For Support

We can.

—Matt. 20: 22

A man's gift clears the way for him (Prov. 18: 16).
About failing, be truly and immediately sincere.
Advice can be good, but too often it is not disinterested (cf. Sir. 37: 7-8, 15) learn to make your own decisions in prayer.
All will soon be over.
Always on the narrow road (cf. Matt. 7: 13-14).
Anchor yourself in Christ (cf. Col. 2: 7).
Angels: the gift of the guardian angel is precious, to be cherished, and taken advantage of.
Antichrist is very much at work, using holy argument, using holy things, using holy people, using Christ.
Antichrist: a spirit that goes against Christ, his person, his gospel, his way, his love, his work, his commandments, his gifts, his promises, his power, his followers. Don't let that spirit in you.
Ask and you will receive. Seek and you will find. Knock and it will be opened to you (cf. Matt. 7: 7; Luke 11: 9).
Ask God (cf. John 6: 45).
Ask people for favors, support, or help but keep your faith in God who may will to use those people or may not will to use those people.
Bad money and evil favors come with their demons. Even if you donate to the needy in reparation, can you deal with your demons?
Be clever as snakes and innocent as doves (cf. Matt. 10: 16).
Be concerned for what is noble in the sight of all (Rom. 12: 17).
Be conditioned only by the love and freedom of the children of God.
Be eager to be found without spot or blemish before him, at peace (2 Pet. 3: 14).
Be faithful unto death (cf. Rev. 2: 10).
Be still and know God (cf. Ps. 37: 7).
Be subject to authority (cf. Titus 3: 1).
Be totally in love with Jesus Christ.
Be unshakeable in all that is good.
Be yourself, follow your conscience, and you will bear fruits to God's great pleasure.
Bear in mind the image of Christ.
Bear the sins of others as Christ did (cf. Heb. 9: 28).
Bear with ignorance as Christ did (cf. Matt. 26: 63).
Bear yourself blameless in His presence.
Before God, listen in abandonment.
Before God, we should nod our heads and bow.
Beg first for grace; it is more necessary than money or people or things.
Behold the beauty of the world, then bless its Maker (cf. Sir. 43: 11).
Believers in God should be careful to do good (cf. Titus 3: 8).
Bless those who curse you and pray for those who maltreat you (Luke 6: 28;1 cf. Rom. 12: 14).
Bless those who persecute [you], bless and do not curse them (cf. Rom. 12: 14).
Blessed are those who hear the word of God and observe it (Luke 11: 28).
Bring not every man into your house (Sir. 11: 29).
Call the name of Jesus (cf. Acts 2: 21, 3: 6, 16, 4: 10-12; Rom. 10: 13).
Calvary for a while, glory forever always look beyond the Devil's moments.
Can a man be righteous as against God?
Carry the good spirit of Christ (cf. 2 Cor. 2: 15).
Cast all your worries upon him because he cares for you (1 Pet. 5: 7).
Challenges may make us strong, better, and more matured.
Change is impossible when the Devil is allowed to hold on tightly to its conquests.
Charity unites.
Children of God! That is what we are! (cf. 1 John 3: 1).
Christ destroys all curses, there is no reason for hopelessness (cf. Gal. 3: 13).
Christian maturity: capacity to forgive, capacity to reject all evil.
Christian: about your mission, don't worry about what people expect from you. Do what you can when you can (cf. Mark 14: 8).
Christian: all your enemies are offshoots of your one Enemy, Satan the only one you really need to face and trash. Forgive and pray for human beings.
Christian: as for Jesus (cf. Luke 4: 1-2, 13), at some stage in your life, the Devil and its agents will take an interest in you, too much interest (cf. Luke 22: 31). May you survive, a victor with Christ.
Christian: as much as possible, always follow God's law and all legitimate human laws and if enemies try to find fault with you, those enemies will always be confounded.
Christian: be faithful to God and keep doing the things God places in your heart even if the whole world hates you for it; even if the whole world punishes you for it. Your reward will be great in Heaven.
Christian: be familiar with God's commandments; they bring you blessings and save you from many evils.
Christian: be free, show that you are free, and help others to respect your freedom.
Christian: be good, do good continuously in spite of every negation and you will always gain much more than you can expect, much more than you can hope for, because God is infinitely greater than you and rewards as such.
Christian: beware of those who spy on you, who once they see your vulnerabilities, will try to descend on you to steal and destroy and kill because their knowledge is not Knowledge, a gift of God, but is evil invasion.
Christian: be proud and thankful for the gifts, blessings, talents, and opportunities that God has given you. Use them to be your best. Do not ignore them or hide them. Life is too short for such foolishness.
Christian: be sure that in the world if you do not want to do anything evil, many things will be extra hard to get.
Christian: be sure that the happiest people on earth are those whose consciences do not condemn them.
Christian: because of your Christian pre-eminence, unspiritual people may turn you into an object of curiosity, an experiment, an investigation, a plaything or for whatever reason they keep lying-in-wait . . . rebuke them.
Christian: Brother will hand over brother to death, Jesus said (Matt. 10: 21). When you meet such betrayals, strengthen your faith in all of Jesus's prophesies, the desirable and the undesirable.
Christian: Christ faced an undefeated Satan for you. Now you can face a defeated Satan every day as a victor, if you are Christian.
Christian: Christ gave you peace. Hold it, embrace it, treasure it, love it, live in it, thrive in it and you will be astounded.
Christian: conniving jealousies can form a most devastating force that is hard to comprehend or deal with. If you are trying to be good and to do well and things around you become strange, don't become a stranger in your environment and pray about everything.
Christian: distinguish the voices of fear, of anxiety, of threat, of prejudice, of bias, of hatred, of envy, of enmity, of strife, of backwardness, of Satan . . . that do nothing but spoil relationships, disturb progress, and generate evils.
Christian: do not be afraid to be vulnerable. We are best when we are humble, when we allow scrutiny, when we are open to correction, when we accept competition, when we are open before God. Learn the power of purifying, sanctifying, glorifying weakness.
Christian: do not exchange fear of God for fear of evil power.
Christian: do not fear the Devil, Lucifer, Satan, the AntiChrist, the Apocalypse Beast. Fear being part of it.
Christian: do not live conditioned by other people's fears, other people's ignorance, other people's hatred, other people's envies, other people's greed, other people's beliefs, other people's anger, other people's confusions, other people's anxiety, other people's mania . . . rather have a good conscience.
Christian: do not lose faith. You must live through the evils that come to be alive to enjoy the goods that are coming.
Christian: do not wait to become happy on earth. Be happy with whatever you have and where ever you are and keep getting happier because God continues to bless us.
Christian: don't always shy away from people and things that seem evil. Know when you can bring out good from something.
Christian: don't be afraid if you are not money-secured and power-secured. Be afraid if you are not secured in Christ.
Christian: don't be afraid to suffer for Christ because, for you, suffering can only be temporal if not temporary.
Christian: don't be afraid of suffering, loss, rejection, persecution (cf. 2 Cor. 12: 10). To stay with Christ, to stand up for Christ, when you ought is costly.
Christian: don't be concerned about the Devil. There is a greater evil: sin. This, you should be concerned about. This, you can keep out of your life.
Christian: don't be scandalized by the wrongs of good people. People can do wrong because they are na•ve, because they are afraid, because they get manipulated, because they lack peace, because they are mistaken, because they are mis-driven, because they are concerned about their stakes, because they have not forgiven, and because they are not so good. Jesus said: No one is good but God alone (Mark 10: 18).
Christian: don't put sentiment over spirit. The humanity in you should submit to the Spirit of God.
Christian: don't return to evildoing (cf. 2 Pet. 2: 22).
Christian: don't worry about what you are going through. Sometimes the way up is down, a preparatory down, but keep looking up.
Christian: each disease has its own remedy; each spiritual problem needs its own solution sometimes sacramental confession, sometimes deliverance, sometimes exorcism, sometimes mortification, sometimes prayer, sometimes fellowship, sometimes retreat, sometimes novena, sometimes pilgrimage . . . if you don't take good care of your soul, you will not enjoy life.
Christian: earthly wars need high ego. Spiritual wars need low ego. Why are you fighting and how do you fight? (cf. James 4: 6-7; 1 Peter 5: 5-7).
Christian: enjoy God's world, enjoy health, enjoy food, enjoy family, enjoy home, enjoy your gifts and talents, enjoy freedom, enjoy your work, enjoy everything that Jesus is concerned that we have, with thanksgiving. Live a real life (cf. Sirach 40: 29) and if you lack anything, pray for discernment to know what to do.
Christian: even the most insane wrath may subside. You may have to wait patiently for your tormentors to burn out or for them to wake up God's wrath.
Christian: even when evil powers prevail over you, God's power in your life should not be stopped; God's grace in your life should not be stopped; God's work in your life should not be stopped; the fruits of glory in your life should not be stopped.
Christian: everything we do is a boomerang in this life and in the next. Be good, be Godly and you will have no regrets.
Christian: evil has its place in the world, its role in the world, for some time. Your place, your role, is eternal. You must transcend evil.
Christian: expect support but do not expect too much from others when you can do much more for yourself.
Christian: God wants no evil for you. Everything in your life is a product of freedom, yours and those before you. You, Christian, have power to break away from curses (cf. Galatians 3: 13).
Christian: here is a tip for a good and peaceful life, enjoy your blessings and carry your crosses as they come. Do not envy other people's freedoms and choices.
Christian: humans can generate confusions and problems for you. Wisdom, discernment, vigilance, and discretion will guard you from the remote controls of your life.
Christian: if molesting powers interfere with your life or works, always remember that God is faithful and stay with God and none of those influences which can be many and varied will last.
Christian: if you are good and are doing good, you may find that there is a very thin line between friend and foe. Satan can push anyone against you anytime.
Christian: if you can discern evil spirits, rebuke them.
Christian: if you can discern the Devil's own, avoid them.
Christian: if you do not want to suffer standing up for your rights and freedoms, you may live on under the pain of lack and bondage.
Christian: if you don't forgive, Satan can use you (cf. 2 Cor. 2: 11). If you do forgive, God has used you (cf. 2 Cor. 2: 8-9).
Christian: in the face of clandestine evils that hide within cults and clans and cliques, avoid strife with fellow human beings and watch and pray.
Christian: it is good to be happy on earth, but better unhappy than evil.
Christian: it is hard to live with the Devil hanging over you. If you are molested, tormented, oppressed, tortured, disturbed, or hindered by enemies, try to avoid them, hold your peace, and do no evil. God will disgrace them for you in due time because God is just and more than just, faithful.
Christian: keep praying and God will keep your rights secured in his own way (cf. Luke 18: 7-8).
Christian: labor well in all you do for when you die your works accompany you (cf. Rev. 14: 13).
Christian: learn to experience life peacefully otherwise too many things will hurt and even destroy your body, mind, or spirit.
Christian: let there be peace within you when there is no peace without and that peace within you will generate peace without.
Christian: life can be simple. If you have faith, you have grace. If you keep faith, you keep grace.
Christian: life without God is hell. Stay in His hands; there is no solution for you beyond.
Christian: live the life that God gave you no matter who it hurts.
Christian: Many gave false witness against him [Jesus] (Mark 14: 56). In the face of badmouthing, gossip, rumors, detraction, calumny, false witness . . . know when to be silent and when to speak the truth fearlessly (Mark 14: 61-62).
Christian: maturity makes you hold your peace whether you are surrounded by the best things in life or you are surrounded by the worst things in life.
Christian: molesting powers can be all over your affairs hindering, hurting, disturbing, ridiculing . . . . This is a reaction of evil towards good. Learn to pray. Cast out demons.
Christian: never be sure you are being Christian (cf. Matth 7: 21-23). Keep praying for grace to be Christian.
Christian: often you must make your choice between critics and conscience. Don't get confused.
Christian: Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. (John 14: 27). When things become strange, chaotic, confused, hindering, offensive, oppressive, torturing, malicious . . . . you may retreat into your peace and let the storm pass by.
Christian: people will always be wrong about you (cf. Mark 8: 27-28; Luke 10: 40-42; Mark 2: 24; Mark 3: 21-22; Mark 5: 40; Mark 10: 48-52; Matt. 26: 6-13). Don't be wrong about yourself. Be yourself with faith and peace.
Christian: prayer is your first therapy, the best place to release your anger, anxiety, frustration, restlessness, desire, madness . . . . First, turn away from your neighbor, turn to your God.
Christian: principalities, evil agents, and the powers they drive may come down upon you. Remember to remain in Christ's victory over all evils (cf. 1 Peter 3: 13-15).
Christian: remember the ultimate beatitude: blind faith (cf. John 20: 29).
Christian: saintmongers are always observing your life. Do not live for their eyes and ears but for God's pleasure.
Christian: saintmongers are curiosity freaks that you should learn how to disappoint.
Christian: saintmongers are the paparazzi of religion and can be very insulting, disturbing, and annoying. Avoid them and pray for them to go and be saints themselves.
Christian: some evils are from na•ve people and you need to forgive them; some evils are from malicious people and you need to forgive them, some evils are from good people and you need to forgive them. If you can see beyond people, you can see peace.
Christian: Sometime, you could meet such cruelty that you can hardly live (cf. 2 Cor. 4: 8-10). Don't dwell on the experience of evil. If the best is not possible at present, dwell on the future for we walk by faith and not by sight (cf. 2 Cor. 5: 7).
Christian: sometimes all you see in someone is raw human nature. Still, love your neighbor as yourself.
Christian: sometimes the people striving to control your life do not know who you are, do not care who you are, or are not able to know who you are. You could harm yourself greatly by letting them control you. Rely on grace and good conscience.
Christian: sometimes the religious hate you meet is so destructive and deadly that you need to give people time to recover sanity.
Christian: sometimes you have to live with a thorn in your flesh and it may be from your family, your profession, your church, your society . . . May you become good and not evil, uplifting and not destructive.
Christian: spend your money as a child of God, blessed by God, inspired by God, thankful to God.
Christian: the children of Satan assigned to deliver evil to you, to hurt you, to bring demise upon you are humans who may not know what they are doing (cf. Luke 23: 34) and you must try to forgive them.
Christian: the Devil and its agents will strive to take Christ's gifts from you. Hold on to freedom, peace, joy, grace, power, communion, prayer, life . . . . Appreciate them. Cherish them. Bear fruit with them.
Christian: the end-of-time prophesies given by Christ are especially for you, His follower. Heed them (cf. Luke 6: 46-49).
Christian: the stories of the Scriptures will greatly help you along life, but your Christian life is also a new testament, another testimony.
Christian: the sure way to conquer evil is to be superior to it, to be good.
Christian: the Word from God, of God, from a Christian, of Christian spirit . . . is powerful, a two-edged sword, healing, destructive, effective, miraculous, invincible . . . You just don't know the Word and are too weak to use it.
Christian: the world has many solutions to every problem, good and bad solutions. First, reflect. What has God to offer you?
Christian: there are diseases with natural causes and natural remedies (cf. Mark 7: 33). There are diseases with supernatural causes and supernatural remedies (cf. Matt. 9: 32; Luke 13: 16; Matt. 17: 18). All diseases can be supernaturally influenced (cf. John 9: 3; Matt. 12: 28). Pray and examine your life before the doctor examines you.
Christian: there are evil people in this world who would starve you so that they can return to offer you a plate of beans in exchange for your rights (cf. Gen. 25: 31-34). Learn to say: Be gone Satan (cf. Matt. 4: 10).
Christian: there are obstacles everywhere but you will courageously live your own life, courageously go your own way, courageously enjoy God's blessings, and courageously triumph over every evil in your way.
Christian: there are things God does that you do not understand now but will understand later (cf. John 13: 7). This will be so till you die.
Christian: there is no evil deadlier than Satan's fears and if you are a threat to Satan's reign, be prepared for persistent, oppressive, satanic attacks through people, even large scale (cf. Matt. 2: 3, 13, 16; Luke 4: 13; 19: 47; John 5: 18; 7: 32; 8: 37; 11: 48; Acts 14: 5, 17: 8; Eph. 6: 12).
Christian: there is power in vengeance but there is more power and peace in forgiveness but this cannot be taught; it cannot be demonstrated; it can only be experienced when we have faith for it.
Christian: those who make you suffer will be made to suffer. Remember that part of God's justice is to remind us that there is only one God.
Christian: tit-for-tat is the way of people before Christ, the way of people without Christ.
Christian: to have Christ is the starting point; to know him is advancement; to love him is the ultimate and it means to lay down one's life for him, to stand up for the Gospel in all aspects of our lives.
Christian: to the materialist, the mundane, the superficial Christianity may seem gloomy, moody, dreary . . . but if they look at your life, they should see strength, power, grace, triumph, fruitfulness, glory . . .
Christian: until you remain in God's hands, you cannot enjoy freedom, you cannot enjoy peace, you cannot enjoy security . . . .
Christian: venture into good things for all your works will accompany you when you die (cf. Revelations 14: 13; Ephesians 2: 10; Matthew 5: 16; 2 Peter 1: 10; Titus 3: 8). Do not let anything rob you of good life and the capacity to do more good works.
Christian: we will pass through death but never die, for there is life to live with God on high.
Christian: what you lack in freedom is better than what you gain in bondage.
Christian: what your lawyer tells you, what your doctor tells you, what your boss tells you, what your pastor tells you, what your financier tells you, what your politician tells you, what your spy tells you, . . . should be weighed against what your conscience tells you in prayer.
Christian: when evil forces conspire against you, remember: God's faithfulness is a protecting shield (Psalm 91: 4).
Christian: when evil people hang over you, do not give them importance. Go on living your life as much as possible in peace and freedom, and pray for God to deal with them.
Christian: when God is raising you up, some people can discern it with evil spirits of rivalry, envy, fear, anger, hate, malice, etc., and will act quickly to meddle with your life or bring you down. Keep your mind on God's love and blessings and be understanding of human vulnerability to evil spirits.
Christian: when the sun goes down on your anger, it probably is not righteous (cf. Eph. 4: 26).
Christian: when you are sad, tell God you are sad; when you are tired, tell God you are tired; when you are anxious, tell God you are anxious; when you are angry, tell God you are angry; when you want to sin, tell God you want to sin . . . . Face God in your own Gethsemane (cf. Luke 22: 40-44; Matt. 26: 39, 42; Mark 14: 35-36, 39).
Christian: when you are walking with God, does it matter what you walk through and what you pass on your way?
Christian: when you have a problem, don't be selfish. Pray for yourself and for those unknown others that may have the same problem.
Christian: with God as your protector, enemies cannot harm you unless God let's them.
Christian: within you, there is more good than all the evils in the world, if you are Christian (Cf. John 16: 33; 6: 51; 1John 4: 4).
Christian: you are doing the wrong thing possibly because you are not allowed to do the right thing. You may need to gain your freedom.
Christian: you can only be unarmed because you are a child of God, otherwise, carry all the arms that you need.
Christian: you can be smart for a time or wise forever, you can be rich for a time or blessed forever, you can be powerful for a time or victorious forever . . . . think of how you are fulfilling your life.
Christian: you can never be a loser for being good and doing good. Be good with hope, do good with hope and with time, you will be amazed at the unexpected fruits of your obedience.
Christian: you can tread on every subtle evil and trample on very evil power (cf. Psalm 91: 13) if you work with your guardian angel. 165. Christian: you can't find peace, you get to have peace, to hold peace (cf. John 14: 27).
Christian: you can't find peace, you get to have peace, to hold peace (cf. John 14: 27).
Christian: you cannot predict your reaction before the powers of evil (cf. Mark 14: 29-31). Pray that you will never be dominated or possessed by evil power even if your faith is shaken.
Christian: you cannot suffer to be good if you do not trust God's reward. It is never too much to obey God and to stay with God. God is faithful and he rewards astoundingly, in this life and hopefully in the next.
Christian: you may be treated like a criminal, so was Christ (cf. Mark 14: 48, 65; 15: 16-20).
Christian: you may have your soul pierced with sorrow (cf. Luke 2: 35; Mark 14: 34). Indeed you will the closer you are to God and the more you do for God.
Christian: you may not agree with everyone, you may not like everything, you may not want what there is . . . but maintain your peace.
Christian: you need to say: O God, help me many times a day, when you feel capable and when you don't feel capable.
Christian: you want Heaven but how well are you trying to cleanse yourself from all filthiness of flesh and of spirit (cf. 2 Cor. 7:1). Consider that nothing unclean shall enter Heaven (cf. Rev. 21: 27; Rev. 7: 14).
Christian: you will always come across malicious, vicious, destructive aggressors. If you have a life to live, avoid them. If you have a death to die, walk into them.
Christian: you will be a threat to someone, something, sometime . . .
Christian: You will be hated by all, said Jesus (Mark 13: 13). Don't be surprised by that word all. Jesus knows the potential capacity and scope of influence of Satan on everyone and everything.
Christian: you will encounter antichrist over and over again. All the time, maintain the peace of Christ.
Christian: you would love to achieve and you should be confident that you can achieve, but do no evil because you do not have to achieve.
Christian: your Christianity may surprise people, but don't let their reactions surprise you. Be attuning to human nature.
Christian: your guardian angel is an awesome, beautiful, loyal, powerful, and perfect being but only you can experience that.
Christian: your peace is essential for the peace of the world.
Christian: your peace is not from the world but from within you, from a salted soul, from a purified soul (cf. Mark 9: 50).
Christian: your sufferings and pains may be punishment for your sins, chastisement from your evil tendencies and capabilities, or just the price you pay for being good. Let your sufferings be profitable.
Christians: be at peace about one another.
Christians who strive to make you suffer know nothing of ordinary life with all its pains. Their fabricated religion is a work of Satan always out to torture, ridicule, hinder, harm, and destroy.
Comparisons can lead to troubles: The works of God are all of them good . . . for each shows its worth at the proper time (cf. Sir. 39: 33, 34).
Consider that the sufferings of this present time are as nothing compared with the glory to be revealed to us (Rom. 8: 18).
Constantly rely on grace.
Correct your brother charitably (cf. Matt. 18: 15-17; Luke 17: 3; Gal. 6: 1).
Create a virtuous circle.
Crossroads are sometimes points for an early retirement or a late start: make your happy choice.
Daniel dwelt with lions (cf. Dan. 6: 22-23) we too can dwell with the bitterest enemy, by God's grace.
Demands of the flesh, pure or impure, can be controlled.
Desire is healthy but must be checked; better to pray about what we desire (cf. Prov. 25: 28; cf. Sir. 6: 2; 18: 30).
Devotion to God is mightier than all else (Wis. 10:12).
Do good to those who hate you (Luke 6: 27).
Do no evil, speak no evil, think no evil (St. Thomas More).
Do not be afraid (Matt. 14: 27; 28: 10; cf. Mark 5: 36; Luke 12: 4, 32, cf. 12; John 6: 20).
Do not be anxious about your life (cf. Luke 12: 22-31).
Do not be ashamed of Christ and His Gospel (cf. Mark 8: 38; Luke 12: 9; Rom. 1: 16).
Do not be conquered by evil but conquer evil with good (Rom. 12: 21).
Do not create needs.
Do not repay anyone evil for evil (Rom. 12: 17; cf. 1 Pet. 2: 20-24).
Do not try to save your life (cf. John 12: 25; Matt. 16: 25; Mark 8: 35; Luke 9: 24).
Do not worry about the evildoer (cf. Luke 6: 27-30).
Do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men (cf. Col. 3: 23).
Don't be a gorilla smile.
Don't be afraid of the Devil or his agents (cf. 1 John 4: 4).
Don't be afraid of the truth.
Don't be ashamed to be miserable offer all to God sincerely.
Don't be concerned about other people's objectives for you follow your path before God.
Don't be jealous of sinners, instead always fear the Lord (cf. Prov. 23: 17 DRV)
Don't be unforgiving. You will be judged as you judge (cf. 2 Cor. 2:10-11; Luke 6: 36-38).
Don't forget His benefits.
Don't get into sinful outlets ask God for legitimate pleasures.
Don't get overwhelmed (cf. 2 Cor. 12: 10).
Don't hurt the Church by un-forgiveness (cf. 2 Cor. 2: 10-11).
Don't neglect His grace.
Don't punish as you wish, the Church has its laws (cf. 2 Cor. 2: 6).
Don't worry when you see human nature at work in people. Pray when you see Satan at work in people.
Each suffering is a participation in the mystery of the redemption.
Ecce homo! Behold the man! Look at Jesus! (cf. John 19: 5).
Ego: be at peace with other people's egos (cf. Gal 5: 26). The fight of egos can be devastating and may end only when one of them is utterly destroyed.
Ego: good conscience will always tell you when and how to promote yourself and when and how not to promote yourself, if you are prayerful (cf. Sirach 10: 27-28).
Enjoy each day, even while caring for the future.
Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the road broad that leads to destruction, and those who enter through it are many (Matt. 7: 13).
Envies will come from people who don't enjoy what you enjoy and from people who don't want you to enjoy what they enjoy.
Envious persecution will come from people who think they are not doing as well as you are and from people who know they are doing much better than you are. Try to continue prayerfully in your path at your pace.
Envy is an evil feeling towards the good in another person's life. It can consume us and make us ignore and lose the good in our own lives.
Envy: before jealousy who can stand? (Prov. 27: 4).
Envy: there are people who would seek to disgrace you, hinder you, weaken you, minimize you, deprive you, make you less lovable, make you less attractive . . . because of their envy. They have no right or duty to do such things. You may ask God for justice (cf. Judith 9: 11).
Esteem: the will of God and the way of the cross.
Eucharistic soul: through Him, with Him, in Him (cf. Phil. 1: 6).
Even if last in everything: be first in love.
Even sinners love those who love them (Luke 6: 32).
Every bad thing can be followed by good things depending on how we handle it.
Every being is drawn to its own kind (Sir. 13: 15); choose your friends and supporters.
Every hair on your head has been counted (cf. Matt. 10: 30; Luke 12: 22).
Evil can appear anywhere, at any time, in any form, and through anyone. Do not hate; do not judge; do not condemn; do not revenge, and you will minimize it. Try to hold your peace and keep being good and doing good, not evil.
Evil people cannot appreciate what is good in anything; they will find all the faults and reject it.
Evil: avoid a wicked man, for he breeds only evil (Sir. 11: 33).
Evil: the shrewd man perceives evil and hides (Prov. 27: 12).
Evil: there is so much evil in the world and the capacity for evil will keep increasing. Any good you have: freedom, peace, family, success, achievement, friendships, wealth, possessions . . . is only fragile and vulnerable if not built on a solid Christian foundation.
Evil: those who would not be good will watch you and plot to destroy you (cf. Wis. 2: 12-24) and your choicest possession (cf. Sir. 11: 32, 12: 17, 13: 13).
Evil: you can pray away the evils in your life and pray against every evildoer in your life.
Evildoers are just clouds blocking the sun; they will burst and rain their venom, you get wet but then you can see the sun of God's blessings shining at you again.
Evildoers love to cause pain for you. Do not worry because what is waiting for them is greater than pain.
Evildoers: be understanding in the face of evildoers. The good arouse the worst in them: contempt, savagery, hate, envy, strife . . .
Evildoers: do not fight with them; they like that. Leave them to God who will break their power (cf. Ezek. 30: 22).
Evildoers: keep away from their ways, period! (cf. Prov. 4: 11-15).
Evildoers: you can live with their hate but they cannot live with your victory.
Evil-minded people will use anything in an evil way because they cannot help it. Protect yourself, your property, and affairs from the malicious.
Evils: there are evils in every human being. When those of others hit you, try not to be too disappointed. Yours could be hitting others too.
Faith is effective today, now, no other time.
Faith is needed where reason cannot cope.
Faith is what counts (cf. Gal. 5: 6; Eph. 6: 16).
Faith moves mountains (cf. Mark 11: 23-24).
Faith: don't be concerned about people who don't have your faith; don't give up your vision.
Fears: we all have fears and people who prey on our fears, people who play with our fears, people who are gratified with our fears, as well as people who create our fears. Turn them over to God the fears and the people and gain peace.
Fill your soul, fill your home, fill your surroundings with songs of praise and worship of God; make demoniacs flee.
For the good, all Providence supplies is good, but for the wicked, they turn out evil (cf. Sir. 39: 27).
For those who believe, all things are possible (cf. Mark 10: 27, 11: 24).
For those who do not pray the Devil is a winner.
Forgive and you will be forgiven (Luke 6: 37).
Forgive God for being who he is. Forgive each person for being who he or she is.
Forgive those who would not forgive you.
Forgiveness is a condition for our being forgiven (cf. Mark 11: 25-26; Matt. 18: 21-35; James 2: 13).
Forgiveness is an offshoot of holiness, a work of charity, and a measure of Christian maturity.
Forgiveness is not just toward offenders; we must also forgive those who highlight our failures, who reflect our weaknesses, who embarrass our mediocrity by being themselves and without any fault of their own.
Forgiveness: for each of us, the act of forgiveness is actually the sacrament of forgiveness.
Forgiveness: if you cannot forgive someone for being better than you, smarter, more attractive, more intelligent, richer, freer, more successful, or more lovable, more virtuous, etc., than you, then you can't forgive them when they offend you.
Forgive not seven times but seventy times seven times (cf. Matt. 18: 22, 35; Luke 17: 4).
Frequent retreat is necessary (cf. Mark 6: 32, 46; Luke 5: 16; 6: 12).
Friendship: A faithful friend is a sturdy shelter . . . a treasure . . . beyond price (Sir. 6: 14-15) but in a materialistic world, friends are bought by power freaks, intelligence professionals, secrete service, capitalists . . .
From Him, through Him, for Him (cf. Rom. 11: 36).
God always rewards people for being good and doing good. The Devil punishes them for it. This does not matter when you weigh the omnipotence of God against the finiteness of the Devil.
God does not use you and then destroy you. Your fruitfulness is his glory and, if you are humble, he will give you even more blessings.
God's will is good, always good. It may take effect through evil things because things are evil and we are evil, but it is always in order to bring us good.
[God's word] preserves those who believe [him] (Wis. 16: 26).
Godly life? Expect persecution (cf. 2 Tim. 3: 12).
Good is always stronger than evil.
Happy the rich man found without fault (Sir. 31: 8).
Have a clear conscience (cf. Rom. 14: 5).
Have faith in God (Mark 11: 22).
He does not treat us according to our sins (cf. Ezek. 33: 11).
He is powerful and more than powerful enough.
He who abides in love abides in God (cf. 1 John 4: 16).
Heaven is watching you.
Holiness cannot be blocked by obstacles. Obstacles are for you to jump over, go round, dig under, hack them down be a go-getter.
Honesty is freedom: Let your ÔYes' mean ÔYes,' and your ÔNo' mean ÔNo.' Anything more is from the evil one(Matt. 5: 37): insincerity, dishonesty, fear, pretence, deceit, hypocrisy, cowardice, conformity . . .
Hope for the best, expect the worst.
Human beings hate to be punished for their wrongdoings, but righteous people are always punished for doing good.
I am a member of the body of Christ (cf. 1 Cor. 12: 27).
I am where I want to be in God's hands.
I should not worry about my weakness; I pray for support.
If God is for us, who can be against us? (Rom. 8: 31).
If we want more grace, we must have more purification.
If you are not praying all the time, you are losing all the time.
If you wish to enter into life, keep the commandments (Matt. 19: 17).
Imagine the cross.
In all you do remember the end of your life (cf. Sir. 7: 36; Matt. 15: 13; Luke 12: 19-20).
In each situation ask, what did Christ do while on earth, what should a saint do in this case?
ÔIn him we live and move and have our being' (Acts 17: 28).
In the church, there are sheep and goats, wheat and weed, and everything in between but the gates of Hell will not prevail.
In the Name of Jesus (cf. John 14: 14).
In want or abundance, we are equally at peace (cf. Phil. 4: 11-12).
Information gathering, panic, evildoing by individuals, fraternities, institutions, corporations, governments all because we do not trust God.
Insist on doing good.
Insults? Jesus has more.
It is better to give than to receive (cf. Acts 20: 35).
It is God who rules the world.
It is hard for authoritarians to apologize because if they do, they stop being authoritarian.
It is hard to forgive people who trampled all over your life, took away the good things you had, hated you . . . but it is best to forgive them and leave justice to God (cf. Dan. 8: 25, 13: 60).
It is hard to live with the fact that people hated you, cheated you, deprived you of your rights or gains, harmed or hurt you . . . but that is how to live.
It is when we go lowest that God takes us highest.
Jesus indicated there will be an increase in evil doing (cf. Math. 24: 12). When you observe that confusions, restlessness, conspiracies, treachery, persecutions, and strange things abound, watch and pray!
Jesus said: If the world hates you, realize that it hated me first (John 15: 18).
Jesus said: If they persecuted me, they will also persecute you (John 15: 20).
Joy always.
Just pray that you may act justly.
Just trust God (cf. Mark 5: 36).
Keep away from your enemies; be on your guard with your friends (Sir. 6: 13).
Keep faith and good conscience (cf. 1 Tim. 1: 8).
Laughing helps.
Leaders who do not dialogue are already godly. You alone can make or unmake a god.
Leaders who do not want to listen to your complaints and difficulties are probably as such because they are part of your problem.
Leadership: learn to cope with leaders good or bad, straightforward or unpredictable, weak or strong, erroneous or wise, sane or insane as children of God should.
Learn to wait for God.
Life is a new song each day.
Live the Communion of Saints.
Live: do not stop living your life in the midst of dangers, insecurity, frustration, decay, pain, loss . . . Life is always powerful in overcoming evils and evildoers.
Living stone, edifice of spirit (cf. 1 Pet. 2: 5).
Living virtues, growing virtues.
Look and learn.
Love and do what you will (St. Augustine of Hippo).
Love and knowledge of God: these suffice (cf. Hosea 6: 1-6).
Love covers a multitude of sins (1 Pet. 4: 8).
Love knows wisdom.
Love of self can seem like love of God. Both are good but should not be confused.
Love one another (John 13: 34).
Love is the best preserver of spiritual health, mental health, and bodily health.
Love your enemies (Luke 6: 27).
Love: you know when you are loved because it feels good and you know when you are hated because it feels evil.
Make love your reference.
Make up for defects of other people.
Many who are first will be last, and the last will be first (Matt. 19: 30).
Marriage: Christian Marriage is a foretaste of Eternal Union, Eternal Love in God (cf. Rev. 19: 7, 9).
Meditate on the Gospel.
Mortification prevents penance.
Never be scandalized.
Never compare.
No cross, no crown.
No one who believes in him will be put to shame (Rom. 10: 11).
No servant is greater than the Master (cf. Matt. 10: 24; John 13: 16; 15: 20).
Not by might, not by sword but by the spirit of the Lord (cf. Isa. 2: 4; Zech. 4: 6; Hosea 1: 7).
Nothing is concealed that will not be revealed (Matt. 10: 26; Luke 8: 17 cf. Eccles. 12: 13-14; Hebrews 4: 12-13; Matt. 5: 14-16).
Nothing will be impossible for God (Luke 1: 37).
Obey God don't sin: there is no other way to conquer evil (cf. Matt. 7: 22-23).
Obey your leaders and submit to them (Heb. 13: 17; cf. 1 Pet. 2: 13).
Offer no resistance to God.
Omnia in bonum. All things work together for good (cf. Rom. 8: 28).
One-track mind child of God.
Open your heart to no man, and banish not your happiness (Sir. 8: 19; cf. 19: 7).
Our sufferings purify us for heaven.
Pain: the pain of a victim of oppression, terror, torture, loss, theft, accidents, abuse, hate, cruelty . . . may never cease even though it diminishes. The effort to live above the pain and the exercise of forgiveness too should not cease if we want to enter into glory.
Pain? As on Calvary!
Pass through the agony of struggling against sin.
Pastors: choose your pastors or be ready for anything.
Pastors: know your pastors well, what societies they belong to, who and what they serve.
Pastors: Lord, keep us safe from restless pastors.
Patience pays (Yoruba proverb).
Peace: don't be afraid if you are not wealth-secured; don't be afraid if you are not power-secured. Hold your peace and be at peace with those who are.
Peace: don't let busybodies fix themselves on your problems and create a mess. Turn their attention to safe ground.
Peace is the tranquility that results from order (St. Augustine).
Peace is work of justice and effect of charity.
Peace, God's peace is beyond all understanding (cf. Phil. 4: 7).
Peace: in a materialistic world, everything is a target for predators your identity, your health, your freedoms, your talents, your relationships, your finances, your possessions . . . peace can only come from within you through your relationship with God.
Peace: in the hands of God, you are protected, favored, honored, beloved, trusted, blessed, victorious, glorious, fruitful, grateful, joyful. And it will not matter what enemies are doing around you: cheating, hating, insulting, ridiculing, torturing, dishonoring, oppressing . . .
Peace, O Christian, is something that you have without effort, if you are Christian (cf. John 14: 27).
Peace: if you know a person's mentality; if you know a person's attitude, why poke trouble?
Peace: Jesus said that you will be hated. When you meet hindering hatred hold your peace and trust in God who delivers us from every evil.
Peace: let nothing displace your sanity, let nothing displace your virtue, let nothing displace your life.
Peace: people can kill you in different ways. You have to go on trying to live.
Peace: sometimes you need to give up what you like if it means harm to other persons.
Peace: those who are envious of you cannot care about your living, cannot care about your joy, cannot care about your peace, cannot care about your fruitfulness, or about your health, your status, your feelings, your pleasure, your freedom, your choices, your rights, your security, your safety or your anything and may keep hurting you and hurting you. If you want your life to be full of blessing, be ready to carry this cross if it comes.
Peace: very often, people who fear the threat are more dangerous than the threat.
Peace: whenever you consider how rosy a person's life is, be smart enough to also consider how thorny that person's life is.
People who are envious of you do not like you in your place, do not want you with your blessings, do not give you your merits . . . Their effort is always to displace you and deprive you. Avoid active envy because it is a most destructive force.
People who make you suffer do so because they are suffering negatively and not positively.
People who make you suffer may be themselves suffering from paying too much attention to your blessings.
Persecution from within the Church: beware of the abomination of desecration those powers that diminish the Christian or abolish the Sacred (cf. Matt. 24: 15).
Persecution: from the outside are always expected; from within the Church are never expected but can be deadly.
Persecution: prejudice, misunderstanding, confusion, hate, repression, oppression . . . coming from the powerful is a sure sign of how weak they are. Reinforce your strength in prayer.
Persecutors are gravely disordered; be understanding.
Persecutors, molesters, oppressors, tormentors always have demonic problems; prayer is your unfailing power.
Persecutors: if they want to, let them see your humiliation and laugh sooner or later, they will also see your glory and tremble. 397. Persecutors? Be wise and know when to flee (cf. Matt. 10: 23; cf. Matt. 8: 28).
Persecutors? Be wise and know when to flee (cf. Matt. 10: 23; cf. Matt. 8: 28).
Play the role of a saint.
Poverty? As in Bethlehem!
Poverty? Focus on the good and not the harm.
Poverty? With order, with cleanliness.
Power: you may have to live with evil power. When you are stuck with such, don't be stuck spiritually.
Pray about everything (cf. Luke 2: 19; Luke 11: 9; Col. 4: 2-4).
Pray against those who create your problems.
Pray as you can and always humbly being open to what God is doing, how God does things, God's timing, where God is leading you, God's will . . . . (cf. Judith 8: 16).
Pray at the moment of temptation or during an hour of sin and you will survive or recover from the Devil's assault.
Pray through temptations.
Pray with attention and intentions.
Pray: God and his universe fight on behalf of the just (cf. Wis. 16: 17).
Pray: intimate prayer with those who are of one mind with you; prayer support from those in agreement.
Prayer is a source of mission amidst a barrage of the world's confusions.
Prayer is a source of unfailing wisdom in a world of restless intelligence.
Prayer simplifies things.
Prayer: as at Cana, as in the wilderness, as on the mountain, as on Mount Tabor, as in Gethsemane, as on Calvary (cf. John 2: 3; Mark 1: 35, 6: 46; Luke 5: 16, 6: 12; Matt. 26: 39, 27: 46).
Prayer: in this modern world, it is so easy to lack spiritual awareness and not to be conscious beyond the material realities, therefore we need prayer more than ever.
Problems? The best solution to any problem is prayer. The second best solution to any problem comes through prayer. A solution not from prayer is itself a problem.
Put on the Lord Jesus Christ (Rom. 13: 14).
Read the Bible (cf. Acts 17: 11).
Real virtue shines through.
Rejoice in the Lord always (Phil. 4: 4).
Rejoice to suffer (cf. 1 Peter 4: 13, cf. Rom. 8: 17).
Rejoice the Lord is at hand (cf. Phil. 4: 4-5).
Relax don't be a teddy bear.
Rely on grace (cf. 2 Cor. 12: 9).
Remind yourself frequently: God is with me.
Restraining oneself from sin is more worthwhile than the costliest act of reparation and penance.
Self-abandonment in God.
Shame: only to sin again.
Sift everything in prayer.
Sift everything: retain what is good.
Sincerely prefer good to evil (cf. Rom. 2: 6; 12: 9, 21).
Sincerely prefer truth to falsehood (cf. 2 Thess. 2: 10-12).
Slowly but surely. (Irish proverb)
Sometimes your progress can only be made against a background of envies, prejudices, interferences, obstacles, and difficulties this may be a reality of life but you can still make progress without being evil. 435. Stay awake and sober (cf. 1 Thess. 5: 6).
Stay awake and sober (cf. 1 Thess. 5: 6).
Stay close to your guardian angel.
Stress? Fears? God supports (cf. 2 Cor. 7: 5-6).
Strife: life is short so keep away from anything that cannot bear fruit.
Strife: you have problems that are diminishing your life and experience of life. Make effort to overcome them by applying your body, mind, or spirit.
Strive for all the virtues.
Suffering: a Church that abandons the Way of the Cross will embrace spying, invasion of privacy, hate crimes, sabotage, vandalism, oppression, injustices, cruelty, torture, lies, deception, and a host of worldly empowerments. When we are weak, then we are strong. When we are strong, then we are weakest.
Suffering: anger, envy, hatred, greed, lust, and all the sins, are manifest in human nature. It is inevitable that you will suffer these, from within you and from without. With grace you will always overcome.
Suffering: be it punishment, be it purification, be it missionary Ð let it be and all will soon be over.
Suffering: defeat, O Christian, should not define a Victor with Christ. You can tread on every subtle evil and trample on every evil power (cf. Psalm 91: 13; Romans 16: 20). Let peace, joy, love, virtue, power, fruitfulness, and life define you; without these, you are not Christian.
Suffering: don't forget to pray every day with all your heart: O God, deliver us from evil.
Suffering: from covert influences, from cowardly forces, from hidden oppressors, from powerfools, from those who cannot face you honestly, should always remind you of the nature of their father Satan - liar, deceiver, hinderer, destroyer, murderer (cf. 1John 3: 8; John 8: 44; Acts 5: 3; Act 13: 10; Rev. 12: 9; 2Tess. 2: 9; 1Thess. 2: 18; John 6: 70; 1Peter: 9).
Suffering: from religious influences, from political influences, from ideological influences, from cultural influences, from capitalist influencesÉhave always plagued mankind. Check your beliefs and actions; are you a sower of peace?
Suffering: from Satan, from the Devil, from AntiChrist, from The Beast, from evilÉ is inevitable.
Suffering: God, our loving Father, is always making us better and proving us (cf. Heb. 12: 6; Rev. 3: 19; Wis. 3: 5; Job 1: 12; Luke 22: 31; 1Cor. 5: 5; 2Cor. 12: 7; 1Tim. 1: 20; Rev. 2: 10).
Suffering: if you fear suffering, you can never triumph over the evils within you.
Suffering: is a product of evil Ð disorder, imperfection, ignorance, lack, sin - all earthly realities which do not belong to Heaven.
Suffering: O Christian, never suffer in vain; pray and bear fruit from everything.
Suffering: O Christian, prefer to suffer rather than be evil; put the Devil to shame.
Suffering: omnipotent God can use everything, good and evil. Be patient and hopeful in suffering.
Suffering: our response to threat or suffering is usually evil. Watch and pray that you do not fall into temptation (cf. 1Tim. 5: 15, James 4: 7).
Suffering: some fabrications and paradigms of medieval Christianity may be confusing, in the light of the Gospels. Life is full of suffering; be simple, be Christian and you won't be inventing suffering (cf. Romans 16: 17-20; 1Tim. 5: 15).
Suffering: some people believe they can give you suffering, without your knowledge, without your consent, as they please. This is an insanity of powerfools, great and small. Stay on the Way of the Cross or you too will become insane.
Suffering: the scientific and technological advancements we have made can so easily be used to bring sufferings into life because there are people who use them without payer, without God, without love. You should not be one of those people.
Suffering: there are always sinister people, some very powerful; there are always sinister organizations, some very powerful; there are always sinister influences, some very powerful. Christian, stay on the Way of the Cross or you too will become sinister, very sinister, and less powerful than Christian.
Suffering: there is an end for those who make you suffer (cf. Rev. 21:8).
Suffering: to forgive a brother, or an enemy, or anyone, O Christian, is tough love. There is no suffering more valuable, no offering more pleasing, no feat more admirable, before God Our Heavenly Father (cf. Mark 11: 25-26; Matt. 18: 21-35; James 2: 13; Luke 17: 4).
Suffering: when it comes to you, you go to God - the first, the easiest, and the safest thing to do.
Suffering: when you flee from it and embrace evil, you will surely end up with greater suffering, here and hereafter.
Suffering: when you know the evil sources, rebuke them. You have spiritual power to cast out demons, if you are Christian (cf. Mark 16: 17). This power is surer than any other power that may appeal to you.
Suffering: when you serve God, you can move mountains of evil and cast them into the sea (cf. Matt. 21: 21-22) but you may get splashed.
Suffering: when you suffer from oppression, from molestation, from inhibition, from injustice, from deprivation, from chaos, from confusion, from torture, from disaster, from trialsÉ in a Christian way, you will always frustrate and devastate satanic principalities and powers (cf. Luke 18: 6-8; Rev. 7: 13; 8: 4-5).
Take care to grow in charity (cf. 1 Cor. 13: 1-7).
Take care you do not forget the Lord (cf. Deut. 6: 4-13).
Thank God (cf. Eph. 5: 20).
The busier you are, the more you need interior life.
The closer you are to God, the more threat you are to anything Satanic. You may experience evil curiosities, meddling forces, restless oversight, constant disturbances, and such, but always maintain the peace of Christ and the hope of glory.
The cross will pain till you carry it.
The Devil keeps putting obstacles, which God allows to train us in virtues.
The Devil taints the good things of this world to make it difficult for us to enjoy God's blessings without harm or sin.
The favours of the Lord are not exhausted, his mercies are not spent; They are renewed each morning, so great is his faithfulness. (Lam. 3: 22-23).
The hate of one person is hard to bear. Corporate hate is devastating.
The holocaust, Christ's completed and unblemished sacrifice is on your behalf and pleasing to God (cf. Num. 28: 27; Ezek. 46: 15; Eph. 5: 2; Hebrews 9: 26, 10: 12).
The holocaust, your best but imperfect offering of body, soul, and possessions, is a sacrifice pleasing to God (cf. Rom. 12: 1; Mark 12: 43; Phil. 2: 17; 4: 18; Heb. 13: 15, 16; Luke 6: 38).
The Holy Spirit will inspire us when we need it (cf. Mark 13: 11; Luke 12: 12).
The joy of the Lord is my strength.
The just are the free.
The just person lives by faith (cf. Heb. 10: 38; Gal. 3: 11; Rom. 9: 32).
The justice of God is my bliss.
The liar too uses the truth.
The LOR D is my shepherd; there is nothing I lack (Ps. 23: 1).
The Lord's will be done (Acts 21: 14).
The mean, evil, hurtful, and unfeeling things done in God's name are hard to understand if you do not remember that Satan is the father of lies (cf. John 8: 44).
The most cherished ambition sanctity.
The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the just man runs to it and is safe (Prov. 18: 10).
The one who hates his brother is in darkness (cf. 1 John 2: 11).
The only thing I can boast about is the cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ (cf. Gal. 6: 14).
The path of virtue is difficult to nature, easy to grace (Venerable Louis of Granada).
The price of freedom, regrettably, is sometimes bondage. The prize of freedom is always in triumph over bondage. Victory over circumstances is always possible by grace.
The prince of this world has been condemned (cf. John 16: 11).
The prince, the ruler, the judge are in honor; but none is greater than he who fears God (Sir. 10: 23).
The simpleton believes everything, but the shrewd man measures his steps (Prov. 14: 15).
The strong may grow stronger amongst the weak or amongst the strong. The weak may grow weaker amongst the weak or amongst the strong. Our interior disposition can surmount our environment.
The sufferings of the good person are rewarding (cf. 1 Pet. 4: 13-16).
The truth shall set you free (cf. John 8: 32).
The truth will out (cf. Mark 4: 22).
The way of the cross is far easier than what we suffer living in sin.
The way we may be sure that we know him is to keep his commandments (1 John 2: 3).
There are people who hate to the utmost, envy to the utmost, seek vengeance to the utmost . . . and they may turn on you for being Christian. Don't let your heart be destroyed.
There is nothing concealed that will not be revealed (cf. Matt. 10: 26; Mark 4: 22; Luke 12: 3).
There is nothing I shall want (cf. Ps. 23: 1).
Things are hidden only to be revealed at a later time (Mark 4: 22;1 cf. Luke 8: 17).
Things are means not more.
Things go better with prayer (cf. Mark 9: 29).
Think how would Jesus have done it?
Those who hate you will always be angry to see you thriving, but you must keep enjoying the life and blessings God has given you.
Those who know the cross are never seen suffering.
Thread carefully: there are people who are dominated with evil passions hate, anger, envy, resentment which can burst forth with the slightest excuse.
Through Jesus Christ (cf. Luke 10: 22).
Through mortification, we will have fewer sins to do penance for.
To everyone who has, more will be given and he will grow rich; but from the one who has not, even what he has will be taken away (Matt. 25: 29).
To live one must die (cf. John 12: 24).
Transitions: if you must go to a new job, new home, new land, new atmosphere, go with faith and by God's grace and all will be well with you.
Truly fear God.
Trust: in everything, trust God who is always ahead of you, always ahead of everyone, always ahead of everything.
Trust persons who can give without counting the cost to themselves and without counting the gains to others.
Trusting God is not like trusting humans. To God, we must give our trust. Humans often have to win trust.
Truth is the quick and sure path to progress.
Truth: be truthful and God will entrust you with more truth, with greater truth.
Try to judge by God's standards not by human being's (cf. Matt. 16: 23; Rom. 2: 3-4).
Try to love people when you have every reason to hate them; God did that for you and everyone (cf. Rom. 5: 8).
Turn the other cheek (cf. Luke 6: 29).
Vengeance belongs to God (cf. Rom. 12: 19).
Virtues: Christian virtues are by grace and bring grace.
Virtues: in a materialistic world, virtues are often superficial, fragile, and dependent on material reward or fear of the law. Don't expect too much and don't brood over every hurt.
Virtues: not solid, not Christian.
We all have weak points.
We are all learners. God is our Teacher (cf. Matt. 23: 8).
We cannot be envious because God is generous to others (cf. Matt. 20: 15).
We live as we believe.
We live as we pray.
We tend to look at other persons through our own needs and interests. Love just looks and sees, not needs or interests, but persons.
We would often resort to prayer (cf. Mark 9: 29).
What charity dictates is more important than what human laws permit.
Whatever diminishes, angers, saddens, disheartens, frightens, disturbs, or shames you let them pass away from your mind.
Whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is gracious, if there is any excellence and if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things (Phil. 4: 8).
Whatever you ask for in prayer with faith, you will receive (Matt. 21: 22).
Whatever you do, do for the glory of God (cf. 1 Cor. 10: 31).
When I am weak, then I am strong (2 Cor. 12: 10).
When people are evil towards you, be calm and remember that they are victims of the same Satan that is trying to destroy them and you and everyone and everything.
When troubled by evil powers, don't go running around for help from human beings who can all be bought and betray you or who may be part of your problem. Empower yourself through prayer and the Sacraments and those powers will come to fear your holiness because it can devastate them.
When we begin to forgive, we begin to be rich (cf. Mark 11: 24-25).
When you suffer from lack, when things don't work out well, when your relationships are awkward, when you are not enjoying life, perhaps there is a particular something that you need to work at. Ask God to show it to you and to give you courage to face it.
Where there is a will there is a way (popular proverb).
Who indeed are you, a human being, to talk back to God? Will what is made say to its maker, Why have you created me so? (Rom. 9: 20).
Whoever exalts himself will be humbled; but whoever humbles himself will be exalted (Matt. 23: 12).
Whoever makes himself like a child, is great in the Kingdom of Heaven (cf. Matt. 18: 4; Mark 10: 15).
Whoever would save his life would lose it (cf. Matt. 16: 25).
Whom the Lord loves, he disciplines (Heb. 12: 6; cf. Rev. 3: 19; Wis. 3: 5).
Wisdom is vindicated by her works (Matt. 11: 19).
Wisdom: The simpleton believes everything (Prov. 14: 15).
Wisdom: The wise man is cautious and shuns evil (Prov. 14: 16).
Wisdom: wickedness prevails not over Wisdom (Wis. 7: 30).
Wisdom: don't be in awe of powerful organizations; after all, most of their members are just carnal, irrational puppets, zombies, carrying gadgets and weapons and evil intent, nothing admirable. Seek God's wisdom and true intelligence and peace.
Wisdom: electronic eavesdropping and hidden cameras are indeed demonic torture fill your territory with songs of praise and worship of our good God and reminders of his love and truths. Put the demonic ears and eyes to shame and bring their knees to bend.
Wisdom: surveillance, intelligence, scheming, intrigue, games, plotting, trickery, . . . Satan's restlessness abounds around us every day and everywhere focus on your God and your life or you too will foolishly become restless (cf. Prov. 26: 4).
With God, a thousand years are like one day (cf. 2 Pet. 3: 8).
With joy, we remain Christian in the face of evil.
Words of wisdom let it be [as God wills] (cf. Luke 1: 38).
Work: as God expects, not as others expect.
Work: better being good and imperfect than looking good with cover-ups.
Work: modest business done with virtue is worthier than brilliant business done with vice (cf. Tob. 12: 8).
Work: sometimes we must let go of merit; as long as good is done and evil is avoided, don't worry about who gets the credit.
Work: to do good and allay evil.
You are important and necessary in the human family.
You are more than a conqueror (cf. Rom. 8: 37).
You have a Guardian Angel who will take care of those who create your pains, frustrations, and difficulties if you request the supernatural help (cf. Ps. 91: 11, 34: 8; Gen. 24: 7).
You have to live as Christ taught us to live.
You have to sacrifice the fallen nature to enjoy the new life of glory (cf. John 12: 24).
You must maintain your peace and freedom as a child of God in the face of provocations from demonic persons who hang over you in the name of state security, intelligence, business, religion, research, etc., but confront them and, as much as possible, expose them.
You ought to wash one another's feet (John 13: 14).
You reach true glory only by conquering the evil tendencies within: glory is victory in our being and it shines.
You should worship God in Spirit and truth: Jesus said, Indeed the Father seeks such people to worship him (cf. John 4: 23).
Your every act should be done with love (1 Cor. 16: 14).
Your joy, no one shall take from you (cf. John 16: 22).
Your problems may stem from not knowing who you are as a child of God. The Devil is a loser and liar that cannot enjoy anything good. Cherish your freedom (cf. Gal. 5: 1; 1 Pet. 2: 16) and other blessings and don't be stopped by envies.


Christian: Christ gave you peace. Hold it, embrace it, treasure it, love

it, live in it, thrive in it and you will be astounded.