 10: 13-14, 48-49).
Christian: are you sacrificing to demons or to God (cf. 1 Cor. 10: 20).
Christian: are you searching for Christian truth? Try to go mentally naked, open, vulnerable, not sophisticated, secured, guarded.
Christian: are you using the poor, are you using the needy, are you using the ignorant, are you using the vulnerable?
Christian: ask yourself, What good must I do to enter Eternal Life? (cf. Mark 10: 17). There is only one answer have a good heart in whatever you do in life, wherever you are, at anytime (work, business, socialization, family, recreation, mission) love of God and love of neighbour.
Christian: be at peace with other Christians. Avoid judging, strife, and evils.
Christian: before you judge, before you accuse, before you blame, before you punish, ask God: How am I at fault?
Christian: being salt and leaven in all the ways of the earth is not easy. It is easier to pollute and corrode (cf. Matt. 5: 13, 16: 6, 12; Mark 8: 15; 1 Cor. 5: 6-8). Beware of what you teach and do and mandate.
Christian: beware of evildoers who would use Christianity to anaesthetize you so that they can do whatever they want with you. Christianity is not weakness and vulnerability to evil; rather you are a victor and full of God's wisdom.
Christian: beware of heartless capitalism which bends your allegiance toward money and worldly power.
Christian: beware of heartless capitalism which corrodes human society neighborliness, friendliness, fraternity, solidarity, family and makes normal life impossible.
Christian: beware of heartless capitalism, which prevents you from loving and respecting your fellow human being.
Christian: beware of manipulated relationship. You are told what to say, what to do to your fellow human being. No, relate with a Christian spirit and a prayerful mind, with a natural head and a natural heart.
Christian: beware of religious fabrications, fantasies, and paradigms that tend to deprive people of normalcy and sanity.
Christian: beware of who you depend on and how you depend on them; who you serve and how you serve them so that you keep the one God before you.
Christian: beware of your religious affiliations and associations. Out of religion comes love or hate, light or darkness, good or evil, hope or despair, virtue or vice, freedom or bondage, joy or gloom, peace or restlessness, clarity or confusion, truth or falsehood, greatness or mediocrity, destiny or doom . . . beware.
Christian: busy-bodying and restlessness will always impoverish you. Live your own life to the fullest. It is the greatest support you give the world.
Christian: can Christ say of you that it would be better for you if you had never been born? (cf. Mark 14: 21).
Christian: can Christ say of you: It would be better for him if a millstone were put around his neck and he be thrown into the sea than for him to cause one of these little ones to sin (Luke 17: 2).
Christian: can God say of you: Look at my servant, Ôblameless and upright, fearing God and avoiding evil' (Job 1: 8).
Christian: covetousness is a very disturbing vice. To covet money, possessions, persons even for your mission is a symptom of bad heart.
Christian: deal with your envies, anger, fears, and insecurities and you will own peace and your world will have peace.
Christian: despair is lack of faith. It is as late as you believe, as difficult as you believe, as impossible as you believe. What is meant for you is yours if you want it.
Christian: do good, but do not be angry with others who are not doing what you are doing. After all, there is much good that you are not doing and may never have the courage to do.
Christian: do good, but do not try to determine what good others should do. You are not the Holy Spirit inspiring everyone.
Christian: do no evil. The effects can last, increase and expand, against the reign of God and to the satisfaction of Satan, even long after your conversion.
Christian: do not call evildoing service to God. Satan is adequately evil.
Christian: do not carry a blasphemous name. That is prophesied of Antichrist (Rev. 13: 1). If you are Christian, be Christian.
Christian: do not do evil deliberately because you can go to confession. Sacramental confession forgives your sins but the demons you have acquired are not gone.
Christian: do not do evil with the intention of going to confession. That is allegiance with Satan and abuse of God's love and mercy.
Christian: do not do evils habitually with the intention of doing some mortification during lent and advent. That is an insult to God's laws which are for all times and the Church's seasons which are for true spirituality.
Christian: do not play with falsehood. It will disturb your relationship with God (cf. Hosea 5: 4, 6).
Christian: do you love God or religion or religious fabrications?
Christian: do you prefer human praise to the glory of God? (cf. John 12: 43).
Christian: don't be a maniac toward yourself or toward others; a maniac lacks reason and is not in touch with reality.
Christian: don't fix your thinking on institutions, establishments, and the past. Though these should be supported and even fully, be open to reality, revelation, truth, and change if there is need for change.
Christian: don't forget to examine your work every now and then: are you building on love or building on hate, are you sowing good or sowing evil, are you promoting life or limiting life, are you bearing Godly fruit or wasting your life . . . .
Christian: don't go against anything evil and don't offend the Devil if you don't want to suffer in this world and the Devil may make you suffer in the next.
Christian: don't hate, don't attack, don't destroy just because someone does not follow your advice.
Christian: don't think hurt, harm, strife; think forgiveness, peace, glory.
Christian: don't try to look good. Be good and care less about what your actions look like.
Christian: don't worry about the world coming to and end. Your life is coming to an end all the time. How do you want it to end?
Christian: enemies, threats, and dangers reveal your virtue. If you are a person of peace, you respond with peace; and if you are a person of violence, you respond with violence. If you are a person of love, you respond with love; and if you are a person of hate, you respond with hate. If you are person of faith, you respond with faith; and if you are a person of fear, you respond with fear.
Christian: enjoy your blessings. If not, you could hate other people enjoying their blessings.
Christian: envy is harmful. If you are strongly overcome by envy, you are far from fulfilment. Examine your life and how you are living it and gain freedom.
Christian: even religious leaders gravely sin and may hurt you greatly. This should remind you only God is good and deserves our unwavering loyalty.
Christian: fear is a jail. Some enter jail through their own fault. Some enter jail through others' fault. At least, don't sentence yourself.
Christian: for you, all opus satani is vain, if you are Christian, the victor with Christ.
Christian: God allows you to have weaknesses and the Holy Spirit will help you in your weaknesses but evil doing with your free will is not weakness.
Christian: God never lies. God is Truth. Why play so much with lies when Satan is the father of lies.
Christian: guidance without respect is uncharitable. Charity without respect can be very harmful.
Christian: hate crimes also come from religious persons.
Christian: hatred, vengeance, anger, envy, resentment are very rough and corrosive emotions that wear you out body, soul, and spirit. You always have daily opportunities to conquer them.
Christian: if religion will be the corruption of society, you do not have to be part of that bad yeast, flat salt, decay . . . (cf. Rev. 18: 4).
Christian: if you are doing evil and saying I am just doing my job then you are not the salt of the earth, the leaven in the dough, the light of the world, an ambassador of Christ . . . . Examine what you really are.
Christian: if you are trying to be wise, prophetic, visionary, discerning, powerful . . . that is strange. You do not need to try if you are. Let go and let God.
Christian: if you ever think something evil is right or expedient, stop and ask God if your thinking is right.
Christian: if you like, be concerned about somebody's holiness; be concerned about everybody's holiness, but in the end, all that matters for you is your holiness.
Christian: if you need only a little bit of money to change your God, are you born again?
Christian: if you want dominion over life and death (cf. Wisdom 16: 13; John 10: 10; Luke 9: 54-55DRV), better ask God first, don't assume it.
Christian: if you want, everything can be good for your intentions deceit, fraud, lies, cheating, theft, injustice, hate, vengeance it depends on the spirit that controls you and the powers you serve.
Christian: if you want to enter heaven, practice it on earth.
Christian: if you would receive God's light to see all the mistakes and stupidities of Christians, yours especially, you would be paralyzed.
Christian: if your life is ever under siege, be it through professional, financial, familial, religious, social, or political problems, let your mind be under God, not under siege.
Christian: imposing the rules and ways of religious institutions on non-members can be grave injustice and very harmful.
Christian: in a capitalist environment, be especially aware of justice. Stealing people's works, property, rights, or merits is not smart; it is evil.
Christian: in a materialistically advanced society, we cannot help thinking and living on a human plane depending on securing physical powers. We make many mistakes when we fail to consider spiritual dimensions and seek spiritual gifts from God.
Christian: in a world of great technology and advanced civilization, a Christian organization can easily become business a network of profiteers, spies, intriguers, gamesters, cheats, schemers, scammers, meddlers worldly power. What began in the spirit can end in the flesh (cf. Gal. 3: 3).
Christian: in spiritual warfare, we must fight evil constantly with prayer and the Word, not with evildoing, not with evil. Remember, spiritual warfare is ever superior to physical warfare, which Christians do not need.
Christian: in the Church, people who do not pray well do not serve well and can even be troublemakers.
Christian: in the face of any evil, you are a victor, you are following Christ.
Christian: in the face of evil, do you remember Christ's authority (cf. Mark 1: 27; 3: 11, 15; 6: 7; 16: 17-18) and be Christian.
Christian: it is difficult to sacrifice the evil tendencies and powers that we have (cf. Matt. 7: 11; 15: 19) and much more difficult to sacrifice the good that we have but . . . unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains just a grain of wheat; but if it dies, it produces much fruit (John 12: 24).
Christian: it is difficult to sacrifice anything, little or much, but without it, we cannot bear much fruit (cf. John 12: 24).
Christian: it is good to be patriotic but you have a grave obligation to be truthful (cf. Ezek. 33: 6-9; Hosea 9: 8; 1 Thess. 2: 14).
Christian: It is not wealth or fame that makes you great. You are what you are, rich or not rich, famous or not famous (cf. Luke 12: 15; Matt. 18: 3-4).
Christian: It was Judas who said, The man I shall kiss is the one; arrest him and lead him away securely (Mark 14: 44). How many good Christians have you betrayed?
Christian: Jesus gave us his life so we may have life and bear fruit (cf. Mark 14: 22-25; John 7: 37-38; John 15: 1-6). This fruit will be his pleasure in the kingdom of God (cf. Mark 14: 25). What pleasure will you give God?
Christian: Jesus has called us friends and expects us to lay down our lives for him (cf. John 15: 13-14) but we are often afraid to stand by the Gospel in our present world.
Christian: Jesus said, Take care that the light in you does not become darkness. Care for your light (cf. Luke 11: 35).
Christian: joy and peace Ð over and over again Ð are your gifts from Christ, from his birth to his death (cf. Luke 2: 10, 14; John 14: 27; 15: 11; 16: 24; Col. 3: 15; Romans 14: 17). Why don't you have them fully? Why don't you let others have them?
Christian: just as colored light changes anything it falls on if you love power, you will see and interpret everything in terms of power; if you love money, you will see and interpret everything in terms of money . . .
Christian: let people live. It is hard for an unfulfilled child to become a fulfilled youth, for an unfulfilled youth to become a fulfilled adult, for an unfulfilled adult to become a fulfilled elder. Respect people's lives even if you have to be their guide. Don't deprive people of life or of their stages in life.
Christian: let your mind cling to His name (cf. Ps. 91: 14).
Christian: life is so much better under the Cross following Christ, obeying God in everything whatever the cost. Life is so much better under the Cross.
Christian: love and respect your fellow human beings Buddhists, Hindus, Jews, Moslems, Animists, Agnostics, Atheists, everyone but do not compromise your Christian faith, do not compromise your Christian principles, do not compromise your Christian way, do not compromise your Christian blessings, do not compromise your Christian grace, do not compromise your Christian power, do not compromise your Christian hope, do not compromise your Christian peace . . . . Love your neighbor with discernment, tact, and prudence.
Christian: love your enemy. There is no other commandment of Christ concerning your enemy, but this is only for those who would hear (cf. Luke 6: 27).
Christian: love your neighbor. To seek money, power, fame, turf, interests, followers, or anything at any cost to other human beings is evil. We are not jungle beasts.
Christian: money can destroy spirit, intellect, heart, mind, will . . . examine your completeness in the face of money.
Christian: not knowing you have weaknesses is the mother of all weaknesses.
Christian: obsession over someone makes you stop living your life, and you will keep following that person instead of Christ.
Christian: onward, Christian soldier, unto . . . what kind of war?
Christian: Opus satani is not for you. Let the Devil and devilish agents do evil of their own accord. You do good in obedience to Jesus (cf. John 3: 19-20; 5: 29).
Christian: patriotism is not always Godly and should not be a reason for selling your soul. Do not be afraid of your countrymen (cf. 1 Thess. 2: 14).
Christian: pray for light to know the mediators of the evils in your life. Some you will have to avoid, some you can wither like the fig tree, and some are mountains you have to cast into the sea with wisdom, with faith, with prayer. Before all evils, have faith in God and know yourself, Christian.
Christian: refrain from evil. Christ's ministry was praying, preaching, teaching, healing, and driving out demons. Why do you restore power to demons? Why become dominated by evil spirits?
Christian: remember Christ's words When the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on earth? (cf. Luke 18:8).
Christian: remember, Christ called Satan the prince of this world. A lot of things may still be done Satan's way. How do you do things? How do you serve?
Christian: rivalries can be fatalistic.
Christian: Satan displayed his maximum power over Jesus and Jesus rose from it. Who do you serve, Satan or Christ?
Christian: Satan will make you fear evils to the point of hopelessness, and then your terror within will materialize as your own evil response. Beware of the things you consider evil or threats; are they really so?
Christian: shepherding is only effective through prayer, through the gate (cf. John 10: 2, 7). Anxiety, audacity, restlessness, forwardness are almost always from the evil side of us humans.
Christian: some think they serve God, even going to extremes, but they do not know God or Christ (cf. John 16: 1-4; Titus 1: 16).
Christian: sometimes we do too much for God because we do not obey him (cf. Mic. 6: 6-8; Rom. 10: 2-3).
Christian: sometimes your allegiance must be to institutions but never above your faithfulness to God or the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Christian: suffering can make you callous and emotionally desensitized. Be careful not to be insensitive to someone else's suffering because of your own suffering.
Christian: take responsibility for your own life and respect other people's lives.
Christian: the battle for Christ that you surely need to fight is within your spirit, within your mind, within your soul, within your heart, within your body, within your passions, within your emotions, within your affinities, within your life . . . If you face this battle, you would have no room for any other battle that adds to the chaos in the world.
Christian: the Devil always has a lie for people; in fact, for you, Christian, many lies.
Christian: the Devil can make you feel good when you are bad, a lie.
Christian: the Devil will give you many excuses to do evils to people you hate. Love your enemies is best shown in restraint from evil.
Christian: the fact that you are Christian does not mean you know Christ (cf. John 14: 9). Pray for light, wisdom, and courage and other gifts of the Holy Spirit to know him (cf. John 16: 3; 14: 17; 14: 21).
Christian: the little gods you have in the rich and powerful that you would go against your conscience for can give you temporal goods money, protection, property, status. But Almighty God gives abundant grace and everything else.
Christian: the more powerful the world makes you, the more prayerful you must become; otherwise, your gadgets, facilities, means, and possessions are a sure gateway to arrogance and Hell.
Christian: the opus of ego and the opus of heart are not the same thing even if done for God. Think well about what you are really doing for God.
Christian: the spirit of Christ is not a spirit of destruction (cf. Luke 9: 54-55DRV).
Christian: the work you are doing what good does it really do for mankind, for your country, for your family, for you? Are you a problem or a blessing?
Christian: the world tells you to fight back, be vengeful, destructive, and powerful. The truth is, the only way you can hurt Satan and satanic persons is by being Christian: good, always good; virtuous in everything virtuous; peaceful, in a world of threats, peaceful; successful, against all odds, successful; Godly, when it seems the only way is by evil, remaining Godly. To live with Christian obedience and Christian spirit is to condemn and damn the forces of evil.
Christian: there are passions which distort reality tremendously. They include hate, anger, envy, lust, greed, covetousness, fanaticism, and vengeance. Christianize your senses and emotions and you will bring the peace of Christ to your world.
Christian: there is no moral voice without moral vision. Buying information to use for spiritual mission cannot win you victory over any evil and your words will return to hunt you.
Christian: those who inspire you to sacrifice, to kill or die for something do they have the peace of Christ?
Christian: unhappiness makes one envious and envy makes one more unhappy. When you understand this vicious cycle, you will enjoy your own blessings fully and stop being concerned about other people's blessings.
Christian: watchdogging is not Christ's way of shepherding. Christ prayed and promoted freedom. Christians using games, intrigues, sabotage, vandalism . . . of persons, places, and things in the name of mission are not true shepherds.
Christian: we are always looking at others when we should be facing self.
Christian: we are redeemed without our effort but by grace alone, but we are saved with our effort and God's grace.
Christian: we cannot be patient except in God's hands.
Christian: we easily fear Satan more than God.
Christian: what did Christ have wrong that you have right? Don't be a Christian who thinks Christ was wrong.
Christian: what you call your mission may be demonic restlessness. What good do you achieve or are there evil results? By your fruits you shall be known (cf. Matt. 7: 20).
Christian: when you see people, even Christians, behaving like God-forsaken people, always plotting evil, always doing evil, do not be a part of it because this is the work of Satan (cf. Matthew 13: 38-39). Watch and pray.
Christian: whenever you think of doing something evil to anyone: invading their lives, depriving them of their rights, destroying the good they have, obstructing their progress, disturbing their relationship with others, distorting their character, disrupting their lives, be sure Satan is using you.
Christian: whenever you think there is something wrong with another person, be intelligent enough to look at yourself and perhaps you will gain more wisdom.
Christian: where deception is everywhere and in everything, are you an exception? (cf. Ps. 119: 29).
Christian: who do you serve? Are you for good or for evil?
Christian: why be angry over another person's gifts and opportunities when all you need to do is to humbly pray, ask, seek, knock, before our omnipotent God and you could have much more than all you envy.
Christian: why be envious because God is good to another? Envy not recognized and checked will control your killer instinct and you will seek to diminish, minimize, destroy, or kill your victim.
Christian: why display to show off? That is stupid. You should be concerned about rendering a pleasing account of the good care and usage of your gifts upon your judgment.
Christian: why display to show off? Your gifts are meant for you; neither to fulfill nor to threaten another person. You should rather open your eyes and bless the gifts you see in other people's lives and give thanks for your own.
Christian: why do evil? All the money or power in the world is not worth a place in hell. All the suffering in the world is little for the prize of heaven.
Christian: why insist on your vision for another person's life? You are not the author of any life and cannot even guarantee your own future.
Christian: why participate in clandestine activity when you cannot be sure of who or what you serve God or Satan, good or evil, right or wrong, truth or error, love or hate. Examine if it is worth the money or any profit offered.
Christian: why upset your professional environment with religion. Love entails that we respect and support all fairly those who believe like us and those who do not believe like us.
Christian: you are angry with people who do not have your problem. You certainly are not carrying a cross; you are just suffering.
Christian: you are in a war between good and evil all the time, anywhere, and everywhere but your fight is useless without the peace of Christ within you.
Christian: you are in a war between good and evil. If your weapons are good prayer, the Word, virtue, you get good result. If your weapons are evil arrogance, falsehood, vice, you get evil result.
Christian: you are not good without a good heart, a discerning heart. Don't just avoid evil, be positive in doing good (cf. Mark 10: 17-22).
Christian: you are not good without a good heart, a heart of compassion, a forgiving heart, a generous heart, a true heart, a loving heart, a peaceful heart, a courageous heart, a living heart a Christian heart.
Christian: you are proud, content, confident, and happy because you think you have things under control. Foul! The Devil is ever attendant to twist and turn and mess things up. Watch and pray!
Christian: you can be happy on earth, but remember you are made to be so insatiable that only God can fill you up. Do not neglect God for lesser things, even godly things.
Christian: you cannot change prophecy. You can heed prophecy. You can change yourself and you can change your course to be included or excluded in prophecy and some prophecies should not be ignored (cf. Matt. 24: 44; 24: 10-12; Luke 13: 24; Acts: 2: 17, 21; 2 Cor. 6: 16; Heb. 8: 10-12; Rev. 21: 7-8; Matt. 7: 24-25; Rom. 2: 5-11).
Christian: you have a claim to glory through Jesus Christ Our Lord, but the Devil is trying to cheat you and will keep trying till you die.
Christian: you have been hurt. Report your offenders to God, pray to him about every evil, ask for justice, and be at peace.
Christian: you have power to deny evil, to reject evil, to condemn evil . . . in your life, in your relationships, in your activities. There is no power more important in your lifetime.
Christian: you make it your business to see how people spend their time, how people spend their money, what choices people make, which way they take, who they relate to . . . You really are vain and lacking in mission and someday such curiosity will kill you and yours.
Christian: you may live and work with people who do not believe in Judgment, Hell, or Satan. Frequently remind yourself of Jesus' teachings about the afterlife (cf. Matt. 5: 22; 7: 2; 12: 41-42; John 5: 24, 29) so that you do not think as they think, do as they do, live as they live.
Christian: you serve your shepherds and fraternity to the point of evil doing and promoting evil. That is not Christian, not for Christ (cf. Matt. 26: 52-53).
Christian: you want to enjoy life on earth at any cost. The price of heaven on earth is sometimes eternal hell. We must think of eternity in using our time.
Christian: your being Christian should not humiliate or alienate your neighbor. Rather, it should inspire and attract all persons of good disposition.
Christian: your sacrament of reconciliation with God is complete by your own practice of forgiveness (cf. Matt. 6: 14-15).
Christian: your service, capitalist or altruistic, can always be with love of neighbor.
Christianity is not a depressant, repressor, or oppressor.
Christians are easily bought and too often for things they know little or nothing about or care little or nothing about.
Christians doing evil for God should beware of demonic conviction, demonic zeal, and demonic power, which all serve the reign of Satan.
Christians serving the Church with lies, deceit, and clandestine mania shows the unbelievable audacity of Satan.
Christians under God can never be gods.
Christians who are restless, spying, watchdogging, stalking, fearful, anxious, information gathering, scheming, plotting, manipulating, maneuvering . . . over anything, about anything are perhaps their own gods and trying to be other people's gods.
Christians: we are becoming programmed, puppets on strings, monitored interests, controlled possessions, capital . . . of technocratic powers. Beware of how the world interferes with our relationship with God.
Church and State have different powers, different missions, different means, and different ends. Satan can join them to connive and call it collaborate.
Church authoritarians interfering with ordinary lives of Christians can lead to wrong people leading wrong processes and creating hurt.
Church hierarchy interfering with professional and private lives of Christians is a disaster, an invitation for rebellion.
Church is not a battleground (cf. Matt. 5: 23-24).
Church: It is written: ÔMy house shall be a house of prayer' (Matt. 21: 13).
Church: a place where people should enter joyfully (cf. Ps. 100: 4).
Church: a place where people should find Christ's peace not the same strife in the world (cf. John 16: 33).
Church: don't use the congregation for business, marketing, man-hunting, research, intelligence gathering, secret service, politics, . . . (cf. Matt. 21: 13; cf. Eccles. 4: 17; 8: 10).
Church: forget your enemies and cares or you will forget your God. Focus: worship.
Church: respect those who come to worship God.
Confusion: sometimes love is too much like hate, humility too much like stupidity, generosity too much like arrogance, service too much like spite . . .
Consider how you have fared (cf. Hag. 1: 1-8).
Constant reliance on grace.
Constant self-examination.
Contentment is necessary, even with hope of change, even with effort to change.
Contentment: without contentment, you cannot live with yourself and you cannot accept other persons.
Continuous indifference weakens Christians (cf. Prov. 24: 10).
Corrections are for good people and erroneous people. Evil people don't mean to be good but mean to look good, and with every correction, they will produce evil and harmful cover-ups.
Corruption of the best is the worst (Latin proverb: corruptio optimi pessima).
Crossroads and seasons magnify virtues or vices.
Crossroads, seasons, and stages in life: beware of opportunists and saboteurs alike.
Crossroads, seasons, and stages in life: demons may swarm around you as angels of light; be wise in listening to counsels.
Crossroads, seasons, and stages in life: follow your conscience.
Crossroads, seasons, and stages in life: Satan mounts threats when we step unto the right path with God's light and peace.
Crossroads, transitions, and desperate times: you may be offered a plate of beans in exchange for your rights or blessings. Keep your faith and vision on what God has placed in your heart, what is best for you, your true worth, your own destination.
Crossroads: beware of artificial crises.
Crossroads: people will pull you this way and that way until you take control of your own life.
Curiosity toward people can easily breed trouble. Beware of people who are curious about you.
Curiosity toward people can easily turn into envy, restlessness, rivalry, hate, resentment, anger, malice. What you are not supposed to know, you do not have the grace to know.
Curiosity toward people can easily turn you away from your own path and blessings. Live your own life as best as you can at every stage, in any circumstance, in your environment, and make use of what you have to move on till you reach fullness of life.
Daily conversions of self.
Demoniacs create confusion when they are faced with truth.
Deprivation and depravity are borderline neighbors in fabricated spirituality.
Disagree but understand.
Disagree peacefully.
Distribute goodness, not harm.
Do examination of conscience conscientiously.
Do good and avoid evil (cf. Rom. 12: 9).
Do justice to your body, do justice to your spirit and you will enjoy life and be fruitful.
Do no evil, it is not a source of peace, perhaps of control, perhaps of power. Do no evil and you will be above control, above power because God defends you (cf. Matt. 27: 19; Gen. 31: 29).
Do no evil: For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, so that each one may receive recompense, according to what he did in the body, whether good or evil (2 Cor. 5:10; cf. Heb. 10: 26; Rom. 6: 22).
Do no evil: There is no darkness so dense that evildoers can hide in it (Job 34:22).
Do no evil: broken glass can hurt easily, so can broken people; understand there are people who hurt others without realizing their own problems.
Do no evil: clean hands reflect a clean mind, which reflects sanity that highest connection with reality, good and evil (cf. John 8: 46; John 2: 25; Luke 5: 22, 6: 8; 1 Cor. 15: 34).
Do no evil: do not trust your judgment, trust God's justice, seen and unseen.
Do no evil: evildoing is a disorder of the spirit just as insanity is a disorder of the mind. They are related and often come together when we neglect God and leave together when we pray well.
Do no evil: fear, anxiety, greed, anger, hate, envy, restlessness . . . many seeds of Satan are sown daily to harvest evil in our lives; do no evil and the seeds will bear no fruit.
Do no evil: if things become so bad, in the Name of Jesus, hand the culprits over to Satan, the condemned, the master of evil (cf. 1 Cor. 5: 5), but you do no evil.
Do no evil: if what you want is what God wants, why be evil to get it?
378. Do no evil: if you ever feel insulted, cheated, pained, deceived, hated, betrayed . . . do no evil because God renders justice and justifies all (cf. 1 Pet. 2: 21-23).
Do no evil: ignore the demons in people that seek to insult, repress, destroy, oppress, ridicule, hinder, harm, torture, hate . . . Ignore them and if they cannot be ignored, pray with your tears, or your sweat, or your agony (cf. Luke 22: 44).
Do no evil: people are not enemies because they differ in taste, opinion, choices, preferences, mentality, attitudes, qualities, faith . . . the Enemy is Satan, trying to destroy all of us. Do not be used.
Do no evil: proper information, face-to-face dialogue, true relationship . . . always produce a clear mind and clean hands.
Do no evil: racial supremacists, religious supremacists, ideological supremacists, political supremacists, professional supremacists . . . are always accompanied by evil tendencies and are restless for power. Humility helps us to know our true worth and to be respectful and peaceful toward others.
Do no evil: there is always a better way for the children of God.
Do no evil: there is always consequence. God punishes sinners promptly in order that he may not have to punish them more severely later. But for the malicious, he patiently waits until they reach the full measure of their sins before he punishes them. (cf. 2 Macc. 6: 12-16).
Do no evil: those who act like they are gods do not know our jealous God (cf. Nah. 1: 2-3; Deut. 32: 21; Exod. 34: 14).
Do no evil: we are often threatened by someone's personality, image, interests . . . because fear is in human nature but it need not result in evil.
Do no evil: you will be distinct as a child of God (cf. 1 John 3: 8-10; Rom. 6: 2, 11, 16; John 8: 34-36).
Do not approve others' sins (cf. Rom. 1: 32).
Do not argue with fellow Christians; pray for light for you and for them.
Do not condemn (cf. Luke 7: 39).
Do not continue in ignorance but discern God's will (cf. Eph. 5: 17).
Do not dance with danger.
Do not despise another person's path; allow God.
Do not give the Devil a chance to work on you (cf. Eph. 4: 27).
Do not imitate evil but imitate good (3 John 1: 11).
Do not judge (cf. Luke 7: 39).
Do not judge by appearances (cf. Rom. 2: 28).
Do not lay hands too readily on anyone (1 Tim. 5: 22).
Do not let sin rule over your mortal body (cf. Rom. 6: 12).
Do not look at what is not licit to desire (cf. 1 Cor. 10: 6; Sir. 9: 8; 2 Pet. 2: 14).
Do not lust after evil things (cf. 1 Cor. 6: 9).
Do not return evil for evil, or insult for insult (1 Pet. 3: 9).
Do not seek solace in anything evil.
Do not trust the malicious.
Do not welcome evil doctrine (cf. 2 John 1:10-11).
Do violence to your weaknesses.
Does our law condemn a person before it first hears him and finds out what he is doing? (John 7: 51).
Dogged in evil? What is the gain?
Doing well? Don't get carried away (cf. Ezek. 28: 2).
Don't be a saint alone.
Don't be a vector of evil, any evil.
Don't be an enemy of the Cross of Christ (cf. Phil. 3: 18).
Don't be deaf (cf. Mark 4: 9).
Don't bring sorrow upon your neighbor, sorrow can destroy (cf. Prov. 25: 20).
Don't cause brokenness.
Don't cooperate with evil.
Don't do evil and call it God's work.
Don't let evildoers rob you of life; use spiritual weapons which they cannot withstand.
Don't let problems absorb your life.
Don't lie to yourself.
Don't lie; you will need lies to cover up lies.
Don't set the stage for trouble.
Don't set yourself as a model without God.
Don't take virtues for granted.
Don't tempt your neighbor.
Don't view yourself shortsightedly; don't view anyone shortsightedly.
Don't waste.
Ego is never fair. It serves self. Heart can be fair and more than fair.
Ego may never see its aftermath. Other people see it, feel it, and suffer it.
Ego must give way to peace: no peace without forgiveness, no peace without humility, no peace without deference, no peace without sacrifice, no peace without charity.
Ego: people can hardly thank you sincerely for your ego. There will always be sincere thanks for your good heart.
Ego: human ego cannot understand God, The Most High, The Almighty who leaves us free and capable of choice.
Ego: if you don't know the capacity and capability of your ego, you will never use your heart.
Ego: if you want to be in control of people and things and processes beyond you, lean on your ego but all you will achieve is control. If you want to do lasting good for the world, lean on your heart.
Ego: keep ego out of relationships and everyone will enjoy freedom and peace. Keep heart out of relationships and no one will enjoy freedom or peace.
Ego: my ego has room for myself. My heart has room for the world.
Ego: one bad ego can be a source of many or great troubles for the world, in no time. After such, many, many good hearts will be needed, for a long time, to relieve the world of the troubles.
Ego: one bad ego can stop a lot of good for the whole world. One good heart can start a lot of good for the whole world.
Ego: the bigger one's ego the bigger one's tendency to envy.
Ego: the devil needs your ego all the time because it is easy to use and powerful. The devil does not want you to have heart and will oppress you with threats and evils to diminish your heart (cf. Matthew 24: 12).
Ego: the ego loves everything that can make the self seem superior including other people's failures, other people's losses, other people's pains and sufferings, other people's frustrations, other people's shame and sometimes these are all that ego seeks. The heart is only satisfied by other people's gains.
Ego: the ego tends to beget vices in other persons. The heart tends to beget virtues in other persons.
Ego: the egoist cannot stop thinking about other people's achievements and possibilities and cannot be at peace with such.
Ego: the egoist does not differentiate friend or foe, blood or water, love or hate, peace or war, life or death, God or Satan . . . all are to serve the same thing, self.
Ego: The egoist prefers power to prayer and uses power before prayer and will keep tripping over power to fall into prayer.
Ego: the egoist tends to pray well not with humility but after humiliation.
Ego: the strivings of the ego can lead to senselessness. The strivings of the heart can lead to many and great discoveries.
Ego: the works of the ego satisfy one. The works of the heart satisfy many.
Ego: to the ego, everything good in other persons may seem a threat but the heart seeks everything good for other persons.
Ego: when egos thrive, we all live in fear. When hearts thrive, we all live in freedom and peace.
Ego: your ego is working for you, for a time, until your death. Your heart's works go on and on after your death.
Ego: your ego leads you on, unto your death. Your heart is a source of life, many new lives (cf. John 7: 38).
Ego: a bad ego is a load of fears. If you are always trying to stop others from being what you are not, from doing what you cannot do, from having what you do not have . . . you need to calm your ego and its fears. Then, with a purified ego, count your blessings.
Ego: Christian authorities led by the ego and depending on worldly power may not perform the works of love which are led by the heart.
Ego: do not be surprised that a hurt ego magnifies and strives harder than ever and do not be surprised that a hurt heart shrinks and fails to work as before. Hurt can always beget some evil.
Ego: if you think that spoiling things for another person will give you peace, then you do not know peace and you cannot have peace.
Ego: is the perfect breeding ground for greed, envy, sadism, hate, prejudice, injustice, callousness, abuse of power, and every evil tendency to hurt the neighbor. The bigger the ego, the greater, the more deadly, and the more restless the greed or envy or sadism or hate . . . it harbors.
Ego: it is easy for the ego to be bitter at other people's blessings. It is easy for the heart to bless and bless and bless. Sometimes, you must escape from your own ego and animate your heart.
Ego: unless you mortify your ego, you are not humble no matter your penances and good deeds (cf. Luke 18: 10-14).
Envy blinds (cf. Acts 5: 17; 7: 9; Mark 9: 39).
Envy does not depend on having or not having, achieving or not achieving, being something or not being something . . . . Envy depends on ego.
Envy is a natural tendency. Destructive envy is a spiritual disaster, a lack of faith and trust in the goodness and freedom of the omniscience and omnipotent God.
Envy is a powerful force in humans. It consumes, distracts, confuses, overruns, and destroys. Avoid envying by trying to live your best, fighting to have your best, and ensuring you are your best.
Envy is always unnecessary.
Envy: don't deal with your envies by suppressing other people's lives and opportunities. Deal with your envies by becoming your best, by being your best.
Envy: don't look too much at what people enjoy. Remember, there is a lot more that they suffer which you fail to see.
Envy: if you hate others enjoying their blessings, you've stopped enjoying your own.
Envy: learn to promote others and you will save yourself from a disabled psyche.
Envy: when you see persons that appear to be highly favored or blessed, don't allow yourself to resent them or punish them because of it. Remember that, as for Moses, Joseph, David, Solomon, Judith, Job, Daniel, Jacob, Mary . . . there is something behind it that you can never know or understand.
Even Satan masquerades as an angel of light (2 Cor. 11: 14).
Every planting not by God will be uprooted (cf. Matt. 15: 13).
Every sin begets punishment even though evildoers cannot but give glory to God.
Every sin has its consequence: on our body, on our mind, on our spirit . . .
Everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and the one who humbles himself will be exalted (Luke 18: 14).
Evil cravings: the physical addiction, greed, avarice, lust, etc., can be treated medically, socially, or psychologically and overcome; the spiritual obsession, vengeance, fanaticism, malice, etc., need spiritual remedy and must be cast out.
Evil doers: we are all sinners but not all evil doers. Evildoers believe in evil doing, serve evil, aim to cause evil, seek gain from evil, enjoy evil; evil is their modus operandi, their verus opus.
Evil doing cannot get you into heaven.
Evil is a sweet toy but an awful boomerang.
Evil is best accompanied by religious and ideological conviction.
Evil people would gladly do anything evil in the name of anything good.
Evil people: They cannot rest unless they have done evil; to have made no one stumble steals away their sleep (Prov. 4: 16).
Evil persists because we are willing to serve evil.
Evil today, perhaps more evil tomorrow.
Evil: Plot no evil against your neighbor, against him who lives at peace with you (Prov. 3: 29).
Evil: The wicked are like the tossing sea which cannot be calmed, And its waters cast up mud and filth. No peace for the wicked! says my God (Isa. 57: 20-21).
Evil: are you an agent of evil evil seeds, evil works, evil fruits, evil alliance, evil communication, evil power, evil influence, evil dominion, evil captivity . . . ?
Evil: before redemption, it was all right to be relatively good. With the advent of grace, it is important to be absolutely good.
Evil: covered by authority, power, purpose, institution . . . is a pity.
Evil: depriving your neighbor of his living is to slay him (cf. Sir. 34: 22).
Evil: desire, then sin, then death . . . beware of the pattern (cf. James 1: 13-15).
Evil: doing evil always involves inviting more evils.
Evil: evil always leads to more evils.
Evil: for you, O Christian, there is no need for evil but it seems necessary for everything.
Evil: if Satan does not exist, we cannot make moral choice or prove our love for God.
Evil: preemptive evil is morally worse than evil response but neither is Christian.
Evil: preemptive evil will always mislead you.
Evil: rejecting evil can bring us material and temporary losses, but accepting evil can bring us spiritual and eternal losses.
Evil: Satan plays with your needs, desires, and appetites; Satan displays his power, authority, and means; Satan uses holy explanations, excuses, and arguments.
Evil: the servile, the ignorant, the na•ve, the lukewarm, the simpleton, the easygoing, the greedy are often unwary but dangerous agents of evil powers.
Evil: the ways of evil always lead to dead ends, vicious cycles, or fragile success.
Evil: the works of evil temptation, molestation, obsession, oppression, dominion all have human agents.
Evil: there are always opportunities to be evil but the same opportunities can be used to be good.
Evil: there are fanatic people who are so given to paradigms that they would attack and attempt to destroy whatever and whoever does not fall into their paradigms.
Evil: there are people who are thrilled by evil; they are not Christian or have lost their Christianity.
Evil: there are people who love disturbing, irritating, molesting, harassing, pestering, and interfering with others. They are restless, peaceless, and demonic.
Evil: there is a good solution to every problem; otherwise there is no problem let go and let God.
Evil: there is a lot of evil in the world and much of it is propagated by people talking carelessly, interfering thoughtlessly, involving themselves uselessly . . . . Watch and pray.
Evil: there is a way out in evil but it is deceptive.
Evil: there is gain in evil but it is foolish.
Evil: there is money in evil but it is temporary.
Evil: there is money in it but is there love in it, is there sanity in it, is there justice in it, is there peace in it, is there Heaven in it?
Evil: there is money in it but is there sin in it, is there hate in it, is there Hell in it, is God pleased with it?
Evil: there is pleasure in evil but it is slavery.
Evil: there is power in evil but it is weakening.
Evil: those who dine with the Devil don't know the Devil because they are enjoying the meal, the deceptive meal.
Evil: to accomplish good you must do battle with Satan (not with fellow human beings). You can't battle Satan, the master of evil, if you are evil.
Evil: today's civilization of intelligence gathering and secret service is steeped in lies and deceit, Satan's ways, to which too many succumb and produce so many demoniacs.
Evil: we hurry into evil but can never hurry out of its consequences.
Evildoers: be understanding and don't judge them. You too can fall under Satan's reign and do worse.
Evildoers: sinners and evildoers are not the same level. Jesus invites sinners to God's mercy but prophesies damnation unto evil doers (Cf. Matt. 7: 21-23; 11: 32-33; 25: 13, 49; 13: 49; Luke 13: 25-30).
Evildoers: they empower themselves with evil, advance themselves by evil, enjoy evil patronage on earth, because they are in a hurry to enjoy wealth and power on earth. Will Heaven be open for the evil doer? There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth (Cf. Luke 13: 25-30).
Evildoers: to go through life relying on the power of evil, the way of evil, the expedience of evil, the principle of evil, the pleasures of evil, the glamour of evil, the security of evil, the rewards of evilÉ.can this appeal to God's mercy and evade God's justice?
Examine your beliefs frequently. You'll be surprised how many things need to be readdressed.
Examine your heart frequently (cf. 2 Cor. 13: 5; Gal. 6: 4).
Exercise authority with care (cf. Rom. 12: 8).
Faithful today, faithful tomorrow.
Faultfinding? Look inside you for anger, bitterness, despair, cynicism, hypocrisy, arrogance, fanaticism, obsession, idleness, curiosity, envy, rivalry, vengeance, prejudice, fear, hate, anxiety, insecurity, insanity . . . Faultfinding is very often a product of our affected mind.
Fear ignorance.
Fear minus God will always beget evil. Fear plus God: amazing peace!!!
Fear of another person's progress or gains can only come from a mean heart and small mind.
Fear of pleasure is not Christian. Power over pleasure is Christian.
Fear to do your will.
Flee from the worship of idols (cf. 1 Cor. 10: 7-11, 14).
Follow good example (cf. Phil. 3: 17; 1 Thess. 1: 6).
Forget Egypt (cf. Exod. 16: 2-3; 17: 3, 7).
Forgive and strive to move on: angry people, hurt people, resentful people, regretful people, cynical people, frustrated people, hateful people, desperate people, negative people . . . Always try to make others like themselves and therefore, they never heal or gain new blessings.
Forgive or become evil.
Forgive others for doing what you did not do.
Forgive those who cause you pains because they may not know or believe that Satan possesses humans.
Forgive to enter heaven.
Forgive: there are no good means to get even.
Forgiveness is probably the last lesson we learn, and if we don't learn it, we regret it forever.
Forgiveness is so necessary because we humans are offended by nothing, by the good, as well as by the evil we encounter.
Forgiveness: a lesson that can take more than two millennia.
545. Forgiveness: if you don't forgive, you will do things that will increase your debt toward God.
Forgiveness: if you don't forgive, you will do things that will increase your debt toward God.
Forgiving when you can strike back is true forgiveness; forgiving when you can't strike back is unproven virtue.
Freedom: human precepts can never be dogmas (cf. Matt. 15: 9; Mark 7: 7).
Freedom: like that of beasts in a jungle or like that of humans in society?
Freedom: we don't understand freedom if we are not free. We don't allow freedom if we don't have it. To promote freedom, be free.
Freedom: you will block other people's freedoms if you are guilty of their problems.
Freedom: you will know when to use the Sacraments.
Friends: everyone wants friends that are good and clean of heart and loyal and will not hurt them, but not everyone is ready to be such a friend.
Friends: your partners in progress can easily become your partners in crime if you put friendship before godliness.
From dust to dust (cf. Gen. 2: 7; Eccles. 12: 7).
Fun? Don't get carried away (cf. Luke 21: 34).
Games, deceit, lies: then how can we know and love one another?
Get to know yourself.
Give way to what is good and true.
Go first to be reconciled with your brother (cf. Matt.5: 24).
Go to the roots.
God does not test us beyond our strength (cf. 1 Cor. 10: 13).
God has mercy for sinners and Hell for the Devil and his followers.
God is kind so that we may repent (cf. Rom. 2: 4).
God is not a respecter of persons (cf. Acts 10: 34-35DRV; Matt. 8: 11-12; Mark 9: 38-39; Luke 13: 29; Rom. 2: 10-11; 9: 25-26; Eph. 3: 6; Gal. 3:26-29; Acts 28: 28).
God is not through with us till we are dead.
God is vengeful, God is jealous, God is wrath: we see God as we want to use God.
God reads our hearts (cf. Acts 15: 8).
God will help the sinner not the self-righteous (cf. Mark 2: 17; Luke 5: 32).
Good people are not good enough without God.
Great confusion: to call evil good.
Great deception: to think that evil is not evil.
Great mediocrity: doing Satan's work.
Great stupidity: to glorify evil.
Grumbling is not worthwhile (cf. 1 Cor. 10: 10).
Harden not your heart (cf. Rom. 2: 5; Heb. 3: 8).
Hate, with so much hate, it is hard to relate.
Have a habit of self-examination.
Have the same regard for one another; do not be haughty but associate with the lowly; do not be wise in your own estimation (Rom. 12: 16).
He does not treat us according to our sins (cf. Ezek. 33: 11) but how do we treat each other?
He must increase; I must decrease (cf. John 3: 30).
He who loves danger will perish in it (Sir. 3: 25).
Health: No treasure greater than a healthy body (Sir. 30: 16) yet in today's world, for a little bit of money, a little bit of power, a little bit of fun, a little bit of vengeance . . . so many people's bodies are tampered with.
Humans are God's creatures made in the image and likeness of God (Genesis 1: 26). It is a folly and an evil to do social science, psychology and behavioral studies of fellow human beings without reference to God and without love and respect towards the subjects.
Humility: to know one's true worth, the limitations of one's capabilities and achievements, and the greatness of grace (cf. Mark 1: 7-8).
Idols: The worship of abominable idols is the cause, and the beginning and the end of all evil (Wis. 14: 27DRV).
If we live by bread alone, our hearts and minds will turn to stone.
If you are not happy, you may not let others be happy. If you are not close to God, you may not help others get close to God even if you try.
If you love old wine, it is OK but don't force others to drink old wine when they prefer the new (cf. Luke 5: 36-39).
If you must judge, condemn and punish, make sure you are lawful (cf. John 8: 7; John 7: 51; John 7: 24; John 8: 15; Acts 23: 3; James 4: 12).
If you want salvation, don't be na•ve about the Devil, Satan, The AntiChrist, The Beast.
If your service of God consists in hating people, insulting people, interfering with people, disturbing people, upsetting people, limiting people, diminishing people, testing people, tormenting people, hurting people, invading people's lives . . . it is better for you to return to common activities and leave the work of apostles to better persons. You would serve the reign of God best by working on yourself first (Matt. 7: 5).
Impatience: fast, slow, or paused the patient can handle all paces; the impatient can't handle any pace.
Impatience: financial impatience, sexual impatience, and professional impatience are common plagues that can bring many sorrows.
In a materially advanced world, we easily think on a human plane and depend on securing physical powers. We make many mistakes when we fail to also consider spiritual dimensions and seek spiritual gifts from God (cf. Col. 2: 8; Galatians 4: 3, 8).
In busy times, pray earlier not later.
In characteristically materialistic environments, spiritual awareness, spiritual appreciation, spiritual growth are difficult: all sufferings embitter, poverty engenders crime, loss harbors hate . . . hardly can spiritual fruit be gained.
In pious practices serenity.
Information gathering gives power to do evil, to hate, to intimidate, to forestall, to obstruct, to sabotage, to harm, to destroy, to insult, to assault, to persecute . . .
Information gathering in today's world is considered power: indeed, power to be evil, to be envious, to be threatened, to be insecure, to be anxious, to be fearful, to be restless, to be angry, to be resentful . . .
Information, we believe, always empowers. Rather too often, it overpowers you, makes you act, makes you react, often detrimentally.
Information: beware of the information you gather. What you know can change your focus and arrest your life.
Information: too much, too soon, too out of place, are all too dangerous.
Intelligence: the things you ought to know make you free, peaceful, and secured. The things you ought not to know make you restless, fearful, and evil.
Intentions, means, actions: like Christ's or like Satan's?
Interest, not curiosity.
Into a soul that plots evil wisdom enters not (Wis. 1: 4).
Is it all about money?
It is all right for wild animals to be thrilled with the weakness of their prey, but it is not all right for a human being to be thrilled with the vulnerability of another human being.
Jibe at no man's bitter day (Sir. 11: 4).
Joy: before you share your joy, make sure it is with people who can rejoice with you.
Joy: why fill people's lives with pain and suffering which are abundant in our world. Why not fill them with joy and peace which are lacking?
Judgment comes (cf. James 2: 12).
Keep an eye on the enemy, Satan.
Keep an eye on tomorrow.
Keep salt in yourselves and you will have peace with one another (Mark 9: 50).
Killer instinct is in every human: there are many ways to kill a person by speech, by attitude, by prejudice, by hate, by rash judgment, by injustice, by envy, by rivalry, by deprivation, by torture, by deception, by mockery, by greed, by fanaticism why would you kill?
Know your manias.
Laugh not at an embittered man; be mindful of him who exalts and humbles (Sir. 7: 11).
Less lip service, more heart service (cf. Matt. 15: 8; Mark 7: 6; Luke 12: 47).
Let another praise you not your own mouth (Prov. 27: 2).
Let everyone heed what he hears! (Matt. 13: 9, 43; cf. Luke 11: 28).
Let every person be subordinate to the higher authorities (Rom. 13: 1).
Let him who would correct God give answer! (Job 40: 2).
Let no one deceive you (cf. Matt. 24: 4; Rom. 1: 32; Luke 12: 1).
Let no one separate what God has joined (cf. Matt. 19: 6; Mark 10: 9).
Let the marriage bed be undefiled (cf. Heb. 13: 4).
Let the sinless cast stones (cf. Luke 8: 7).
Let your life be free from love of money (Heb. 13: 5).
Lie not in wait against the home of the just man, ravage not his dwelling place (Prov. 24: 15).
Life: Don't stop living when you cannot see the future. Live into the future.
Life: Live the best you can whatever comes.
Life: Without vision and virtue, you will turn at every corner, grab every offer, follow any path that opens, and never be fulfilled.
Life: Your God-given life is the only one worth your living, not what other people have planned for you.
Live above problems.
Love: take care of the commandment love your neighbor as yourself. If you are good to yourself, you will be good to others. If you are stingy toward yourself, you will be stingy toward others. If you are fully alive, you will support others in being fully alive.
Lukewarmness is a sickness of the will.
Lukewarmness is disgusting (cf. Rev. 3: 16).
Lying lips are an abomination to the Lord, but those who are truthful are his delight (Prov. 12: 22).
Maintain the sense of sin.
Make haste slowly (Latin proverb Festina lente).
Marriage: choose your spouse well, marriage is not purgatory (cf. Eccles. 9: 9; Prov. 5: 18-19; 12: 4; 18: 22; 19: 14; 31: 10-12; Ps. 128: 3).
Ministers of righteousness (2 Cor. 11: 15) always dwell on evils others commit, never on evils they themselves commit.
Ministers of righteousness or ministers of strife?
Misuse of anything knowledge, power, influence, wealth, resources leads to self-destruction, here and hereafter.
Mortify your sinful nature (cf. Col. 3: 5; 1 Cor. 9: 27).
Never get used to anything: Love!
Never indifference.
Never take it easy unnecessarily.
New wine is poured into new wineskins (cf. Matt. 9: 17).
No idle moments, even at rest.
No matter the wrong, do no violence to your neighbor (Sir. 10: 6).
No resistance to grace or God's work.
None is immune from sin, error, and ignorance.
None of us lives as his own master, and none of us dies as his own master: we are the Lord's (cf. Rom. 14: 7-8).
Nothing is anything and everything is nothing without love.
Now is the acceptable time (cf. 2 Cor. 6: 2).
Obedience to God is the best sacrifice (cf. 1 Sam. 15: 22).
Obsession over one person, over one principle, over one cause, over one problem, over one thing . . . can make you destroy every other thing of your own and of other persons.
Obsession over anyone is stupid. It robs us of our own life.
Offended? It is your glory to overlook an offence (cf. Prov. 19: 11).
Offended? Pray and purge yourself: perhaps the offense will disappear, perhaps forgiveness will appear.
Offenders may never apologize and the hurts may linger but we must still forgive.
Offenders will still come and we will still have to forgive.
Often, we can only pray and do nothing (cf. Mark 9: 29).
Oil your lamp in good time (cf. Matt. 25: 1-13).
Old sins come back in new forms.
One day at a time: survival, one day at a time; live, one day at a time; progress, one day at a time; peace, one day at a time; love, one day at a time; forgiveness, one day at a time . . .
One Lord, one faith, one baptism; one God . . . who is over all and through all and in all (Eph. 4: 5-6): so simple that neither separatism nor totalitarianism fit.
One man's pet is another man's pest. We must be careful how we view our fellow human beings.
Only one thing is necessary LO VE (cf. Luke 10: 41-42; Rom. 13: 8-10).
Organized religion too can become organized crime.
Our judgment of needs drives our service. The more prayerful we are, the easier it is to know precisely where we are needed.
Passion blinds.
Passions are buried alive, hibernating, waiting for their season.
Pastor: nobody can ever appreciate any hurt you do to them, whether in the name of duty, discipline, tough love, love for the church, any principle, ideal, or mission. Hurt is hurt and some wounds may remain open and never heal.
Pastor: you cannot be a spiritual director to someone who does not want your help. That would not be direction; it would be obsession.
Pay to all their dues (Rom. 13: 7).
Peace: know the things that tug at your peace and cut.
Peace: one without peace cannot give peace.
Peace: there will be peace when and where there are no gods but God.
Peace: we are often busybodies. You cannot have peace until you live your own life.
Peace: we look for peace, we pray for peace, we plead for peace, we fight for peace, because we do not want peace, the Peace that is given us (cf. John 14: 27).
People dedicated through religious institutions should take care they dedicate themselves to God daily because all institutions have great advantages as well as great weaknesses.
People who look for God for their own good may fail to become good.
Perfect contrition means avoiding sin.
Perfect love means keeping his commandments (cf. 1 John 2: 5).
Pleasure can lead to displeasure.
Pleasure is not sin nor should it separate us from God.
Pleasure: avoid sinful pleasure.
Pleasure: know when to stop and keep it for next time.
Power can be very offensive. Be careful of how you use power.
Power can make you forget your human limitations and make you store up troubles for yourself.
Power freaks, lay or robed, always wreck the peace and freedom and fruitfulness of Christian communities.
Power: bad ideology is always behind massive disorder, massive crisis, massive harm, in human history. Power without Christ is not safe.
Power: before money, who has conscience? There is no one matured enough, sane enough, holy enough.
Power: Christian in power, may people see in your life not the works of the flesh but the fruits of the Holy Spirit (cf. Gal. 5: 19-23).
Power: don't go mad with enjoyment, don't become lawless (cf. Wis. 14: 28).
Power: don't judge by appearance what a person does or does not do. Discernment of hearts is a godly privilege that we should not presume we have.
Power: He who oppresses the poor blasphemes his Maker, but he who is kind to the needy glorifies him (Prov. 14: 31).
Power: here is Christian wisdom: do not try to correct by force and power everything you see that is wrong. You will end up doing evil and being wrong yourself (cf. Matthew 13: 24-30, 41-42).
Power: if you think Hell will be O.K. or Hell does not exist, or even God does not exist, ask God for a foretaste of Hell so that if necessary for you, you can change your mind and ways before you die.
Power: if you want to take over another person's life, make sure you do it as well as God can, if not better.
Power: in our age of great material advancement, we meet great moral difficulties. The pressure to get enough money to keep things up is a reason for many evils and hurt done to innocent people.
Power: our first reaction is naturally human, weak, and unsafe to force, repress, control, punish, abuse, torture, oppress, appropriate, use, exploit, hate, destroy, annihilate. Our best reaction is supernatural, Christian, powerful to restrain, pray, reflect, learn, understand, forgive, correct, respect, dialogue, support, teach, love . . .
Power: Plot no mischief against your brother, nor against your friend and companion (Sir. 7: 12).
Power: Refuse no one the good on which he has a claim when it is in your power to do it for him (Prov. 3: 27).
Power: religious leadership can be the Devil's finest tool (cf. Mark 14:1; John 8: 44) and will be the Devil's finest tool (cf. John 16: 2; Matt. 24: 15; Mark 13: 14; 2 Cor. 11: 13-15), therefore Watch! (Mark 13: 37; cf. Mark 13: 5).
Power: remember you are dirt, and to dirt you will return (cf. Gen. 3: 19) very soon and not with power.
Power: restless power, evil power, amoral power, sick power, violent power, destructive power, vain power, secret power, deceptive power . . . not needed by persons who have faith (cf. Mark 10: 42-43; Matt. 26: 52; Luke 9: 54-55).
Power: some Christians are out to crush and control other Christians because they have nothing better to offer the world. Pray that the Holy Spirit regain entry into their souls.
Power: someday soon, you'll be stinking in your grave (cf. Sir. 7: 17) and where will your soul be?
Power: spiritual power, Christian power, holy power, true power, gospel power, graceful power, moral power, glorious power who or what can withstand it? (cf. Mark 11: 14, 22-26; 9: 28-29; Luke 6: 46-49).
Power: technology and science are so empowering that we can forget the laws of God with ease.
Power: the greatest temptation to evil is power.
Power: the more you play God, the more your demons increase, the less godly you become.
Power: the people you are trying to hurt all have angels (Matt. 18: 10-11).
Power: the power of money is thrilling, non-satisfying, and deceptive.
Power: there are Christians who lack faith and always feel threatened by another person's voice, by another person's mission, by another person's way, by another person's life. Do not be strangled by their fears. Follow your conscience in freedom.
Power: there are indeed people who are above the law and they cause pain to others. Be patient, soon you and they will see clearly they are not above God's law.
Power: to do evil things with absolute power is a legacy you do not want to leave behind.
Power: we do evil because we are able to (cf. Gen. 3: 5).
Power: when you become a god, you no longer need God and God knows it.
Power: whose righteousness are you imposing? (cf. Rom. 10: 3; 2 Cor. 11: 13-15; 2 Tim. 3: 5).
Power: why play God? God has no need of another god and you will soon get to know it (cf. Acts 12: 22-23).
Power: why use force and fight and fear, try love and you'll always be inspired by God and you'll always be sane and perhaps so will many others be.
Power: why use power to hurt and harm. Why not channel God's freedom, peace, and goodness to others?
Power: with respect to God, don't forget your evil tendencies, especially folly (cf. Mark 7: 21-22).
Power: you have nothing better to do than to study a Christian instead of being Christian. Be Christian and nobody will surprise you, no matter how wise, how virtuous, how fruitful they are.
Power: you have power today; you are groping for life tomorrow.
Power: you hurt people, you alienate people, you antagonize people, you insult people . . . just to curry favor from the powerful. You will live to regret you choice of power over people.
Power: you may happily destroy your fellow human beings but, someday, just a virus may destroy you. God controls creation beyond our imagination.
Power: when you are carried away with power, you will hurt people continually and, most likely, no-one would dare to tell you.
Power: you have power to make people suffer, to make animals suffer, to make something suffer and you use it. What is your prayer before Almighty God?
Power: You who boast of the law, do you dishonor God by breaking the law? (Rom. 2: 23).
Powerfool: you don't fear God anymore. Instead humans must fear you. You are fooling yourself with power.
Pray or miss a lot, lose a lot.
Pray that you may not undergo the test (Matt. 26: 41; Mark 14: 38; Luke 21: 36; 22: 40).
Pray at all times in the Spirit (Eph. 6: 16RSVCE)
Prayer: to see His glory in your prayer, you must be fully awake (cf. Luke 9: 32).
Presumption: a deadly state, seeming life in a grave.
Pride disturbs the work of grace.
Pride: God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble (James 4: 6).
Pride: as soon as you regard yourself as humble, your pride is satisfied.
Pride: can stir up all other vices. Whenever you feel greatly disturbed and restless in your soul, in your heart, in your mind, in your flesh, in your attitude, check your pride.
Pride goes before disaster, and a haughty spirit before a fall. (Proverbs 16: 18).
Pride: we are ever anxious to cast the first stone, spit the first venom, lash the first whip because we fail to look at ourselves.
Pride: you consider yourself a pride therapist crushing another person's pride; you are simply championing your own.
Pride: you see someone's pride and you anxiously set out to deal with it. Make a U-turn and deal with your own soul. Perhaps you will no longer see what you saw.
Produce good fruits as evidence of your repentance (Luke 3: 8).
Prophecy: you cannot change prophecy. You can heed it. The evils will come. The goods will come. You fall where you belong.
Prophets are always perceived as a threat, but what a pity if Christians in governments, corporations, churches, and associations are the ones crushing the prophets.
Put on a new self, anew in the image of the creator (cf. Col. 3: 9-11).
Racism is evil enough. Racism from religious hierarchy is very evil.
Rectitude of intention.
Religion: Christ taught us to be salt and light and leaven, not sword and leash and lash.
Religion: if you don't believe in God, you may try various means to sort yourself out: study, research, investigation, etc., but remember one that will surely work: humble yourself before God and all will be well for you.
Religion: organized religions that care about money and worldly power and influence will always view other organized religions as threats.
Religion: religious sentimentality can turn one unreasonable, insane, and harmful to others.
Religion: sociopathic and psychopathic tendencies easily use religion as a means, as an excuse, as authority, or as a platform to act.
Religion: when deception, torture, oppression, repression, sabotage, vandalism, strife . . . . become instruments of religion, the people behind it have neither mental capacity nor spiritual capacity to relate to God or humans.
Religious fanatics with worldly authority invariably end up abusing power.
Reprisals make you feel better but forgiveness makes you truly better.
Resist the Devil, and he will flee from you (James 4: 7; cf. 1 Pet. 5: 9).
Resolve never to put a stumbling block or hindrance in the way of a brother (Rom. 14: 13).
Sacrifice the fallen nature live the new life (cf. Rom. 6: 3-11; 8: 8-12).
Saintmonger: Christ is the model par excellence and all the saints are Christian as you should be.
Satan disguises as an angel of light (cf. 2 Cor. 11:14).
Satan is a loser with nothing to offer and ever schemes to get us: body, soul, spirit, and all our possessions and interests.
Satan will oppress us with our needs if we do not remain patient in God's hands.
Satan, the Devil, can never help, always hurrying us when we need to take it easy, always obstructing when we need to advance, always confusing when we need clarity, always frustrating our good efforts . . .
Satan, the Devil, is good at nothing but lies and deceit.
Satan, the Devil, makes you think of people as enemies because that is the best way to make you do evil.
Satan: whole persons, whole families, whole societies, whole systems, whole institutions, whole nations can become dominated by Satan. But there is always deliverance for those who pray.
Satan's children are always plotting evil.
Satan's envy labors to prevent us from enjoying God's blessings.
Satan's people are always depriving others of life, always disrupting others' lives.
Satan's strategy: strife over holy things renders us fruitless.
Science, medicine, engineering, technology: the more we know the more evil we can do, the more good we can do.
Scripture: don't just read, read it prayerfully, read it praying.
Search for justice (cf. Isa. 1: 17).
Search your heart, search your mind, search your life, search the Scriptures.
See that no one deceives you (Mark 13: 5).
Seek first the kingdom [of God] (Matt. 6: 33; cf. Luke 12: 31).
Seek what is above, where Christ is seated at the right hand of God (Col. 3: 1).
Self-control, but not self-destruction.
Self-estimation should be sober (cf. Rom. 12: 3).
Sex is not evil but a participation in God's love and creative power.
Sex: beware of demonic sexuality.
Sex: Christian fear of sex is unwarranted.
Sex: desire without prayer is dangerous.
Sex: don't deprive yourself unnecessarily.
Sex: non-spousal, non-Christian.
Sex: with Christian dignity, not with unsuitable means (cf. Gen. 2: 20; Rom. 1: 25-27; Jude 1: 7; 1 Cor. 6: 15-16).
Sex: without love is not Christian.
Sexuality: pornography and sex toys are interesting, thrilling, and powerful; but for the Christian, God's love expressed in our love for each other is more interesting, more thrilling, and most powerful.
Sexuality: pornography paralyzes the user with pleasure and enslaves.
Sexuality: the sexual appetite can be unleashed for pleasure, for love, for procreation. We must beware of lust that is driven by pleasure alone and diminishes our sexuality.
Sin has such power to complicate us (cf. John 8: 31-47; Rom. 7: 17-23).
Sin: don't continue, The Lord bides his time (Sir. 5: 4).
Sincere love (cf. Rom. 12: 9).
Speak the truth (Eph. 4: 25).
Spouses: male and female he created them male and female make one flesh (Gen. 1: 27; cf. Matt. 19: 5).
Stages in life: you will be surrounded by competing advisers and if you don't pray, it is all in vain.
Stop lying to one another, since you have taken off the old self with its practices (Col. 3: 9).
Strife always hinders our progress and relationships and robs us of peace and freedom, but there are people who love strife and are always scheming to generate strife.
Strife: do not be surprised if your tough love begets cold love in others (cf. Proverbs 25: 20; Matt. 24: 12).
Strife: ego driven people may go ahead by suppressing other persons. This doesn't work for the reign of God (Exodus 22: 21; 23: 9; Proverbs 22: 22; Deut. 24: 14; Ephesians 6: 9; 1Peter 5: 2-3; Matt. 20: 25-27; Luke 22: 25-26; cf. John 13: 12-17).
Strife: know what is ancient, what is medieval, what is modern . . . and distinguish them from what is Christian and avoid strife.
Strife: the time, money, humans, and other resources we spend on strife do not make sense if we believe in the Christian standard: love your enemies.
Strife: we can each seek to please our egos but in the end it is the work of the heart that Christ will demand of us (cf. Matthew 20: 20-28; Mark 10: 35-45).
Strife: when disciplining another person consumes your life, you are out of your mind.
Strife: do not enter strife unto defiling sacred things and using them in strife. Remember that sacrilege brings severe punishment from God (cf. Malachi 1: 1-7, 12).
Strife: is a comedy of persons not living their best lives.
Strife: is nothing but the mathematical product of egos. The greater the egos and the more the egos, the greater the strife.
Strife: is often escalated by those trying to make peace without having peace.
Strife: it takes a very vain person to expect no opposition in a world of diversity. Crushing the opposition is a ticking time bomb. Working with the opposition is enriching.
Strife: once you are in it, you will take it everywhere from the gutter to the altar.
Strife: the Christian pacifist is perhaps the greatest warrior on earth, denying the Devil.
Successes or achievements may not get you to Heaven but how you say yes or no to success or achievement can get you to Heaven.
That there are menacing spirits in some persons in religious hierarchies is most unthinkable but sometimes it may be a reality we have to live with (cf. John 8: 44).
The brave new world of intelligence and communications technology is producing a new breed of the powerful gods who are replacing God and remotely controlling their victim's lives.
The day of the Lord is coming like a thief in the night (1 Thess. 5: 2).
The Devil tries to destroy our courage.
The Devil would make us worship anything other than God.
The dog returns to its own vomit (2 Pet. 2: 22; cf. Proverbs 26: 11).
The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom (cf. Sir. 1: 16; Ps. 111: 10).
The greatest assets of a nation are prophets who save it from satanic dominion, yet they are never spared from persecution and hostility (cf. Hosea 9: 8; Luke 13: 34).
The greatest mediocrity is sin.
The love of money is the root of all evil (cf. 1 Timothy 6: 10; Sirach 31: 5-7).
The love of power and the fear of vulnerability are often one and the same thing leading to evil effort to control.
The more materialistic and the more civilized our world, the more spiritual we need to be
The most captivating idol self.
The one who does not love is among the living dead (cf. 1 John 3: 14).
The one who prays will never miss his road.
The rich and powerful can be more evil than others because they can cover up their evils more easily.
The rich love to buy people and it gives them a godly feeling of power and omnipotence. Sadly, Christians are easily bought and too often for things they know little or nothing about or care little or nothing about.
The search for Christian truth mixed up with capitalism leads to confusion, abuse, and many, many problems.
The sensual person does not perceive the things that are of the Spirit of God (cf. 1 Cor. 2: 14).
The tongue is also a fire (James 3: 6).
The tongue: Jesus said, On the day of judgment people will render an account for every careless word they speak (Matt. 12: 36).
The triumph of evil is always in good explanation brought to us by effective propaganda.
The wicked plot against the just and grind their teeth at them (Ps. 37: 12).
The world of science and technology is empowering the rich to be gods over other humans. It is necessary to pray for them and to also stay close to God.
The wrath of a man does not accomplish the righteousness of God (James 1: 20).
There are obstacles inside and outside.
There is one lawgiver and judge who is able to save or to destroy. Who then are you to judge your neighbor? (James 4: 12; cf. 5: 9).
There is no limit to what envy can do (cf. Matt. 27: 18; Mark 15: 10; Acts 7: 9; Acts 13: 45).
There is only one Christianity to be lived in whole and not in part.
They shall look upon me, whom they have pierced (Zech. 12: 10DRV): we always regret too late.
Thinking big is not thinking greed. Respect your neighbor.
This people honors me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me; In vain do they worship me, teaching as doctrines human precepts (Mark 7: 6-7).
Those who look for faults find them.
Today, hosanna! Tomorrow, crucify Him!
Today's wonderful technology is easily today's hell.
Try to lose nothing of what God has given you (cf. John 6: 39).
Unforgiveness leads to watchdogging, faultfinding, obsession, restlessness, and many ugly things.
Unless we are humble, we will not know peace.
Unless we understand the value of the Scriptures and grace, we are badly misled (cf. Matt. 22: 29).
Vice: beware of time-robbing vice.
Virile but virtuous.
War: the only one satisfied in earthly wars is the Devil. The rest of us count our hurts and losses and sooner or later return to war.
Wars: it takes much courage to fight and to die but much more courage to forgive.
Wars: rumors of wars. Wars will become so sophisticated that people cannot tell what is happening and can only rumor.
Wars: tend to Jesus' perfect prophesy nations will rise against nations and even use Mother Nature to destroy one another (cf. Matt. 24: 6-7; Mark 13: 7-8; Luke 21: 9-11).
Wars: the consequences of wars are extensive, lasting, and unimaginably evil, yet some people love wars.
Watch! (Mark 13: 37; cf. Matt. 25: 13).
Watch and keep watching. A moment of evil desired can fetch you an eternity of Hell undesired.
Watch and pray or you could be easily deluded that you are doing something good when you are doing something evil.
Watch your tongue (cf. Eph. 4: 29).
Watch yourself (cf. 1 Cor. 10: 12; Eph. 5: 15).
We can all sin and that is not surprising but cover-ups often require more sins which are most surprising.
We Christians never need to do evil in order to survive or succeed.
We easily think we need evil. We are easily wrong.
We expect enemies to steal and destroy and kill, but we hope they will be in their right minds by God's intervention.
We must keep praying for evil is often determined, often desperate.
Weak people try to avoid their own envy by crushing whatever makes them envious, to avoid their own anger by punishing whatever makes them angry, to avoid their own fears by suppressing whatever makes them fearful, to avoid their own insecurities by obliterating whatever makes them insecure. That is not sanctification. It is cowardice.
Weapon of mass destruction: the tongue lying, gossiping, badmouthing, betraying . . . (cf. Sir. 28: 18).
Wear an invisible cloak of prayer and atonement.
What began in the spirit can end in the flesh (cf. Gal. 3: 3).
What do you possess that you have not received? (1 Cor. 4: 7).
What profit would there be for one to gain the whole world and forfeit his life? (Matt. 16: 26; cf. Mark 8: 36; Luke 9: 25).
Whatever causes sin, cut it off (cf. Matt. 18: 8-9).
Whatever you are involved with daily, ask yourself: Is this what I was born for? (Cf. Ephesians 2: 10; Titus 1: 16). You may need to redouble your effort for the right things.
When the body is well the soul dances (St. Augustine of Hippo).
When troubles abound, risk to think: How am I part of the problem?
While there is life, there is hope (Latin proverb: Dum spiro, spero (From Cicero)).
Who am I that I should interfere with what God is doing for others? (cf. Acts 11: 17-18; John 21: 21-22).
Who is like God?
Whoever does not love a brother whom he has seen cannot love God whom he has not seen (1 John 4: 20).
Whoever exalts himself will be humbled (Matt. 23: 12; cf. Luke 18: 14).
Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it (Matt. 10: 39).
Why are dust and ashes proud? even during life man's body decays (Sir. 10: 9).
Why do you put another person to the test when you yourself are wanting? (cf. Mark 12: 15; 10: 2; 8: 11; 3: 2).
Woe to him who contends with his Maker (Isa. 45: 9).
Woe to the solitary man! For if he should fall, he has no one to lift him up (Eccles. 4: 10).
Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil (Isa. 5: 20).
Woes will come especially to those who invite them (cf. Matt. 11: 21; 18: 7; 23: 13-16, 23, 25, 27).
Words: celebrities speak to a world that is listening; prophets speak to a world that is not listening but will hear.
Work out your salvation with fear and trembling (Philip. 2: 12).
Work: do not participate in evil exploitation.
Work: don't blame the system, blame the salt that has lost its taste (cf. Matt. 5: 13).
Work: humans are poor paymasters; seek God's approval.
Work: is your opus of God or of another?
Work: is your opus to please God or to please another?
Work: not just for money but for eternal glory.
Work: not just for the moment but also for eternity.
Work: refer everything to the end of life.
Work: what do you gain with your opus? What do others gain?
Work: what is your opus, good or evil?
Work: whom do you serve with your opus, Christ or Antichrist?
Worrying about people, to make them good or stay good, may be a sign that one is not good.
Worship God alone. This is a commandment and a covenant (cf. Exodus 20: 1-6; 2 Kings 17: 35-39; Matt. 4: 10; Rev. 19: 10; 22: 8-9).
Wrath and fury to those who selfishly disobey the truth and obey wickedness (Rom. 2: 8).
Wrath: The vengeful will suffer the Lord's vengeance, for he remembers their sins in detail. Forgive your neighbor's injustice; then when you pray, your own sins will be forgiven (Sirach 28: 1-2).
Wrong solutions bring more problems; no good solution, no problem pray.
You cannot get to know someone without acknowledging who he or she is. You can also hate someone for knowing who he or she really is. To love people, be ready to know what you would not like to know.
You do not know what will happen tomorrow (cf. James 4: 14).
You err because you know neither the Scriptures nor the power of God (cf. Matt. 22: 29).
You have no right to persist in sin.
You have spent too much time doing what the pagans do (cf. 1 Pet. 4: 3).
You must be an ambassador of Christ, not of Satan.
You shall do homage to the Lord your God. Him alone shall you adore (cf. Exod. 20: 2-6; Matt. 4: 10; Luke 4: 8; Rev. 22: 9; 1 Cor. 8: 5-6).
You should ask people to pray for you or to pray with you only if they are of one mind with you (cf. Matt. 18: 19).
You should not take it upon yourself to punish anyone. Someday, you will know yourself better and realize you were wrong but cannot reverse the harm you did.
Your ÔChristianity' that makes you brutal towards another person should be examined if it is really insanity.
Your heart: if there is more money in it than people, you will do evil things to people without considering them evil.
Youth: enjoy your youth (cf. Eccles. 11: 9-10; Sir. 14: 11-12). Don't let those who are no longer youthful deprive you of your youth.
Zeal is not show, not mania, not fanaticism, but is an impulse of the [Holy] spirit within a Christian.
Zeal without discernment leads to many mistakes and perhaps lasting evils.
Zeal: beware of Antichrist, the resurgence of the power of evil, a satanic counter offense, trying to undo the victory of Christ, and to minimize Christians as victors with Christ.
Zeal: examine your zeal and source of zeal. It is incredible what the Devil can make us do for God.
Zeal: holy zeal means you attend to the right things, in the right way, at the right times, with the right means.
Zeal: if you have a good vision of what you should do, pray for zeal to do it.
Zeal: there are so many difficulties, so many obstacles, so much pain to pass through that without zeal, Christians may not achieve much good.
Zeal: with holy zeal, you will do things beyond you because you are carried by the spirit of God.
Zeal: without prayer, relationship with our all-seeing God, human zeal is reckless.
Zeal: your zeal without God will hurt you and others.
Zeal: your zeal works for good or works for evil depending on whether you love God, religion, or yourself.
Zeal: zealousness must be distinguished from anger, hatred, mania, fear, envy, greed, covetousness, egoism, confusion, malice, rivalry, pride, stupidity, vengeance, fanaticism, delusion - the legion of evils.
Zeal: zealousness without respect or love for neighbour or people who differ is not christian spirit (Luke 9: 54-55).


Christian: anything you do in this life is a prelude to Heaven or Hell.

Think if the things you do make you fit for Heaven or Hell.