Pray without ceasing”

–1Thess. 5: 17

Prayer Bytes is a self-development resource for enhancing prayer life and a healthy walk with God in the path of one’s life.

Too busy? Unable to pray? In need? Troubled? Worried? Restless? Confused? Care free? Vacationing? Confident? Just happy?

Whoever you are, whatever your state of mind, whatever your goals in life, whatever your needs….you will find here a storage of prayer bytes.

Prayer Bytes Welcomes You

Take a peep inside any of the four parts: “About Reality” which has 453 bytes, “For Support” which has 582 bytes, “About Our Mission” which has 785 bytes, or “Spiritual Jolts” which has 941 bytes - and you will have prayer beginning in you, restored in you, enhanced in you, regularized in you....


This  has lines that are reminders of aspects of “everyday life” that may be very important for our walk with God daily and the direction of our lives. The better our knowledge and understanding of life, the freer, the more fruitful, and the more fulfilled we become. Destined for glory, we cannot remain ignorant of reality and important truths.



This has lines that are reminders of aspects of our purpose in life as people beloved of God and redeemed by God and how to relate to one another in mutual support, harmony, and peace



This has lines that are reminders of aspects of common human struggles and how to cope and be triumphant in this world of good and evil, whoever we are and whatever our circumstances, experiences, and possibilities.



This has lines that are reminders of aspects of the human condition that is prone to mistakes, sins, and atrocities. We all need jolts and in the secret of our walk with God, there is no fear or shame because he is holding our hands to keep us steadfast.

Come here, anytime, anywhere, for a few seconds, for your daily devotion, for a retreat, or as you please, but please do not overdo it.

Do not take these lines to whip someone else with them. They are for you, for your personal considerations. Let other persons live at their own pace as God guides them.

Tip: take one line at a time; think about it for yourself and pray about it for yourself. These prayer bytes initiate prayer, conversation with God. Do not read through many points at a time. Stop after a few. Come back again and take another point next time or find the same one again by searching using the number of the byte.

As you read, invite the Spirit of God into your soul to rule, to calm, to cleanse, to fill you with understanding, to enhance your life, to increase your virtue, and to unite you with God. You will find your best self through God, with God, in God, and for God. You cannot be more fulfilled.

Depending on your present need or preference, go to any of the four sections to find counsels for your freedom and happiness or take a line from each of the four sections to excite your walk with God.