About Our Mission


Go into the whole world and proclaim the gospel to every creature.

—Mark 16: 15

A eunuch for the Kingdom (cf. Matt. 19: 12).
A friend indeed.
A shepherd that is envious of the sheep is really not like Christ with all his promises (cf. John 14: 12).
A sign that we are fully alive is that we are constantly learning: death brings decay, life yields improvement, growth, and fruitfulness.
A sure means for directing souls is personal sanctity.
Administrator, be trustworthy (cf. 1 Cor. 4: 2).
Admonish sinners (cf. Luke 17: 3; Sir. 19: 16).
All for the glory of God (cf. 1 Cor. 10: 31).
All have sinned and are deprived of the glory of God (Rom. 3: 23; cf. 3: 10).
All things to all in order to save (cf. 1 Cor. 9: 22).
Always have a dialogue, never your monologue, with God or fellow human beings.
Amen, amen, I say to you, no slave is greater than his master nor any messenger greater than the one who sent him (John 13: 16).
Anticipate your neighbour's needs.
Anyone who is not against you is on your side (cf. Luke 9: 50).
Apostle: the Devil can make you avoid real mission in the world and turn on other Christians to correct them with demonic zeal.
Apostles of Christ should not wield earthly power like political and civic leaders (cf. Matt. 20: 25-28) but by their closeness to God, they are much more effective and more influential than earthly powers, and as powerful as grace, and virtue, and truth, and love, and prayer.
Apostolate bearing witness, must be both personal and collective; private and public (cf. Acts 20: 20; 2 Macc. 6: 18-31; Matt. 5: 16).
As each one has received a gift, use it to serve one another as good stewards of God's varied grace (1 Pet. 4: 10).
As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord (cf. Joshua 24: 1-5, 15-18).
Ask for the Holy Spirit (cf. Luke 11: 13; John 4: 5-42).
At all times vigilance (cf. Acts 20: 30).
Avoid any semblance of evil (1 Thess. 5: 22; cf. 2 Thess. 3: 6; cf. 1 Pet. 2: 1).
Avoid scandal (cf. Rom. 14: 21, 16: 17; 2 Cor. 6: 3).
Be as free as truth is truth.
Be kind, be understanding; never so what anyone.
Be ready for every grace, every inspiration, every conversion, the Second Coming of Christ, death.
Be self-possessed (2 Tim. 4: 5).
Better obey God than humans (cf. Acts 5: 29).
Beware of false witnesses who claim to know God, but by their deeds they deny him. They are vile and disobedient and unqualified for any good deed (Titus 1: 16).
Blessed is the one who does not condemn himself for what he approves (Rom. 14: 22).
Build up, build up, prepare the way, remove the stumbling blocks from my people's path (Isa. 57: 14).
Care for the truth.
Carry the cross with the dignity of love.
Carry the sweet odor of Christ (cf. 2 Cor. 2: 15).
Caution in speech is very powerful. It stops many evils, saves many lives, and brings about much peace.
Celibacy is a gift for a purpose. It is not a blank check but a check with great value that is meant to be spent or used to purchase great treasures. People with blank checks are wasting their lives.
Celibacy or marriage, decide for yourself before God and not to please humans (cf. 1 Cor. 7: 27-28; 1 Tim. 4: 1-4).
Celibacy, availability because the Church is family.
Celibacy: if you take celibacy dogmatically, promote it oppressively, defend it militantly . . . , you will end up hurting many lives permanently, establishing evils in the Church, and storing up trouble for the Church. Respect freedom and you will see wonderful things done for God, with or without celibacy.
Celibacy: institutional celibacy can be a great burden; personal celibacy is always a facilitator.
Celibacy: single life is a lesser thing not the best that God can do (cf. Gen. 2: 18); celibacy is a greater thing granted to those who make themselves so for the sake of the kingdom of God (cf. Matt. 19: 11-12).
Celibate institutions that become absorbed with worldly cares have lost touch with celibacy.
Celibate: you have dedicated your life to serving God exclusively. Surely, you should be amongst the happiest on earth. Examine this frequently.
Characteristics of a safe shepherd: gratitude, prayerfulness, trust in God, love, goodwill, and encouragement (cf. Phil. 1: 3-11).
Characteristics of the reign of God: peace, love, joy, justice. If you are not working on these daily, you are wasting your life.
Characteristics of unsafe shepherds: restlessness and witch-hunting (1 Pet. 5: 8); hypocrisy (2 Cor. 11: 14-15; Luke 12: 1); dishonesty (Matt. 24: 11); evil teaching (Matt. 5: 19); seduction (Col 2: 8); evildoing (John 8: 44; Matt. 23: 27-28; 1 Tim. 6: 3-5); exploitation (2 Pet. 2: 1; cf. John 10: 10); unfamiliarity with Scripture (Matt. 22: 29); presumption (Titus 1: 16). Be on the alert (Sir. 37: 8; cf. Matt. 24:4).
Charity is the source, the means, and the end.
Christ adds value to our limitations.
Christian apostle: you can bring God to people by teaching, preaching, informing, healing . . . you can also bring people to God by helping them to pray and serve him according to each person's blessings.
Christian associations that idolize or idealize themselves easily punish those who do not adore them. When you are victim of such Christians, hold your peace and be steadfast in following your way.
Christian associations that serve principles rather than God have low spiritual value and are bound to collapse sooner or later.
Christian authority: an egoistic mindset will make you fail in self examination and make you eager to judge others.
Christian authority: avoid the opus of evil that generates hate.
Christian authority: beware of allegiance with the powerful. It can paralyze your ministry and make you less priestly, more beastly (cf. Rev. 13; 3). You may lose your Christian sensitivity and become an agent of agenda, special interests, and propaganda, and perhaps also a minister of strife.
Christian authority: beware of saint-mongering. It is folly to study a living Christian. Why not follow the Living Christ?
Christian authority: by spying on your members, have you been able to know and love God more, to practice love and justice towards your victims, to bring peace to people's lives, or have you grown confused, threatened, and distracted from real mission.
Christian authority: by spying on your members, you can never see like God and you will make many mistakes, do many evils, cause much hurt . . . because you are not practicing love, a relationship.
Christian authority: faith is something you need to have to be able to teach about it. If you don't have faith, if you don't show faith, how can you teach about faith?
Christian authority: follow Christ. You have no better way, no surer way, no smarter way, no safer way, no greater power, than in following Christ.
Christian authority: freedom is not something you give to people; it is something you must not take from people.
Christian authority: God made humans and gave them free will and you should respect that free will.
Christian authority: if you always have to lash the cane in order to teach, perhaps you, yourself, need schooling.
Christian authority: if you are trying to build an empire for Christ following the pattern of a world of satanic manipulations, don't be surprised at the confusion you create. We Christians promote the Reign of God by being salt and light and leaven.
Christian authority: if you do not examine yourself sincerely, deeply, and frequently, you will steadily go off tangent because generally the people around you do not dare to correct power.
Christian authority: if you love and embrace and reward those who give money to and do favors for the Church and its leaders but you hate and alienate and punish members who contribute to the spiritual well-being of the Church, that is not Christian.
Christian authority: if you see someone's fault, let your first line of action not be to condemn, correct, or punish. Try to forgive and this gives you room to discover if the person is really blameless.
Christian authority: it is better for people to love you than to fear you; it is better they trust you than doubt you; it is better that they are attracted to you than they are controlled by you. You must grow in Christian character, in Christian Charisma, in Christian power, in Christian fruitfulness.
Christian authority: it is up to God to choose who to use and for what and God is all-seeing and all-wise. Do not hate anyone, no matter how disagreeable the role or contribution of that person seems to you.
Christian authority: know what is your duty and what is not your duty and you will not be misused, by good-spirited people or by evil-spirited people.
Christian authority: learn to sift and sort so that you do not mislead people (Cf. Matthew 13: 52; Rev. 17: 8).
Christian authority: looking for faults, correcting and punishing is not a healthy focus for mission and is endless fuss. Teach, preach, cure, instruct, provide, give, serve . . . and if you do reprove or correct, it will be because you are doing those things that lead to liberation, salvation, redemption, victory, and glory.
Christian authority: natural followers are better than manipulated followers; free followers are better than captives; an apostle is not a predator; an apostle is Christ's messenger.
Christian authority: never teach without praying to the Holy Spirit, consulting the Holy Bible, and asking your Guardian Angel for support.
Christian authority: never view anyone as just a means, an instrument, a resource, capital, property, or a member. View them beyond as humans with life and rights and who need love.
Christian authority: no saint can ever be the same as any that has passed on. Leave people in peace and let God do as he pleases.
Christian authority: no worldly power can secure you. You, yourself, must be on guard (Cf. Mark 14: 38).
Christian authority: not all curiosity is good, not all investigation is good, not all research is good, not all experimentation is good. Before God, know what is folly and know what is your duty as shepherd.
Christian authority: not allowing people to be themselves is murder.
Christian authority: obsession over people is demonic. You cannot see with God's light. It will lead you into evil.
Christian authority: our hearts operate with love or hate. The fruits of love are heavenly. The fruits of hate are hellish.
Christian authority: Peter who was ready to die with Christ (cf. Matt. 26: 33, 35; John 13: 37) could not stay awake in prayer with Christ (cf. Mark 14: 37) and could not have peace in the face of threat (Matt. 26: 69-74; John 18: 10-11).
Christian authority: remember you may not understand what is not your business (Cf. John 21: 20-23) so try to maintain your peace towards everyone.
Christian authority: scandals will always come but a great harm is Christian authority or any religion scandalizing worldly powers (Cf. Rev. 17: 1-2).
Christian authority: seeing the good works of others should stir you into doing more good works yourself (cf. Hebrews 10: 24). Do not bring other people's works down or hurt the achiever because you have the power to.
Christian authority: spy and you will continue to spy, investigate and you will continue to investigate, pay money and you will continue to pay money, compromise and you will continue to compromise, oppress and you will continue to oppress, cover up and you will continue to cover up . . . . Watch and pray or you will go off on a tangent.
Christian authority: stand by what is right always. If you do, you may handle well the troubles that come from around you. If you don't, you will never handle the lack of peace within you.
Christian authority: teach what Christ taught and do as Christ did and crowds will naturally follow you because humans are attracted to goodness.
Christian authority: tend the sheep but curiosity, spying, information gathering . . . can turn you into a foolish tyrant like Pharaoh, an envious persecutor like King Saul, a sacrilegious demoniac like Jezebel, a maniacal destroyer like Herod or something other than Christian shepherd. Tend the sheep but rely on the Holy Spirit who alone teaches what flesh and blood cannot reveal and always with peace.
Christian authority: the Church is ruled by the Holy Spirit and relies on grace by which it operates. You should not rely on research, intellectualism, investigation, cultism, militarism, business, and worldly processes good or evil that Satan can manipulate.
Christian authority: the Devil can use you to dwell on trivia, non-essentials, dividers, peripherals, additions, alternatives, and things that are matters of freedom and choice, with which you are prepared to strangle and enslave.
Christian authority: the Devil just needs you in one crucial position Ð playing God, and the Devil will strive to get you there.
Christian authority: to obsess for information about and control over fellow Christians is anti-Christian because each person has the Holy Spirit and a Guardian Angel.
Christian authority: to please your ego, you may lean on worldly power but to follow Christ and to please Christ, you must be detached from worldly power and be familiar with your Christian endowment.
Christian authority: what kind of power is yours: good or evil, spiritual or worldly, salvific or scandalous, miraculous or spectacular, Christian or Anti-Christian? What are the fruits of your power?
Christian authority: what we have evolved in religious institutions (good and fruitful as they may be) can sometimes limit you, make you powerless, uninformed, isolated, bound . . . . Be careful not to seek un-Christian means of compensation. Prefer to right the wrongs.
Christian authority: when your interest in anyone becomes clandestine, indecent, invasive, obsessive, molesting, disturbing, oppressive . . . you are demonic and you need deliverance to regain your focus on Christ and your own life.
Christian authority: who authorized you to be God? Who authorized you not to be Godly?
Christian authority: worldly authority should not tell you how to tend your sheep.
Christian authority: you are worried about somebody's fault. Check: how can you be a better person so that you do not lead anyone to have such a fault?
Christian authority: you can always know a good heart. Encourage good hearts, don't crush them. Good hearts need no testing because by their fruits you shall know them (cf. Matthew 7: 15-17).
Christian authority: you can never help a person you are obsessed about; you can only disturb and destroy them.
Christian authority: you can't get peace from exercising control. You will be in control when you have peace.
Christian authority: you claim to understand God and his plan for each and every person? This is a divine prerogative (Cf. John 21: 22).
Christian authority: you do not have to follow institution or establishment blindly. You should live in the spirit, walk in the spirit, pray in the spirit within institution, within establishment (cf. Gal 5: 25; Eph. 6: 18; 4: 1-6; Rev. 2: 7). You are not made for institution or establishment. Those exist for you.
Christian authority: you may not always know how God wants to bring things to fulfillment. Sometimes you need the peace of not knowing and the wisdom to let go.
Christian authority: you should promote freedom and peace in worship and fellowship so that no one is hurt by others because they come to Church.
Christian authority: you want Christians to live a life of have not, be not, do not. It is best that you leave authority to people who are normal.
Christian authority: you want people to feel your power, to know you are in control, to suffer your influence, to fear you . . . You are clearly not Christian (cf. Matthew 20: 25-26; 12: 30; 18: 1-5). You are antichristian (cf. 1 John 4: 3).
Christian authority: your mission is not to follow other religions and ideologies, whatever their means or tactics or achievements; your mission is to follow Christ.
Christian disciplinarian: sexual segregation is often irrelevant for common people. We must promote harmony, peace, and love.
Christian disciplinarian: so somebody has a fault which you have taken it upon yourself to correct with force and might, destroying the person's life in the process. You certainly do not have the love or wisdom of Christ (cf. Luke 9: 54-55DRV; Mark 4: 26-29; Matt. 13: 29).
Christian disciplinarian: you are really tough on someone. Is it really for the good of the church or to satisfy your own dispositions?
Christian disciplinarian: you think you are exercising your rights as an apostle, but are you placing obstacles to the Gospel of Christ?
Christian disciplinarian: you want to change people at your own pace, in your own way, perhaps in your own life span that may be recipe for disaster.
Christian disciplinarian: you want to change people to your own satisfaction, as your own achievement, to your own glory. First, discipline your vanity.
Christian institutions that run their mission on spying, surveillance, and intrigue do not follow the way of Christ nor have the grace of the Holy Spirit (cf. Mark 13: 11; Luke 12: 12; John 14: 26). They are a human enterprise.
Christian of power: for every evil you are responsible for, you must try to make full restitution because when you die, your works go with you (Cf. Rev. 14: 13; John 5: 29; Luke 16: 19-31; Matt. 12: 36; Rev 20: 11-15; James 2: 24; 1Peter 2: 12).
Christian relationship based on scheming, plotting, and intrigue is a communication of distrust, fear, and many evils. We can deal with one another with simplicity, openness, and naturalness.
Christian servant: check your passion and you have checked your action.
Christian service: if you don't meet people at the point of their needs (Matt. 25: 35-36), how would they meet Christ; how would they experience Christ (Mathew 25: 40)?
Christian service: is not just about Ôthe poor' It is about ministering to people's needs according to our capacities and responsibilities (cf. Matt. 25: 44-45) and this should never be inconvenient (Matthew 26: 10, 12) and may be what is important at the end of our time (cf. Matt. 25: 31).
Christian zealot: Power is made perfect in weakness (2 Cor. 12: 9).
Christian zealot: be careful what you do in the name of Christ (cf. Matt. 7: 22-23).
Christian zealot: don't blame superiors for any wrongdoing of yours because you are always free and responsible, and nobody can steal your conscience without your permission.
Christian zealot: examine your state of mind frequently. Mania? Insecurity? Fear? Anger? Ambition? Embarrassment? Vengeance? Envy? Resentment? Confusion? Anxiety? Rivalry? Hate? We always have a driving force which does not have to be evil.
Christian zealot: the best you can do is not to fight and crush and destroy but to lead, enlighten, uplift, enliven, encourage, motivate, teach, reach, cure, and above all pray.
Christian zealot: the mind is a flux of good and evil. Make sure you have a Christianized mind.
Christian zealot: when you feel that God has sent you to watch, to monitor, to direct, to control, to punish, to destroy, to annihilate, to eliminate . . . another human being, try to clarify which god before you embark on your mission.
Christian zealot: when you hurt people, don't fault their anger and reactions. Apologize and try and regain trust.
Christian zealot: you do not have a right to do violence to your neighbor (cf. Sir. 10: 6; Matt. 7: 1-2; Matt. 5: 38-39). You have a duty to do violence to yourself (cf. Matt. 7: 5; 18: 8-9).
Christian zealot: you have abandoned everything, you practice asceticism fully, you sacrifice all, or so you think. Make sure you have real life because dead people are of no use; they may just pollute.
Christian zealot: you really do not want to suffer; shying away from real mission in the world and finding mission in haunting your fellow Christians.
Christian zealot: your religion in your profession may be the best thing your life needs or the worst thing the world needs. What is good for you does not have to be bad for others.
Christian: a tithe of ten percent of the payment you get from serving Satan's reign on earth is offered to God for what? Christians serve God's reign in their ordinary affairs by being good and this is a far greater contribution than money.
Christian: abuse of persons in the name of religion however the abuse (authoritarian, behavioral, verbal, or sexual); whatever the abuse (molestation, torment, irritation, sabotage, oppression, suppression, harassment, persecution, disturbance, ridicule) is a product of demonic conviction.
Christian: are you preparing the Bride of Christ or are you tarnishing her?
Christian: are you working miracles, moving mountains, and driving out demons in your own life and in your living?
Christian: as salt and pepper enhance taste, so peace and joy enhance beauty. We cannot have a better world without them.
Christian: as you advance in life, in your career or business, in establishing a home and family, are you establishing the Reign of God or are you promoting the power of Satan?
Christian: avoid cultism. A cult exists for itself, its power, its wealth, and its people.
Christian: avoid punishing. It is hardly ever in proportion to any offence. It is generally a measure of our own anger, envy, hatred, embarrassment, or other negative feelings.
Christian: avoid redundant effort. Don't try to save souls in heaven, people who are moving on by God's grace, who already relate to God and are trying to serve God. Don't avoid the tough ground that really needs breaking.
Christian: avoid redundant effort. There is real challenge in the world and it is not your fellow Christians; they need your prayer and example, if not support.
Christian: be the protagonist of a Godly nation where Christians, Jews, Moslems, etc., are encouraged to be Godly rather than to be hating and destroying one another.
Christian: beware of forming Christian associations that are rich and powerful but spiritually devoid and depending on human enterprise to survive.
Christian: beware that tradition, customs, paradigms, ideologies, etc., do not stifle your spirit.
Christian: beware you are not carried by delusions that you are better than others, that you need to punish others, that you must control other people's lives, that you know what is best for others.
Christian: can people call you someone endowed with the spirit of God? (cf. Genesis 41: 38).
Christian: carry this name, Christian, with awe. Don't misuse it, don't abuse it, don't blaspheme it.
Christian: Christ has taught us not to rely on evil and to overcome evil. If you want to revert to using evil or if you want to do something vicious or bad, at least talk to God about it first (cf. Judith 9: 13-14).
Christian: Christ is working in our midst. Satan too is trying and you should make this vain.
Christian: Christian charismas must emanate from your life. If you are easily deceived, you are not visionary. If you speak falsehood, you are not prophetic. If you lack virtue, you are not an ambassador of Christ. If you are selfish, you are not a steward of God's goodness. You do not need to say you are Christian because you are known as Christian (Cf. Mathew 5: 16).
Christian: compassion is contagious and constructive, so is affection, so is respect, so is generosity, so is laughter . .. . Do not dampen positive feelings; support them, promote them, and spread joy.
Christian: dealing with the Devil within the church is perhaps the greatest battle on earth.
Christian: do not hide your wisdom; give it appropriately (Cf. Sirach 4: 23-2; Proverb 23: 25; 29: 18).
Christian: do not use your authority or work for power games. Serve with love. Serve to give peace. Serve to enhance life.
Christian: do the right thing no matter what seems to be at stake, to be gained, or to be lost.
Christian: do what God places in your heart to do. It may not be appreciated by these people, in this place, at this time. But other people, in other places at other times and even generations, may come to be blessed by it.
Christian: do not play games with Satan or devilish persons or devilish institutions. Fight or flee.
Christian: do not use the law to satisfy your ego. Pray to know when and how to apply the letter of the law or the spirit of the law.
Christian: don't abandon your parents (Cf. Proverbs 23: 25). As they were happy you were born in their arms, be happy if they die in your arms, under your caring.
Christian: don't get used to the poor, the sick, and the needy around you or in your care.
Christian: don't be on the other side of spiritual battle, doing evil rather than doing good.
Christian: don't go on continually in a see nothing say nothing do nothing mode. Sometime you may be the only one that sees, sometime you may be the only one that can say something, and sometime you may be the only one that can do something. Don't miss your times.
Christian: don't play God. You cannot think of everything and you will create a mess that you will be the first to run away from.
Christian: enjoying power over people using Christian status makes you altogether spiritually powerless.
Christian: establish God's reign in your life.
Christian: even if your view is perfect, you have no right to deprive people of their freedom and choices.
Christian: evil anger and evil vengeance do not stop evil spirits. Nothing evil stops evil spirits. Be holy.
Christian: evil passions such as hate, envy, conceit, vengeance, and covetousness tend to lead you to misunderstand truth, misinterpret revelation, and mistake reality.
Christian: evil spirits curious, meddling, manipulating, disturbing, molesting, confusing, menacing, obstructing, obsessing, restless, devouring . . . should be rebuked if you want to live fully and be fruitful.
Christian: examine yourself daily by asking: What good did I do to anyone? What evil did I do to anyone?
Christian: fear is contagious and destructive, so is anger, so is vengeance, so is hatred, so is gloom . . . . Hold your peace in the face of negative feelings and don't propagate them but promote peace.
Christian: fear of the powerful should not make you ignore God and his commandments.
Christian: finish one good, move on to another good, then others, and others, till you die.
Christian: firmly establish your peace with God daily through prayer and you will have peace always, whatever comes, wherever you are, whatever you do.
Christian: for the love of a leader, for the love of a clan, for the love of a principle, for the love of a cause, for the love of a mission, for the love of money, for the love of power, will your opus be rejected by Christ? (Cf. Luke 13: 26-28; Matthew 8: 9-12; 13: 41-42, 52; 24: 48-51).
Christian: for you, if there is money in it and no salvation in it, there is no point in it.
Christian: forgiveness is difficult to teach. Forgiveness can be done, and this is how people can know it.
Christian: give life. In every way, give life. What better good can you do with your life?
Christian: give what Christ gave peace, joy, knowledge, love, healing, deliverance, sanity, freedom, friendship, nourishment, relief, life and you will never be vain in giving.
Christian: greater is the One who is in you than the one who is in the world (cf. 1 John 4: 4; Eph. 2: 1-5).
Christian: have peace in yourself, have peace toward every human being no matter how disagreeable, and respond with peace in everything.
Christian: how sacred is your heart? Jesus wants us to have a good heart from where virtues flow, a free heart that operates cheerfully, a universal heart that loves even enemies.
Christian: how you do things, even good things, shows what is in your heart: love or hate, sincerity or falsehood, joy or gloom, envy or concord, peace or war, light or darkness, freedom or bondage, humility or conceit . . . .
Christian: ideology can make you rash and unfair towards those who differ. That is not Christian.
Christian: if the things you do for Christ cannot be brought to the open (Cf. Matthew 11: 3-6; 26: 55; Luke 13: 32; John 10: 25, 32; 1Tim 5: 25), who are you really following?
Christian: if we do not relate everything we do in life to God, perhaps we have believed in God in vain.
Christian: if you always look in the right direction, you will keep making right decisions.
Christian: if you are ever persecuted by non-Christians (Buddhists, Jews, Moslems . . . or ideologists) because of your Christian choices, show Christian forgiveness, a power of Christian grace.
Christian: if you are familiar with your Christian qualities, your Christian endowment, and your Christian potencies, you will have no need for evil or for the powers of evil.
Christian: if you are good and do something good, you may find people who would hate you and punish you harmfully before they give themselves a chance to catch up with you spiritually.
Christian: if you don't carry the cross, you don't carry victory against Satan and satanic agents.
Christian: if you don't enjoy peace, you don't know Christ; if you don't experience joy, you don't serve Christ; if you don't bear fruit, you don't love Christ.
Christian: if you lend yourself to un-Christian ways, the Devil will surely use you.
Christian: if you try to make others suffer what you are suffering, because you are suffering, to feel accompanied in your suffering, you have confused love with hatred.
Christian: if you understand what God wants of you, do not fear those who oppose you or offer you something better to do (cf. Matt. 26: 8-9).
Christian: if your work routinely involves lies, deception, pretension, cheating, theft, sabotage, vandalism, oppression, injustice, hatred, strife . . . are you really serving God even if you think you are?
Christian: in the face of power, would you change your God; would you change your King (cf. Matthew 4: 8; John 19: 14-15)?
Christian: in a fast, competitive world, you do not always need to move fast or slowly; you always need to move with discernment, with prudence, with virtue, and this determines your pace.
Christian: in the name of Jesus, you have power over various forms of evil: spiritual, personal, natural, social, bodily. This is a promise of Christ (cf. Mark 16: 17-18). This is the sacrament of faith (cf. Mark 16: 17).
Christian: in the work you do, be it research, administration, business, academics, pastoral care, hospitality . . . do not lend yourself to satanic ways Ð molestation, obsession, temptation, oppression, or dominion. Your relationship with people, if it is Christian, cannot be evil.
Christian: inject all the good you can into your environment, into your work, into your relationships, with love, with gentleness, with understanding, and with respect.
Christian: institutionalization can degenerate into unhelpful routine. Routine can cause stagnation, insensitivity, degeneration, corruption, passivity, sterility, impotence, complacency, inertia . . . . Sometimes you need to flex the way you pray, do things, relate, work, etc., so that you keep living, stay healthy, and bear fruit.
Christian: is the audacity with which you punish someone for not following your principles really the weakness of hate?
Christian: it does not matter what you have to bear for Christ for God's sake: a stumbling block, shame, punishment, ridicule. Remain in God's hands and he will make everything profitable for you.
Christian: it is alright to look up to God for your needs and for reward (Cf. Psalm 123: 1-2) and Jesus encourages us to do so (Cf. Matthew 6: 9-11, 30; 7: 7-11; Mark 11: 24; Luke 18: 7; Mathew 11: 5, 28) and that is the virtue of hope. We are vulnerable creatures on earth, not like the angels in heaven who worship God disinterestedly and without any needs.
Christian: it is desirable to be rich but let us go the way of justice to prosperity, the way of harmony to prosperity, the way of peace to prosperity, the way of love to prosperity, the way of wisdom to prosperity.
Christian: John the Baptist in his wilderness had nothing, not even the Synagogue to go to and eventually not even his head. The price of truth can be great but never deny others the truth.
Christian: learn to deal spiritually with people who mean to waste your time, spoil your works, drain your resources, mess with your life, disturb your relationships, upset your mindÉ.when you discern their madness.
Christian: life without love is no life and love without life is no love. To keep living, keep loving. To keep loving, keep living.
Christian: like your Father God, be slow to anger and abounding in love (cf. Psalm 145: 8).
Christian: live above evil. Be transformed into good.
Christian: love God. What better use can you make of your heart?
Christian: love your neighbor; love your enemy. There is nothing no donation, no sacrifice, no suffering, no service, no labor that can better open the door of Heaven to you. Don't live your life hurting people. Don't reach your death to reap your own pain.
Christian: love, joy, and peace are the characteristics of a Christian, your means of evangelization, your tickets into human hearts.
Christian: Mafioso is not Christ's way of shepherding. Christ prayed and promoted freedom. Christians using games, intrigues, sabotage, vandalism . . . of persons, places, and things in the name of mission are not true shepherds (cf. Galatians 3: 3).
Christian: make good use of your health, and time, and talents.
Christian: make sure you are not doing the work of Satan, The Thief, who comes only to steal and slaughter and destroy (John 10: 10). Respect people's lives: their privacy, their intimacy, their dignity, their freedom, their rights, their time, their possessions, their works, their name, their image . . . . Respect is an aspect of love.
Christian: mankind is in bondage with evil. Like Christ, give truth, liberating truth, but you yourself must first accept reality, must first seek truth.
Christian: many things are the will of God. Discern each moment what pleases God (cf. Matt. 26: 6-13; Luke 10: 29-37; Luke 10: 38-42; Romans 12: 2).
Christian: may we be always doing what God wants, what is pleasing to God, what is commanded by God, what is acceptable to God, what is permitted by God, what is ordained by God, what can be blessed by God, what can be rewarded by God . . .
Christian: most things we do in life (work, establishing a home, having children, acquiring property) come naturally or with little effort compared to gaining virtue and bearing spiritual fruits. Don't get carried away with only easier things.
Christian: never be proactive for religious matters if you are not prayerful. The Devil will use you delightfully unless you pray not just programmed prayer, but with a real relationship with God.
Christian: never do anything, never get anything, the evil way.
Christian: never take a bribe to influence your duties (Cf. Ex. 23: 8; Dt. 16: 19).
Christian: never undermine the work of truth. Truth sets people free from their troubles and the causes of their troubles and helps then avert future troubles.
Christian: no matter how evil or discouraging things may get, try not to stop making effort to be good, to make progress, and to bear fruit. God is with you.
Christian: obey God otherwise the more you look, the less you see; the more you sow, the less you reap; the more you labor, the less you gain . . . . of eternal value.
Christian: once you give your life to serve in a team, beware you do not settle into useless conformity, inertia, lukewarmness, sinful compromise, cowardice, despair, resignation, blind subservience, subjugation, ignorance, naivetŽ, stupidity . . . your salt must not go flat (Cf. Matthew 5: 13).
Christian: only God should see everything. When you pry into another person's affairs, don't be surprised that you become a monster: hating, envying, angry, dangerous, vicious, attacking, persecuting, destroying, restless, ridiculous, blind . . . . Beware of folly.
Christian: only prayer can help you distinguish between any vision or delusion that you may have about yourself or about another person. We are very easily influenced by evil spirits when we are not close to God.
Christian: only the Devil can convince you to do evil. When you have such conviction, examine your relationship with God.
Christian: ordering your fellow Christians to sin or do evil is like your own damnation (cf. Matt. 18: 6; 26: 24; Matt. 5: 19-20).
Christian: peace is not control. You cannot impose peace. You can have peace. You can let others have peace.
Christian: power, dominance, and control are not what will make you change the world. No matter who is in charge, if you do not give peace, joy, and love, we do not have a better world.
Christian: queer Christianity all suffering, no pleasures; all tribulations, no victory; all losses, no gains.
Christian: religion should not make you dysfunctional by just praying, hoping, waiting. Rather it should make you powerfully functional faith and works, faith that works.
Christian: religious conviction, religious sentiment, and religious zeal have destroyed many lives. Think well about what you do to others in the name of religion no matter how good, how proper, or how sane it may seem.
Christian: remember not everyone who says Lord, Lord (Cf. Matthew 7: 21-22; 25: 10-12) is pleasing to Christ. Neither piety without virtue nor service without virtue is for God, of God. It is just for the emotions.
Christian: respect freedom even as you do good things and you see evil being done, hold your peace (Cf. Matthew 13: 24-30).
Christian: respect freedom, promote freedom, don't be a predator, don't be a harasser, not even to gain vocations.
Christian: respect is charity. Don't presume you can just barge into somebody's life, run all over a person's affairs, or treat a person according to your power.
Christian: seek God's blessings, enjoy God's blessings, spread God's blessings. Do not let the Devil make you think they are not for you or not for someone.
Christian: seek what is yours and God will always help you. Be greedy and you are on your own.
Christian: serve God as He wants you to serve him. Do not make a mistake about that and your life will be priceless and fruitful.
Christian: serve God peacefully and joyfully and whether you suffer to get things done or you suffer because you got things done, keep serving peacefully and joyfully.
Christian: serve institutions and establishments well but if you are too time-table bound, paradigm stuck, ideologically arrested, authority dependent, reward orientated you will miss a lot in life, especially the promptings of the Holy Spirit (cf. Luke 10: 29-37; Matthew 15: 16; 15: 27; 23: 1-3, 9; 26: 7-9, 26: 14-16; Mark 3: 27; Luke 18: 10-14; 16: 15; John 6: 45).
Christian: serving the reign of God is not like chasing the goods of this world where we seek to labor where there is more reward. To serve God, you just have to be yourself and do the things he made you to do, whatever the reward, temporal or eternal.
Christian: shying away and being uninvolved in affairs of the world is stupid. Be there and be salt and light and leaven in everything.
Christian: some matters, good or evil, cannot be diagnosed, investigated, researched, studied, discovered, reasoned, philosophized . . . because they are supernatural realities or phenomena. Do not go on with vain human effort. Ask God for discernment, wisdom, supernatural knowledge, revelation, understanding (cf. Eph. 1: 17) and everything will be clear to you.
Christian: sometimes the last thing we do is the first thing we should have done. This often happens with prayer.
Christian: spend yourself well in prayer and you will spend yourself fruitfully in everything else.
Christian: spiritual direction is not a forced role and not a role for just anybody boss, friend, colleague, associate, mentor, relative, neighbor, etc. To try to use anyone to direct a person in their spiritual struggles is a lack of wisdom and may be just an effort to exert one's will and control.
Christian: spread The Gospel but don't be surprised by any anti-Christ opposition.
Christian: teach what Christ taught. Don't worry about it not working.
Christian: technology is attractive and powerful but don't neglect the Holy Spirit, The Most Powerful.
Christian: the Babylonian-type corruption (Rev. 18: 3) is a natural mess of an awkward marriage of Church and State and the resultant favor for favor and cover for cover. Caesar and God are not the same level.
Christian: the Church is not a mafia and if you treat it like a mafia and serve it like a mafia, you are antichristian; just what Satan needs. Watch and pray.
Christian: the devil is restless. Whatever you do in life, you always have to keep sending off evil interference and keep weakening the forces of evil, by being good. Try to do what is right always and they will be limited in what they can use against you.
Christian: the Devil possesses persons, institutions, causes, systems . . . . There is nothing that cannot be used for evil. Watch and pray and do not be used for evil.
Christian: the Gospel is the best book you can read.
Christian: the group effect can crush good consciences. Even in a team, be free and conscientious.
Christian: the more successful your work for God's reign, the greater the envies that hang over you, the greater the predators, the saboteurs, the greed, the hate, the rivalries, the accusations, that hang over you (Cf. Rev. 12). Do not let such emotions emanate from you in turn.
Christian: the people of today are the same people in the Gospels wanting relief, seeking deliverance, needing blessing, expecting healing, groping for knowledge . . .
Christian: the Reign of God in your life is what you need to work for (Cf. Mark 9: 1).
Christian: the support of the rich or powerful should not make you ignore God and his commandments.
Christian: theology without humanity is akin to insanity. Be religious and humane.
Christian: there are many wrongs and evils in the world but if you are in your place and you do all the good you can continually, you will be helping to solve the problem.
Christian: there is no greater creature than Mary, Our Mother, and she shows us the virtue of hope (Luke 1: 46-55). We must depend on God and his blessings.
Christian: to be unhappy that people have joy and peace is strange; to be pleased that people have sufferings and sorrows is stranger; to confuse the Cross of Christ with sadism is strangest.
Christian: to have a refined character, a sanctified soul, a victorious spirit, a fruitful life . . . is not easy. It is the constant work of a lifetime. Avoid presumption and keep getting better through prayer.
Christian: under the Cross, you will survive; under the Cross, you will live; under the Cross, you will thrive - without being evil and without doing evil, all the days of your life.
Christian: unless you want to start a war, do not contend with demoniacs. A demoniac is dominated by an evil spirit whose only mission is to accomplish evil.
Christian: until you learn to seek your satisfaction from God and not from the Devil, you will never be a fulfilled person, no matter who you are or what you have.
Christian: use the gifts and blessings God has given you to live a good life and serve the reign of God.
Christian: use your mind for good, use your hands for good, use your feet for good, to serve God and humans, not just to serve a cult or mafia or syndicate that is possessed by Satan and expects you to do evil blindly.
Christian: we are born of Judaism but we are beyond Judaism; we have seen the Messiah (cf. John 1: 40-41, 48-49; Mark 9: 2-8); we have seen Redemption (cf. John 1: 36; Luke 22: 19-20); we have seen . . . (cf. John 12: 40; 2 Cor. 3: 16-18) and we have the full force of the Holy Spirit behind us, within us, the force of Love (cf. John 16: 13; Acts 2: 17; 1 Cor. 12: 13).
Christian: we are not angels or related to God as angels. With all the evils, pains, and threats in the world, we must think of God's reward and be encouraged by the hope of such reward (Cf. Matthew 25: 21, 34; 1Cor. 2: 9).
Christian: we can make the third millennium blessed with the peace of Christ.
Christian: we humans are not disinterestedly related to God on earth. The theological virtues of faith, hope, and love relate us to God.
Christian: whatever authority or powers on earth that you serve, secular or religious, make sure you are not displeasing God.
Christian: whatever you are doing to your neighbor, can God call it love?
Christian: whatever you want to achieve or stop, would you steal, would you destroy, would you kill, would you be evil or would you be a person of faith, of hope, of love?
Christians: we cannot drive out Satan under Satan. Any dominion of evil in our lives makes us less of miracle workers.
Christian: when Church presumes and assumes the authority to meddle with your private life or State presumes and assumes the authority to meddle with your religious life, or both connive to do everything, then you must remind Church to follow Christ and State to follow justice.
Christian: when Satan sees how effectively you serve God, he will seek to turn you into his own servant. Watch and pray as your mission progresses.
Christian: when you are about to accomplish something that is really good for the reign of God, you will be confronted by the devastating beast of massive hate and envy (cf. Rev. 12: 1-6). Have faith in God's protection of both you and your works.
Christian: when you are doing God's will, you can face any challenge.
Christian: when you find yourself justifying any evil you do to someone, check if your understanding of the person is good and if your understanding of life is good.
Christian: when you go to Church, remember that you and every other person have your own peculiarities, good and evil. Keep your focus on worship in fellowship and you will be enriched and cause no harm.
Christian: when you know that your hands are full of blessing, you can never really retire.
Christian: when your lack of freedom comes from Church, when your confusions come from Church, when your infirmities come from Church . . . you cannot afford to do nothing about Church.
Christian: when you see a work of Satan, check if your work is a work of God; do your work, a work of God.
Christian: which self does your ego serve, the old or the new? (cf. Romans 6: 6).
Christian: who authorized you to be God? Who authorized you not to be Godly?
Christian: why be evil? Be truly Christian and demoniacs will know it and tremble (cf. Mark 1: 24; 3: 11; 5: 7).
Christian: why be overwhelmed by the powerful when you have a guardian angel (Matt. 18: 10-11).
Christian: you are in a hurry to build your mission, your ministry, your following, your apostolate. Beware to stay in God's hands prayerfully and let him carry you at whatever pace he determines.
Christian: you are just doing your job and disturbing another person's peace and joy? That is not an opus of God.
Christian: you are ready to take money from anyone, from anywhere, at anytime, for anything, in any way. Are you following Christ or following money? Watch and pray.
Christian: you can imitate saints but do not force your life to fit a known saint's. Be free for Christ and you'll carry on Christianity.
Christian: you cannot always understand everything of life, especially another person's life. Have faith in the Holy Spirit and in the Guardian Angels and promote prayer.
Christian: you cannot be in every ministry without harming yourself and harming others (cf. James 3: 1-2). Pray for discernment at each stage in life and in each circumstance to know the best things for you.
Christian: you may find yourself serving others and helping others with their needs and there is no-one to help you with your needs. Sometimes life is like that. Keep giving and God will right every wrong.
Christian: you read about ancient saints, what they said and what they did in their times and circumstances. You, in your time and circumstances, what are you saying, what are you doing?
Christian: you want to deal with another person's demons without first dealing with your own. You are a big joke amongst demons.
Christian: you would do anything, good or evil, for your mission, or ministry, or following, or apostolate. Then it must be really yours, not God's.
Christian: your Christianity should not make you obsessive, compulsive, depressive, repressive, maniacal, or put you or any normal person into a bad psychotic state. Christ gave health of body, mind, and spirit; so should Christianity.
Christian: your goals, your interests, your means, your dispositions . . . . are all summarized in this prayer: Your Kingdom come (Cf. Matthew 6: 10).
Christian: your life can show the world what freedom can do, what love can do, what grace can do, what peace can do . . . .
Christian: your life is short. Institutions, establishments, professions, causes, governments, churches . . . all tend to last longer than human life spans. Use your life wisely, serve wisely and do not blame others for your choices.
Christian: your mission, to follow Christ, is the same as every Christian's, but is different from every Christian's, living and dead because you are different.
Christian: your spiritual gifts are for the reign of God, not to serve earthly powers or merely for earthly gains. Beware of those who want to use you wrongly.
Christian: your work: is it love, universal love? (Cf. Luke 6: 27, 32).
Christians reverting to evil are rich people who cannot enjoy their wealth.
Church authority: try not to live under threat, try not to live in fear. Christ's gift to you is peace. Christ's gift to you is joy.
Church crises? The gates of Hell will not prevail (cf. Matt. 16: 18).
Church hierarchy that indulges in worldly power loses moral clout and becomes dumber, lamer, blinder . . .
Church in fellowship is like Heaven and reflects the peace and joy and freedom and love and justice and life and security and glory of Heaven.
Church is a foretaste of Heaven. Treat it as such.
Church is sacred and worship is sacred and the fellowship is sacred. Those coming to Church with motives other than to worship or fellowship are defiling and are a threat to the Church.
Church is so sacred, we must approach it with reverence and respect worshippers.
Church should build up Christian lives not destroy them.
Church should never be a battle ground where you lie in wait for those you hate or disagree with. Do not mar worship or fellowship with tension, strife, or discord.
Church: appreciate, support, and be thankful rather than faulting and people will keep getting better.
Church: do you go to Church to fellowship or to dominate, control, repress, manipulate, exploit, disturb, oppress, antagonize, divide . . . to unleash your dark side. Enjoy the light of fellowship, the light of the Holy Spirit.
Church: experience of Church should not be evil. Beware of evils that turn people away from Church.
Church: how do you encourage worship? How do you discourage worship? How do you encourage fellowship? How do you discourage fellowship?
Church: the hierarchy manipulated is no hierarchy. Let the victory of Christ be seen in the leadership.
Church: why do you watch what people are offering when only God can judge properly each person's gift (cf. Mark 12: 43-44).
Church: why strive for power over the congregation when what is needed is your prayer and fellowship?
Church: worship is sacred and the fellowship is sacred; respect worship, respect fellowship. Keep off mafia interests, keep off cult interests, keep off ideological interests, keep off business interests, keep off State interests, keep off all special interests that divide and distract from worship and fellowship.
Church: you cannot serve the Church well without universal love.
Commitment of love.
Control is not characteristic of Christianity (Cf. Matthew 20: 25-26).
Daydreaming is not sensible.
Different gifts, different ministries, different works same Spirit, same Lord, same God (cf. 1 Cor. 12: 4-6).
Discern what is of value (Phil. 1: 10).
Do all the good you can (cf. Gal. 6: 10; James 4: 17).
Do everything lovingly; thank God who works in you.
Do everything possible and ask for what is impossible.
Do good in good time.
Do not be intimidated by your opponents (cf. Phil. 1: 28).
Do not delay baptism (cf. John 3: 3, 5).
Do not despise prophesying (cf.1 Thess. 5: 20RSVCE).
Do not get angry when evil people do not appreciate your good works. Satan arouses contempt, envy, savagery . . .
Do not give what is holy to dogs, or throw your pearls before swine, lest they trample them underfoot, and turn and tear you to pieces (Matt. 7:6).
350. Do not grow lazy (cf. Heb. 6: 12).
351. Do not judge by appearances (cf. Rom. 2: 28).
352. Do not labor for the food that perishes (cf. John 6: 27).
Do not prefer the praise of people to the glory of God (cf. John 12: 43; Rom. 2: 29).
Do not quench the Spirit (1 Thess. 5: 19).
Do not seek glory from people (cf. 1 Thess. 2: 6).
Do not tear the new to patch the old (cf. Luke 5: 36).
Do what you can while you are fit for it.
Do what you can, God will do the rest.
Do whatever he tells you (John 2: 5).
Do whatever you can while you can.
Do your best for others even if others do their worst for you.
Don't accept or spread gossip about anyone even if they are factual. Unless you relate to the victim personally, it is justice to keep your mind free and your tongue still (cf. Sir. 11: 7; 19: 6).
Don't block your neighbor's way (cf. Acts 5: 38-39; Rom. 14: 13).
Don't keep the beggar begging (cf. Luke 6: 30; Sir. 29: 8-9).
Don't preserve your life uselessly (cf. Mark 8: 35; Luke 9: 24; 12: 4-5).
Don't try to do anything special to serve God without being yourself as he made you.
Don't undermine another person's path God uses people in different ways.
Don't wait till you have surplus to give (cf. Mark 12: 44).
Dynamism! Don't get bored.
Each one should be perfectly convinced she or he is understood.
Each one should feel loved.
Ego and heart work in irony. The greatest mistake you can make, the most devastating mistake you can make, the most stupid mistake you can make is failure to mind your own life, especially the evils within you, while reaching others with your heart.
Ego: there are always problems in human life. When egos respond to problems we may all get hurt and stuck. Problems need good hearts.
Ego: a sanctified ego can always give way to the heart. A sanctified heart always includes the ego.
Ego: a satisfied ego thinks everyone is happy. A satisfied heart is so because everyone is happy.
Ego: bless your ego and bless your heart. Love yourself and love your neighbor (cf. Mark 12: 33).
Ego: it is good to know how to get what is best for you and it is good to know how to do your best for others.
Ego: we love with our egos and our hearts but ego and heart do not play the same role. Ego preserves me. Heart preserves all.
Ego: you have little to gain when you pray with your ego and everything to gain when you pray with your heart, as a Christian (cf. Luke 18: 9-14; John 14: 14; 16: 23).
Ego: you may discover that God hardly uses your ego, but he always needs your heart.
Ego: you will keep hurting other people's feelings if you do not use your heart and don't expect others to use theirs.
Ego: your ego and heart can hardly work together. Ego works inwardly, exclusively, conclusively. Heart works outwardly, inclusively, openly.
Ego: your ego and heart don't bear the same fruits. The fruits of ego are limited in quality, in quantity, and in extent of influence. The fruits of heart are never limited; their effect is a chain reaction, they multiply exponentially, the paths of influence are unimaginably diverse, extending far and wide, and returning home to bless (cf. Matthew 5: 8; 1 Corinthians 4: 5) or punish (cf. Romans 2: 5; Revelations 2: 23).
Ego: your ego is yours. Your heart is the world's. Which do you use most?
Egoism and egotism are prophesied problems of the end times (cf. 2 Tim 3: 2). Be careful with business principles and power ideologies that teach you to focus on yourself, your gains, your control of everything and crushing of rivals and competitors (cf. Philip. 2: 3).
Egoism is behind the ideologically arrested because ideology is a great source of power over people (cf. Matthew 23: 1-12).
Egoism or egotism in the altruist, the ascetic, the celibate, or the philanthropist is most absurd and turns all these ideals into a compendium of lies called hypocrisy.
Empathy more than sympathy (cf. Heb. 13: 3).
Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above . . . from the Father of lights (cf. James 1: 17).
Every moment is time for faith and time for reason.
Evil always draws us back but appears to move us forward.
Evil deceives.
Evil situations: pray, What good can I do?
Evil situations: you will resort to doing evil if you have no good to offer.
Evil: do not play with evil, do not borrow evil. It will conquer you.
Evil: mind the evils within you. That is your sure way of sanctifying the world.
Evil: to do good and be given evil in return, to do great good to others and to be treated as trash or worse is painful evil but you should not be surprised by it.
Evils come to you through the Devil's activities of temptation to make you sin, torment to disturb you, obsession out of fear of you, oppression to make you suffer, possession to use you, dominion to take over your life . . . . By now you should have observed the workings of the principle of evil.
Evildoers? Only God knows who is truly evil; don't be quick to judge and condemn and punish.
Evildoers? There are no such things as Christian Devils. If you do evil in the name of Christianity, reexamine your Christianity.
Faithful in little things, faithful in much (cf. Matt. 25: 21; Luke 16: 10).
Fall in love.
Fan into flame, the gifts God has given (cf. 2 Tim. 1: 6).
Fight! With prayer. With virtue.
Focus on Christ: his life, his words, his gifts chiefly the Eucharist and Holy Spirit.
For me to live is Christ (cf. Phil. 1: 21).
For others, for Christ (cf. Matt. 25: 40).
For others: word, example, and prayer, and the greatest of these is prayer.
For the things of God, holy shamelessness.
Force them to enter into God's banquet (cf. Luke 14: 23).
Forcing a person to change can be a great disservice; it is not fulfilling (cf. Sir. 20: 3), let go and let God.
Forgive offenders (cf. Luke 17: 4).
Forgiveness: every priest administers the Sacrament of Reconciliation but not every priest is personally capable of forgiveness. Priests can act for Christ but better if they are as Christ.
Freedom: it is not for man to judge what others should give or do.
Freedom: people who give happily give fruitfully; people who give grudgingly will despair.
Freedom is like money you have to spend. Money can be used to buy good things or bad things. Use your freedom to attain glory.
Freedom: the freer, the more glorious.
Freedom: without freedom, you cannot be rich, materially or spiritually.
Friend of all.
Full measure (cf. Luke 6: 38).
Gifts: Without prophecy the people become demoralized (Prov. 29: 18).
Gifts: the gift of prophecy transcends various ministries; strive eagerly to prophesy (1 Cor. 14: 39).
Gifts: there are diverse ministerial gifts prophecy, counseling, celibacy, wisdom, administration, exhortation, writing, healing, caregiving, priesthood, various forms of service . . . everyone is gifted for Christian service.
Give all heart, body, and soul.
Give and it shall be given unto you (cf. Luke 6: 38).
Give to everyone who asks of you, and from the one who takes what is yours do not demand it back (Luke 6: 30).
Giving oneself means knowing oneself.
Go at God's pace: fast, slow, or pause prayer brings discernment.
Go forth and bear fruit (John 15: 16, cf. 15: 8; cf. Luke 3: 9).
Go to the streets and alleys (cf. Luke 14: 21) . . . the banquet is for all.
God chastises dear ones (cf. Rev. 3: 19).
God does not want anyone to perish but wants all to come to repentance (cf. 2 Pet. 3: 9).
God is everywhere follow Him.
God loves a cheerful giver (2 Cor. 9: 7).
God will repay every person for what he has done (cf. Rom. 2: 6, 10).
God's time is the best.
Good and evil may grow together until harvest (cf. Matt. 13: 30).
Great are the works of people and far greater are the works of The One who made us.
Greater love has no one than this that he should lay down his life for his friends (cf. John 15: 13).
Guardian of antiquities: tradition is helpful and important but vision is absolutely necessary so do not get stuck in the past.
Have no ambition except to do good.
Have supernatural outlook (cf. John 3: 31).
Have the same mind as Jesus (cf. Phil. 2: 5).
He who loves his neighbor has fulfilled the law (Rom. 13: 81, cf. 10).
He wills that all be saved (cf. 1 Tim. 2: 4; cf. Acts 10: 28, 34).
Heal the World (pop song).
Hearts: don't play with a person's heart; Worst of all wounds is that of the heart (Sir. 25: 12).
Heaven is full of people who have forgiven.
Help others to enjoy the blessings of God.
Heroism of the mind, of the heart, of the flesh, of the spirit.
Holiness: when you make your spiritual retreat, pilgrimage, novena or other special spiritual exercise, ask God to take you up your own mountain (cf. Mark 9: 2): to know His Law more clearly, to hear His Prophets more clearly, to see Jesus, The Way, more clearly. You will be sanctified and you will return to sanctify.
Holy man, be considerate (cf. Rom. 15: 1).
Human leaders can only represent God, never displace nor replace God.
I am the handmaid of the Lord (Luke 1: 38).
I can do all things in Him who strengthens me (cf. Phil. 4: 13; Matt. 11: 28-30).
I glory in my ministry (Rom. 11: 13).
If we are not faithful to God, we are not faithful to anything.
Ignore the needy, ignore Christ (Matt. 25: 45).
In a good relationship, the parties help one another, bless one another, enhance one another, profit one another, promote one another.
In any and every way, let Christ be proclaimed (cf. Phil. 1: 18).
In days of peace, don't invite war.
In His Church, God uses people, who may be weak, who may be unholy (cf. Acts 3: 12).
In the apostolate, no delay.
In the world you will have trouble (John 16: 33).
In this age, ignorance is not bliss. The Devil is desperate and you must be vigilant for truth and reality.
In time of peace, make progress (cf. Acts 9: 31; 1 Kings 5: 18-19).
In trouble, ask God: Show me a way out that is good.
Individuals have preferences, differences, affinities, etc., which may not seem the best but which propel them to be their best.
Inhibited people are not virtuous people. To please God, we must be free to renounce evil. Inhibited people please those who inhibit them.
Intolerance of people's mistakes and weaknesses is intolerance of God's love and mercy.
Inventions are good, but don't invent religion.
It is better to give than to receive (cf. Acts 20: 35).
It is better to marry than to be on fire (1 Cor. 7: 9; cf. 1 Tim. 4: 3).
It is good to help others persevere (cf. 3 John 1: 6).
It is important to bear fruit that please God (cf. Matt. 3: 10; 7: 19-20).
Jesus has predicted an increase in evil doing (cf. Matt 24: 12). Start, continue, and finish anything you do in life with the help of your guardian angel whom no evil can withstand.
Jesus suffered: to be grateful, we should make his victory over evil real in our lives.
Join hands with those doing good.
Joy, O Christian, is one of your finest qualities. Show it!
Joy: be well, live well, serve well, die well.
Joy: in every Christian and beyond, a new earth.
Joy: there are various solutions to every problem. Choose the ones that bring freedom and justice and peace and joy to everyone.
Joy: when you are serving the reign of God on earth, your joy is as big as your cross.
Just as a body without a spirit is dead, so also faith without works is dead (James 2: 26).
Justice is not something to practice if or when . . . . Justice is something to practice.
Justice: each one his name, each one his worth, each one his place, each one his way as ordained by God (cf. Rom. 13: 7).
Keep peace of soul.
Kindness: we must care for our family and relatives (cf. 1 Tim. 5: 8; Mark 7: 11; Sir. 29: 10).
Knowing everything possible is not wise. The spiritual gift of knowledge enables you to know the things you ought to know as well as the things you ought not to know.
Lead the world in forgiveness.
Learn to do good (cf. Isa. 1: 17).
Learn to labor and wait.
Less lip service, more heart service (cf. Matt. 15: 8; Mark 7: 6; Ps. 78: 36-37; Isa. 29: 13).
Less water, less wine (the miracle of Cana is the miracle of ordinary life) (cf. John 2: 1-11).
Let no stranger remain a stranger.
Let us love not in word or speech but in deed and truth (1 John 3: 18).
Let your light shine (cf. Luke 8: 16, 11: 33).
Let your light shine and the envious will still prefer darkness.
Let your light shine even if it stirs up the forces of darkness.
Let your light shine: those who love God will give glory to God; those who love themselves will feel threatened and try to quench it.
Let your money go round to all that need it (cf. Luke 16: 9, 18: 22; Acts 4: 34).
Live a life worthy of your calling (cf. Eph. 1: 18, 4: 1).
Live each day to the fullest.
Live holy shamelessness.
Live today, then you can live tomorrow if it comes.
Love compels us to desire and care for the bodily and spiritual integrity of each person (cf. Sir. 30: 14-17; Matt. 4: 23-24, 9: 35-36, 15: 30; Mark 1: 32-33).
Love does no evil to the neighbor; hence, love is the fulfilment of the law (Rom. 13: 10).
Love makes you act freely.
Love: we may attempt to define our actions as we want, but ultimately love is defined by its fruits.
Loyalty to lesser things should not impair loyalty to God.
Make effort to improve things for the common good.
Make even greater progress (cf. 1 Thess. 4: 10).
Make love your aim.
Make progress and make other people progress (cf. 1 Thess. 4: 1).
Make sure your neighbor is happy.
Many false prophets have gone out into the world (1 John 4: 1).
Many things are good, choose the more perfect, do the more perfect.
Marriage, if Christian, should be based on love: love that will shut out interfering forces, that will shut out deceptions, that will shut out manipulations, that will shut out betrayals, that will shut out predator forces, and that will shut out anything that can disturb the union.
Material goods are good, spiritual goods are better, both are best.
Mind how you stand up for Christ; you are not the only one belonging to Christ (cf. 2 Cor. 10: 7).
Mine is to love and to suffer for Christ (cf. Phil. 1: 29).
Money rules our world, rules our hearts, and directs our decisions but if you want to get to where God is leading you, you need to be detached from money, even if you have it, and look towards grace.
More intensity, more humility, more love.
More, more, more.
Multiply the fruits.
Never say it's enough.
No hurry, no pause.
No love but pure love.
No one can serve two masters (cf. Luke 16: 13).
No pain, no gain (popular proverb).
No prophet is without honour except in his native place, among his own kindred, and in his own house (Mark 6: 4; cf. Matt. 13: 57; Luke 4: 24; Acts 7: 52; Hosea 9: 8).
No pupil outranks his teacher, no slave his master (cf. Matt. 10: 24).
No true generosity without self-knowledge.
Not by sword (cf. Matt. 26: 52).
Nothing done for God is ever wasted.
Nothing superfluous should steal our time.
Nothing works well and nothing lasts without love as its source, its means, or its end.
Offer everything to God.
On those who waver, have mercy (Jude 1: 22).
One Lord, one faith, one baptism; one God (cf. Eph. 4: 5).
ÔOne sows and another reaps' (John 4: 37).
Others first sacrifice (cf. Phil. 2: 4; 1 Cor. 10: 24).
Our joy: Christ is being proclaimed (cf. Phil. 1: 18).
Our knowledge is imperfect and our prophesying is imperfect. When the perfect comes the imperfect will pass away (cf. 1 Cor. 13: 9-10).
Our world is so complex that you cannot always rely on adequate formulas and magic bullets. You must walk with God.
Pastor: don't disturb people (Cf. 2Tim. 2: 24-26); don't disturb their freedom; don't disturb their peace; don't disturb their joy; don't disturb their life; don't disturb the Holy Spirit. Rather, help people relate to the Holy Spirit and hold your peace (Cf. Ephesians 4: 30-32).
Pastor: evil knowledge begets evil deeds (cf. Gen. 3: 1, 4).
Pastor: if you depend on spying and surveillance, you will continually miss the Holy Spirit.
Pastor: impatience can turn pastors into Devils.
Pastor: is that the best you can do for that person?
Pastor: love and encourage your members to be good and do good. Do not covet people or what they have.
Pastor: new wine must be poured into fresh wine-skins (cf. L uke 5: 38).
Pastor: non-universals can bog you down and scatter people.
Pastor: pray carefully before preaching: you can mislead many and many will mislead many, but woe to the shepherds who mislead (Jer. 23: 1; cf. Wis. 6: 1-6).
Pastor: preach, teach, and instruct people, and above all pray for people but do not presume the outcome because The Holy Spirit works in mysterious ways.
Pastor: watchdogs can never understand, the restless are never helpful (cf. Mark 4: 26-28).
Pastor: you do not have the right to appropriate what belongs to anyone. They are free to give and free to retain (cf. John 10: 17-18).
Pastor: your mindset affects your preaching and leadership.
Pastoral work is not harassment, restlessness, or obsession, but the work of the Holy Spirit.
Pastors full of fears and useless worries tend to destroy their sheep and good works.
Pastors: ministers of a New Covenant, not of the letter but of spirit, not of death but of life (cf. 2 Cor. 3: 6).
Pastors: what a great reward awaits those who lead many to justice (cf. Dan. 12: 3).
Peace: if you decide you want peace, you will always see a peaceful way.
Power over evil is what Christ offers you and it is forever. Power under evil is what the world offers you and it does not last.
Power without wisdom is always painful to subjects.
Power: Christian power is so much more worthwhile than worldly power, but many Christians don't know who they are.
Power: a person may get thrills out of power, dominance, and control of other human beings but may fear facing self or Satan. Why not have Christian courage rather than to enjoy vain power?
Power: an irony of power is that every time you try to play God, you end up playing the Devil; every time you try to force someone to do the good you think they should be doing, you end up doing the evils you should never do.
Power: before you use your power, examine if it is from God or from the Devil, if you use it for good or for evil, if you use it constructively or destructively, if it leads you and those who obey you to Heaven or to Hell.
Power: in affairs of our world, strife always emanates from ego, peace always emanates from heart.
Power: it is easy to command but try not to give orders if you do not know what it will involve, good and evil.
Power: there is always diversity and social life is not so much about who is right and who is wrong but is about how we relate to one another.
Pray about everything you do in life. Keep praying about everything you do in life. Leave nothing uncovered with prayer.
Pray for understanding of the Scriptures (cf. Luke 24: 45).
Pray: be attentive to prayer (cf. Col. 4: 2-4).
Prayer is most empowering.
Prayer, fasting and almsgiving: your way of thorough cleansing, your source of every blessing.
Prayer, fasting, and almsgiving: because we are sinners and can always be sinners till we die.
Prayer, fasting, and almsgiving: done privately, are your sure and secured connection with God and his riches.
ÔPrepare the way of the Lord' (Mark 1: 3).
Pride: if you know a proud person, pray for him or her. If God's grace does not save the proud, nothing (and certainly not your evil response) will.
Pride: serving God has nothing to do with playing God.
Progress always.
Prophesy: ignorance can lead to Hell. Prophesy and help the blind to see, the lame to walk, the dumb to speak, the deaf to hear, the dead to rise. Strive eagerly to prophesy (1 Cor. 14: 39).
Prophesy: save people from evils (cf. Lamentation 2: 3, 14).
Prophesy: there is nothing more needed than the truths of God in a materially advanced world.
Prophesy: you can avert a shipwreck no matter the storm.
Proselytism is necessary.
Push things on with prayer.
Reality and human ideologies continually clash. Be glad you have a Guardian Angel and the Holy Spirit.
Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep (Rom. 12: 15).
Reliable in small things, reliable in great (cf. Matt. 25: 21).
Relictis omnibus. They left everything and followed Him (Luke 5: 11; cf. Mark 10: 28).
Religion can produce saints or freaks.
Religion: the world of religion can be messy. In your own life, keep religion simple.
Religious mind-set can be dangerous and can become very evil, especially when rubbed off unto your neighbour. Cultivate a living spirit, a relationship with the Holy Spirit that will help you apply freedom, love, and respect constantly.
Rely on the Holy Spirit (cf. Luke 12: 12; 21: 14-15; Acts 6: 10; Rom. 8: 14-16, 26).
Remember the original Christian traditions (cf. 2 Thess. 2: 15).
Saint monger: there is no story greater than that of Jesus Christ so don't throw decency and love of neighbor away in trying to study someone else's life.
Satan loves to use God's work.
Satan seeks to use God's people.
See that you fulfill the ministry that you received in the Lord (Col. 4: 17).
Seek the good of others (cf. 1 Thess. 5: 15).
Self-discovery is the first step to self-giving.
Self-esteem has meaning only in divine filiation.
Self-esteem: with humility have self-esteem; prize yourself as you deserve (Sir. 10: 27).
Self-mastery (cf. 1 Cor. 9: 27).
Sing praise to the Lord with all your heart (cf. Eph. 5: 19; Col. 3: 16).
Solidarity, Christian solidarity, is Christian witness.
Some matters need only prayer (cf. Mark 9: 29).
Some renounce sex for the sake of God's reign (cf. Matt. 19: 12).
Some will be convinced; others will not believe (cf. Acts 28: 24; Rom. 10: 16).
Sow generously.
Special ones: children, sick, aged, and needy.
Special privilege: to suffer for Christ (cf. Phil. 1: 29).
Spend your money as a child of God, blessed by God, favored by God, accountable to God.
Spiritual resilience is necessary because the Devil will keep attacking and whenever you fall you will be forgiven but you may also need to recover spiritually through vigorous prayer and necessary discipline.
Strive eagerly for the greatest spiritual gifts (1 Cor. 12: 31; cf. Rom. 12: 6; Eph. 4: 8; 1 Cor. 14: 1).
Strive even more by good works to make your calling and election sure (cf. 2 Pet. 1: 10).
Strive for peace with everyone (Heb. 12: 14).
Teachers will be called to the stricter account (cf. James 3: 1).
Technology has increased the pleasures of this world but also the instruments of apostolate and good works.
The basic requirement: FAITH (cf. Gal. 2: 16; 3: 3-8; John 6: 29).
The best way we can give Christ to the world is by being Christian.
The Church does not need a Christian Army that uses lies, deception, and fraud and spreads corruption and sows seeds of evil. The Church needs Christians following Christ in peace and joy, whatever happens.
The Church needs free and joyful celibacy (cf. Phil. 2: 17; Matt. 19: 12).
The cross is easy to kiss and easier to run from. Pray for grace to carry it each time you meet it unexpectedly, to be good always, to do what is right always, to be Christian always.
The cross that is hard to bear is that of defending the truth.
The crowds mean little, each soul means much.
The Devil comes only to steal and slaughter and destroy (John 10: 10). Examine your opus for any semblance.
The Devil hates our fruitfulness because it gives glory to God (cf. John 15: 8).
The duty of each moment should be in place.
The fervent prayer of a righteous person is very powerful (James 5: 16).
The forces of evil are mad at you and are stirring people to try to destroy you. This is to be expected if you establish good where evil previously existed.
The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep (John 10: 11RSVCE).
The greatest: the one who serves the rest (cf. Matt. 23: 11; Mark 9: 35; Luke 22: 26).
The harvest is great, the laborers few (cf. Matt. 9: 37).
The Holy Spirit is reward of obedience (cf. Acts 5: 32).
The Holy Spirit will move us to correct worship (cf. 1 Cor. 12: 1-3).
The Kingdom of God: a matter of justice, peace, and the joy that is given by the Holy Spirit (cf. Rom. 14: 17).
The Kingdom of God: to some in confidence, others by parables (cf. Matt. 13: 10-11; Mark 4: 11, 34).
The kingdom of heaven is at hand (Matt. 4: 17).
The Lord's Word, the Gospel; in season, out of season (cf. 2 T im. 4: 2).
The love of Christ urges us on (cf. 2 Cor. 5: 14).
The Master needs it (cf. Matt. 21: 3; Luke 19: 31; Mark 11: 3).
The measure with which you measure will be measured out to you, and still more will be given to you (Mark 4: 24).
The more ambitious you are, the more patience you need.
The more wickedness we see, the more we must pray.
The most generous are the least known for it.
The most useful people are the free and happy.
The one who loves his life loses it (cf. John 12: 25; cf. Matt. 16: 25).
The Pauline armor for spiritual warfare: truth, justice, zeal for the Gospel, faith, Word of God (cf. Eph. 6: 14-17).
The pen is mightier than the sword (popular proverb (by Bulwer-Lytton )).
The people we consider as healthy, fortunate, progressive, successful, thriving, etc, do not inspire our goodwill and mercy but we must be kind to them too because there is no person without needs and crosses.
The poor you will always have with you (Mark 14: 7; cf. John 12: 8). Our entire life is full of opportunities for kindness.
The price of heaven give yourself.
The salvation of souls is in your hands.
The shepherd who does not pray is not safe (cf. John 10: 9).
The signs of good health, the signs of youth are compatible with celibacy.
The spiritual person can appraise everything (cf. 1 Cor. 2: 15).
The standards of holiness cannot be lowered.
The teacher must be preoccupied learning.
The wisdom of love knows how.
The word of God is living and effective (Heb. 4: 12).
The Word of God is the helmet of salvation and the sword of the spirit (cf. Eph. 6: 17).
There are people who love power, dominance, and control but people who promote peace and justice are open, caring, and respectful.
There are souls waiting (cf. Rom. 10: 14-15).
There are things God wants from me (cf. Luke 19: 29-31).
There is a season for everything (cf. Eccles. 3: 1).
There is much to be done.
There is no authority except from God (Rom. 13: 1).
There is only one true Christianity with no left wings and no right wings (cf. 1 Cor. 1: 10-13; 1 Cor. 11: 19; 12: 4-14).
There is willpower for every season, give thanks for those who have it.
There shall be one flock, one shepherd (cf. John 10: 16).
There will be false teachers among you (2 Peter 2: 1).
Thin sowing, thin reaping (cf. 2 Cor. 9: 6).
Things take time so start in time.
Things that are qorban may become sins of omission (cf. Mark 7: 11-12; Matt. 15: 5Ð6).
Things that cause sin will inevitably occur, but woe to the person through whom they occur (Luke 17: 1).
Think globally, act locally (WHO slogan).
This is the commandment we have from him: whoever loves God must also love his brother (1 John 4: 21).
This is the work of God, that you believe in the one he sent (John 6: 29).
Those who live according to the flesh are concerned with the things of the flesh, but those who live according to the spirit with the things of the spirit (Rom. 8: 5).
Those who rely on God are dynamic.
Through Him, with Him, in Him to the end (cf. Phil. 1: 6).
To Caesar what is Caesar's . . . to God what is God's (cf. Matt. 22: 21; Mark 12: 17; Luke 20: 25).
To serve God, your disposition may be far more important than anything else.
To serve, do good, not evil.
To whom much is given, much is required (cf. Luke 12: 48).
Train yourself for devotion (1 Tim. 4: 7).
Treat others as you would like them to treat you (cf. Matt. 7: 12).
Trials are our common lot (cf. 1 Thess. 3: 3).
True generosity is universal.
True unity derives from the Holy Spirit and is characterized by peace (cf. Eph. 4: 3-6).
Truth stops wars: sow truth.
Truth: to defend the truth, tell the truth.
Try to learn what is pleasing to the Lord (Eph. 5: 10).
Unenlightened zeal is not justified (cf. Rom. 10: 2-3).
United we stand, divided we fall (popular proverb).
Unity in variety (cf. Rom. 12: 4).
Value each person.
Victory: if you are promoting the Reign of God, you may find Antichrist trying to waste your time, drain your resources, confuse your supporters, and make you suffer. Do not worry. God's Will will be done.
Victory: your victory is not in how many people you suppressed, how many you trampled upon, how many you killed . . . . Rather, your victory is in how many you did not suppress, how many you did not trample on, how many you did not kill . . . .
Vision, illusion, delusion, and confusion are so easily interchangeable. Don't act on your convictions without first checking your evil tendencies toward pride, anger, hate, vengeance, envy, lust, greed, covetousness, fanaticism, falsehood, etc.
Watch yourself and watch your teaching (1 Tim. 4: 16;1 cf. Matt. 5: 19).
Watchful love.
We achieve so much with money as motivation; we can achieve a lot more by being truly Christian.
We are ambassadors for Christ (cf. 2 Cor. 5: 20).
We are children of God in times of war, in times of peace we are children of God.
We are children of the New Covenant (cf. Heb. 8: 6, 10-1;, 9: 15; Luke 22: 20; 1 Cor. 11: 25).
We cannot but speak of what we have seen and heard (cf. Acts 4: 20).
We cannot improve anything without effort.
We Christians cannot fulfill God's promise of joy and peace to the world if we do not reject evil and live as victors with Christ.
We have only one Christianity which many live in part and few in whole.
We have to work for God, with God, immersed in God.
We humans always have us in what we teach. Therefore we need to get to know the Scriptures, the Holy Spirit, and our Guardian Angels.
We must be content but not satisfied for there is much to be done.
We must consider how to rouse one another to love and good works (Heb. 10: 24).
We must grow in knowledge of God and His will (cf. Eph. 1: 17-18; Col. 1: 9-10).
We must lay down our lives for our brothers (cf. 1 John 3: 16).
We must show filiation to the clergy (cf. Acts 2: 42; 16: 4; 1 Cor. 10: 33).
We must wash each other's feet (cf. John 13: 14).
We must yield fruit as God wants not as we want (cf. Mark 11: 13-14; Luke 19: 26).
We need to pray well. If you find your mind and your strength failing, ask your Guardian Angel to support you and the Holy Spirit to enable you.
We reap as we sow (cf. 2 Cor. 9: 6).
We shall overcome (folk song).
We should ask God for vocations (cf. Luke 10: 2).
We should glory in the cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ (cf. Gal. 6: 14).
We walk by faith (cf. 2 Cor. 5: 7).
Wealth is for administration not for accumulation (cf. 1 Tim. 6: 17-19; cf. 2 Cor. 8: 15).
What matters is keeping God's commandments (1 Cor. 7: 19).
What will separate us from the love of Christ? (Rom. 8: 35).
What you have is for the Common Good (cf. 1 Cor. 12: 7).
What you hear in private proclaim from the housetops prophesy (cf. Matt. 10: 27).
Whatever we do, good or evil, confirms what lies within us, good or evil (cf. Matt. 12: 35).
Whatever you ask for in prayer with faith, you will receive (Matt. 21: 22).
Whatever you do, do in the name of the Lord Jesus (cf. Col. 3: 17).
When God wants you to do something, sometimes all you have is faith and if you lose faith, you don't accomplish it no matter the means and resources you accumulate.
When the going gets tough, the tough get going (popular proverb).
When there is love, we are not limited by time or space or means; love overrules them.
Whoever boasts, should boast in the Lord (2 Cor. 10: 17).
Whoever wishes to be first among you shall be your slave (Matt. 20: 27; Mark 10: 44).
Whoever wishes to be great among you shall be your servant (Matt. 20: 26).
Why do you put another to the test: out of hate, out of anger, out of envy, out of resentment, out of bitterness, out of fear, out of vengeance, out of rivalry, out of meanness, out of prejudice, out of malice? What is your business with that person?
Will good and you will be good; will evil and you will be evil.
Will what God has given you and you will be the will of God in your world.
Wise men still seek Jesus (Anon).
With God all things are possible (Mark 10: 27;1 cf. Luke 1: 37).
Without cost you have received; without cost you are to give (Matt. 10: 8).
Without faith, it is impossible to please God (cf. Heb. 11: 6).
Without faith, we become sadists, saboteurs, cynics, pessimists, obstacles, torment to those who do have faith.
Without knowledge even zeal is not good (Prov. 19: 2).
Without the Scriptures we are not fully equipped for good works (cf. 2 T im. 3: 16-17).
Woe to that man by whom the Son of Man is betrayed (Mark 14: 21).
Work for the salvation of all.
Work: O Christian, think if anything that has your name, your signature, your contribution, . . . hallows God's name, conveys God's love, is a product of virtue, is characteristic of Christ . . . .
Work: sometime you may be overwhelmed by what lies ahead of you. Relax, pray, be in peace and then go on with courage.
Work? Cheerfully (cf. Rom. 12: 8).
You are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation (cf. 1 Pet. 2: 9).
You are angry and think God should have done things differently. Tell God your thoughts and see the difference.
You are the salt of the earth but what if salt goes flat? (cf. Matt. 5: 13; Luke 14: 34).
You are your first student (cf. Rom. 2: 21-24).
You can tell a tree by its fruit (cf. Matt. 12: 33).
You must esteem every person (cf.1 Pet. 2: 17).
You must keep converting yourself and others.
You spy but you lack wisdom to cope with what you see and so you end up restless, less sane, less healthy, less happy . . .
You want information and would ignore decency, respect, and love of neighbor to get it. Well, you will know everything the Devil wants you to know and then become everything the Devil wants you to become.
Young people: how easy it is to target youths, to covet youths, to enrol youths, to use youths . . . . without regard for youth. Remember that youth is a precious time of life upon which the rest of a person's life depends.
Your support of another person's spiritual journey could be godly, could be demonic. Work on yourself before you decide to work on another person.
Your support of another person's spiritual journey is simply presumptive interference if it is not by the person's invitation or acceptance.
Your support of another person's spiritual journey: are you really capable or just being a nuisance? Your best support is making your own journey well.
Your support of another person's spiritual journey: never be preoccupied, obsessive, curious, restless, controlling over anyone. Keep your focus on God and your obedience.
Your light must shine before others (Matt. 5: 16).
Your outreach: to family, to friends, to neighbors, to strangers, to the multitudes, to enemies, as in the Gospels.
Your relief of others ought not to impoverish you (cf. 2 Cor. 8: 12-13).
Your shepherding, directing, or supporting another person's spiritual journey should be by prayer, conversation, connection, relationship, honesty, sincerity, understanding, empathy, compassion, goodwill, love never by intrigue, scheming, games, deceit, ambition, power, covetousness, envy, resentment, ill will. Distinguish well between what is of God and what is from your fallen nature or from Satan.
Your widow's mite is your everything (cf. Luke 21: 4).
Your mission: Love. Always aim to love. There is no greater goal. There can be no greater triumph.
Your mission: Love. Love is more important than profit, more important than success, more important than fame, more important than sex, more important than power, more important than wealth, more important than achievement. Better to obtain these through love. Better not to obtain these without love.
Your mission: Love. Love your enemy, love your persecutor, love your traitor, love your rival, love the difficult to love.
Your mission: Love. When you have universal love, you are Christ-like, Christian, salt of the earth, light of the world, leaven in the dough, salvation of the world.
Zeal: your zeal reflects your love for religion or love for God.
Zeal: your zeal without love is not Christian. Love works. Love works zeal unto glory. Zeal without love will reach a dead end.
Zeal: your zeal works for you, works for religion, works for God, or works for all.


Christian: sometimes the last thing we do is the first thing we should
have done. This often happens with prayer.